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A2 Supplies launch new website

Check out A2 Supplies’ shiny new website:

The wait is over, and we have finally launched our Brand new Website! Come check it out over at


To Celebrate the new launch we have got some special deals going on!

Whilst stocks last, The WE Tan EU26 is currently on sale for only £57! Grab a Bargain!


We have many more promotional offers coming up, so keep your eyes Peeled!

(A2 Supplies)

LCT LCK47 now at RedWolf Airsoft

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Get 40% OFF AEG! Click Here To Find Out Special Deals From Our Summer Sale!


F9AicSgi6wZ7eNe_R9EwilUnL-8yePucc-nBnyhaLdLOkrvAcwzgK2TcDQpOCD4g2bGqt9YEsttMO_aAimmkl13QCm9Ldzl3cF8yggx9P-tL5ol2buc97BhHiCvSq9GR=s0-d-e1-ftAirsoft Surgeon JP Tac Version
The Airsoft Surgeon JP Tac Version is based on an Inokatsu M4 GBBR Series and known for its reliable gas blow back system in the airsoft market.


4FGYwLYSPplYAe7nOUf3ikSQH5YvOoiHgihLnKnlC6tZJhaa_GX1fzMBUrLedQ3YLsEm9GFJ660WAcWo9jjfy3MqZokZLI5wWdRDikHnhYRb8WCcesXvjf8yk4ES4nAw=s0-d-e1-ftAirsoft Surgeon Carbon AR Version II
The Airsoft Surgeon Carbon AR Version II is based on an Inokatsu M4 GBBR Series and known for its reliable gas blow back system in the airsoft market.

hwYSr_hydRzOncSU3rOqJ6TIbQLMwAmKTwQPRoWiLgASiPYoOb7NnibhnRS1Cwz8o-Kw8xK09ZUl0t8nM1HXTFpIozzRdwvERA4H_1LQQqtXe05FqpT6e8O_m-7AuPMV=s0-d-e1-ftLCT LCK47 AEG (New Version)
Featuring real wood furniture, the LCT LCK47 is one of the most accurate representations of the iconic AK47.


G10qUwhFTwWbHw8A_JirgHASXSHmOZYObokirF_OgV1vkpI60VU8hnV4_UyPSOBesmavNkeBiWP-NB9t5yX5iRTdwY91nYNdZAeQ-9AdTew-n98l1MAv0VSGRMP6iL3F=s0-d-e1-ftLCT LCK47S AEG (New Version)
The LCT LCK47S is a faithful reproduction of the AK47S.

aXYUaTOF2MMXUvmWAaVsXF1OYJC5dkmYPtPAaB_CSXTxAJjFgz6RzB_J5Gg5YjcwmdGKs7gTx7QTS0kfDigGGAiUxuD5SQX-jL80Qg9-49MyKpeM-dncYzJl-TdM0Tus=s0-d-e1-ftG&P GBB Roller Bolt Carrier Set A (Negative Pressure) (Gold Chromic Coating) for (WA) Western Arms / G&P M4A1 Series
G&P GBB roller bolt carrier set for G&P and WA system gas blow back M4s (Gold Chromic Coating).


aXYUaTOF2MMXUvmWAaVsXF1OYJC5dkmYPtPAaB_CSXTxAJjFgz6RzB_J5Gg5YjcwmdGKs7gTx7QTS0kfDigGGAiUxuD5SQX-jL80Qg9-49MyKpeM-dncYzJl-TdM0Tus=s0-d-e1-ft[1]G&P GBB Roller Bolt Carrier Set B (Negative Pressure) (Gold Chromic Coating) for Bomber GBB CNC Metal Body
G&P GBB Roller Bolt Carrier Set B negative pressure gold chromic coating for Bomber GBB CNC metal body


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Crown Airsoft news 2017 issue#3 (4/2017)

Here is all the latest news from Crown Airsoft:

Hi guys, Crown Airsoft are proud to now be stocking quality Airsoft products. With our famous low prices and high quality service, we are looking forward to serving Airsofters all over the world!
Hot weather is coming, gear up and get prepare for the shooting sport fun !!!!more high quality combat add-on and gun models arrived Crown Airsoft. Let’s check it out!          

Products that have arrived this week:

BOG Combat Scarf (various pattern) Only: $9.99USD each!!!!!!


*Use as a tourniquet to help stop bleeding and protect the wound
*Essential for protecting eyes, nose, mouth, and neck from sun, wind and sand
*Use to conceal your face or weapon
*Small, lightweight, fast drying, thick enough get the job done

Phantom Tactical RAV Body Armor w/pouch set Only: $160.00USD


Throwback Thursday, let’s check out the special forces & Units combat gear majorly used in years between 2005-2008

Phantom Tactical RRV Chest rig MOLLE Platform Only: $59.00USD


Throwback Thursday, let’s check out the special forces combat gear majorly used in years between 2005-2008

Phantom Tactical CIRAS body armor w/pouch set Only: $160USD


Throwback Thursday, let’s check the special forces combat gear majorly used in years between 2005-2008

S&T T21 Pro Flat Top Keymod Standard EBB Rifle Only :200USD


The Tavor is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle chambered for 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition with a selective fire system, selecting between semi-automatic mode and full automatic fire mode. S&T T21 Pro Flat top keymod EBB AEG is a nice replica of Tavor 21 model.
High quality durable ABS Body
One-Piece metal Outer Barrel
250mm Keymod Handguard made out of metal
Flip-up Front & Side Flip-up Rear Sight
Hi-Cap M4 Type Magazine with 300 rounds capacity
Charging Handle can be locked & released (open to adjust Hop-Up)
Hand Guard Battery Compartment With Fast & Easy Battery Replacement

Crown Airsoft Facebook Page

Want to stay up to date with the latest Airsoft happenings at Crown Airsoft? Like the Crown Airsoft page!
E-mail: info@crownairsoft

(Crown Airsoft)

Pre-order Classic Army M132 microgun from UN Company

UN Company have the new M132 microgun from Classic Army available to pre-order:

Dear all, Classic Army M132 Microgun (Sport/Gas & Elect.) is pre-ordering in UN Company now. Time to Roll Out and have some fun.


(UN Company)

Military 1st May Day sale

Military 1st are celebrating the bank holiday weekend with a sale:

Military 1st May Day Sale starts today!

We give you 15% off all categories with a special Discount Code MAYDAY17.

Visit our website today and save!

UK customers click HERE.

Rest of the world click HERE.

May Day Sale 2017 Instagram 1

Hurry up: offer ends 2 May 2017, midnight. Excludes sale items.

(Military 1st)

Tokyo Marui back in stock at have some popular items from Tokyo Marui back in stock:

We restocked popular GBB pistols Glock 17, Glock 18C, Desert Eagle etc. Also are in stock Next Gen. guns from M4 and HK416 series.
Sniper rifles VSR-10 in all best-sellers variants are available again. Have a look to goods from Tokyo Marui.

For Tokyo Marui goods click here.



Up to 80% less for over 700 freshly discounted items @Gunfire

Here is all the latest news from Gunfire:


Up to 80% less for over 700 freshly discounted products!

What about your bunny…? Did you catch it? Not yet!? Try your luck with a brand new herd! Catch them until they run away straight to your neighbour’s grill!

We added up more than 700 products. That’s a perfect heap to choose something for you!

Need to have something capacious and tactical on your back? CONDOR, TMC, Rasputin and Under Armour for 60% less just now!

Looking for the parts or the replicas from Amoeba, ForceCore, RealSword, or Valken? Buy now and save 60% of the price!

FMA, Retro Arms, Element, or UTG replicas’ parts and equipment up to 80% discounted!



New stock of AEGs at Land Warrior Airsoft

Land Warrior Airsoft have lots of AEGs in stock right now:

Land Warrior Airsoft have just restocked a lot of great AEG brands, including G&G​, G&P, Tokyo Marui, King Arms and PTS.

Department link.

(Land Warrior Airsoft)

5.11 stock at Tactical Clothing

Tactical Clothing are stocking 5.11 clothing and expecting even more in stock soon:

We have more 5.11 stock on the way to us, including their ever popular Tactical Kilts! These kilts are available for a limited time only, so make sure and grab one when you can. In the mean time check out what else is on offer below, or check out the rest of the 5.11 range here .


(Tactical Clothing)

Policing and Crime Act-official brief from UKAPU & UKARA

The UKAPU & UKARA have released some guidance on the new Policing and Crime Act update:

The circular for the airsoft parts of the PCA 2017 was released today. In light of the questions that have been raised, this document is where we would have expected to find the guidance for airsoft players. What Home Office have published is extremely limited, and we do not expect to receive further clarification in the short term.

As the legislation comes into effect on the 2nd of May, please view the official briefing note from UKARA and UKAPU

official position aofficial position b

Please stand by. Soon we will be publishing further information on how you can help us get some real answers from the government.

Matt Furey-King, Chair UK Airsoft Players Union & Frank Bothamly, Chair UK Airsoft Retailers Association


New Tokyo Arms M1903 CO2 Gas Rifle & M700 gas rifle

Tokyo Arms have shared some information about their new M1903 CO2 gas rifle and their M700 gas sniper rifle:

Tokyo Arms M1903 CO2 Gas Rifle & M700 Gas Rifle (Real wood)

M1903 CO2 RifleEx MAPLE RESOLVE 1101

(Tokyo Arms)

Brandit Hudson trousers at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Brandit Hudson trousers they are stocking:

Brandit Hudson Trousers are in stock now at Military 1st online store!

Lightweight and comfortable, Brandit Hudson Trousers come with six spacious pockets including two hand pockets, two cargo pockets with flaps and two rear pockets.

Made from strong Cotton Ripstop, Brandit Hudson Trousers also feature wide belt loops with extra buttons, button waist adjusters and drawstring ties at the hem of each leg to ensure a perfect fit, and reinforced seat and knees for durability.

These fashionable and practical combat trousers are perfect for camping, fishing and active outdoor use.


Available now at Military 1st online store:

UK customers click:

US customers click:

Free UK delivery and returns! Competitive overseas shipping rates.

(Military 1st)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 17 2017

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Once again, we had another awesome weekend of airsoft at Eversley. Huge thanks to everyone who came along.

This weekend is a busy one at Tuddenham – on top of the usual end of month skirmish action we have our first night game of the year which we are running with Team Green Airsoft on the Saturday night. Please make sure you book rental equipment in advance, as it’s going to be a busy weekend.

It’s also a bank holiday on Monday, and we are putting on a gas and spring only day as a one off event. This is a chance for all you guys to have a great laugh playing with the more fun toys in your arsenal on a level playing field. Featuring lots of shorter scenarios based in the CQB area, this is not an event to miss. HPA guns are welcome as long as low/real caps are used only.

Next weekend we are back at Norwich on the Sunday for another FilmSim day. A very tidy site with plenty of artificial features as well as plumbing in the safe zone makes this perfect for bringing friends who prefer a few more comforts than what we are used to. There is catering on site, but hot lunch packages must be pre-ordered via our website as the food is bought in fresh.

Shorter, skirmish type scenarios will be played in the morning, followed by a full afternoon game with multiple objectives to complete as you see fit. If we get the battery sorted on the 4×4 sorted in time then we will be bringing that along with its GPMG mounted on top.

Doug and Josh are both away this week, so please bear with us if we take a while to get back to you, Doug will be back in the UK on Friday just in time to head to Tuddenham for the weekend, if you have urgent questions before then, send us a message on our Facebook page and we’ll try to respond as soon as we can.


Josh Smith

Night Game At Tuddenham

We have decided to get the guys from Team Green in to run night games this year so that Doug can concentrate on the BBQ and movies.  They have been running some excellent themed weekends at Tuddenham now for several months and we can guarantee that you’ll love their prop-heavy games.

Night games will be £10 if paid in advance via the website or £15 on the day.  Numbers will be limited, so make sure you book early.

Gas & Spring Only CQB day at Tuddenham

On the bank holiday, Monday 1st May we will be putting on a one-off gas and spring only day at Tuddenham.  Numbers will be limited to 30 players maximum and will cost £15 if bought in advance via the website.  Any spare spaces on the day will cost £25 or £20 with a valid discount voucher.

We have a limited number of rental weapons available at £15 these MUST be booked in advance.

(Gunman Airsoft)

Hot products & special discounts at eHobbyAsia

Here is all the latest news from eHobbyAsia:

Forum New template 26042017


2.VFC Avalon Leopard CQB AEG (Red)

3.Tokyo Arms M1903 Sniper Rifle

4.Tokyo Marui MP5-J AEG

5.Armorer Works Hi-Capa 5.1 (Hi-Speed GBB Pistol)

6.Armorer Works Hi-Capa 5.1 (Single Barrel GBB Pistol)

7.G&P WOK MOE Carbine Kit

8.Blackcat Adjustable Mount Ring


New deliveries at Gunfire: JBU, TGI, Wolverine, UTG & GFC

Gunfire have some new items in stock:




Wolverine Airsoft –




GFC Accessories-



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