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Airsoft Retreat updates concerning downtime

I’ve just had a chat to Aaron (aka Snicker) over at Airsoft Retreat about their site downtime, as lots of people have been asking me what’s up and I didn’t have a clue

The latest is thus.. their server died on Thursday, and the IT fellow that deals with the server locally was meant to reset it on Friday but is now out of town. Basically their hardware can’t keep up anymore, so they are currently building a new server and hope to have things back online sometime today (fingers crossed).

Update (01/02/05): Airsoft Retreat is back online. There’s a statement about things on the main ASR news page:

I am VERY sorry for the downtime lately. It has been very unfortunate but we are making steps to greatly improve things. The server is back online but over the next few weeks performance may be very slow and the site may not respond at all. After two weeks, we should be finished with our hardware upgrade and we can put all of this behind us.

Thank you for being very patient as we handle our growing pains. Snicker, (Airsoft Retreat)

Safezone Airsoft Expo & World Championships 2005

Alex at Safezone Magazine has sent over news from them of the Safezone Airsoft Expo & World Championships 2005.

Safezone Airsoft Expo & World Championships 2005:

This event will be held over the 17th to the 20th of June, 2005 at Stirling Services base at Crickhowell, Wales.

During all four days, we will be hosting Europes first Airsoft exhibition showcasing the finest companies that supply the sport, varying from Airsoft retailers to Special Forces Equipment Specialists. The exhibition is free to all that have pre registered via our website. However a programme guide for the weekend including deals on local amenities, maps of the site and more specific offers, timetables and more, will be made available closer to the time for the princely sum of 1.50 (estimated).

During the first two days, there will be a traditional Blackhawk Down game, a popular game which Stirling Services are renowned for running with military precision.

The third and fourth days will be the, Safezone Magazine World Championships. In a similar format to the U.K. Championships (see issue 6 for full details on the U.K. event) each team will go up against and be marshalled and rated by Stirling Services own trained team. For more information and to book a place please contact Matt (, booking may not guarantee a place as spaces are limited, so be quick!

Other features from the event:

  • Practical Pistol
  • AMS course
  • Section 5 Firearms Officer will be on site with many interesting items for visitors to have a shoot with.

There will camping areas with basic accommodation for people looking to attend the weekend, and also discounted hotel rooms. Catering will be provided throughout the weekend, and amenities can be accessed in the town at any time. Contact for more information. Alex, (Safezone Magazine)

RedWolf Airsoft stock updates

Click here to visit RedWolfKeith sent over an update from RedWolf with details of their latest stock updates and news. Included in the latest updates is the RWC P90 Savage Hunter V2. Priced at 1,888USD the Savage Hunter is a P90 on steriods and comes with an extended magazine, new front end, uprated internals and moscart launcher. Possibly not the most realistic replica in the world, but it certainly looks effective on paper.

Also in the latest updates is a wood stock for the Tanaka Luger P08, Guarder AR15/M4 Modstock (for Marui), Tanaka Luger P08 6inch HW, Tanaka M60 .38 Chief’s Special (go on.. get one it’s lovely), Tanaka M29 .44 HW, and also the steel Guarder AKS-74M/AKS-74 kits.

Sheriff stainless WA .45 magazines

Fancy something different for your WesternArms .45 Auto replica? Well Sheriff are doing a very limited run on some CNC machined stainless steel magazines made by them in Japan. Priced at 17,800 Yen each they are made from SUS303 grade stainless steel. Once they are gone, they won’t be making any more. No doubt these magazines will out last just about any pistol that they are used with. For international orders, check their dealer lists.

New G&P products

G&P have added three new products to their webpages today, including a new steel side-sling mount for the M16 series, a new 55 round VSR-10 magazine, and a T8 flashlight which comes with two CR123A cells and includes a G6+3 lamp.

No prices are given for the new products, but they should be available through your local stockist pretty soon.

Latest updates and MP40 release date

For perfectionists out there Laylax (First Factory) have released details of a new flash hider for the LR-300 rifle that has been added to their product lineup. The part is available in both positive and negative threads but no RRP has been set yet.

Nick forwarded on an email to me from ICS detailing that they are planning on releasing their AK-74 in March or in the beginning of April this year. On the subject of releases, Hudson have announced a new version of their M3A1 Grease Gun, this new version is listed as a “Heavy Weight” model and should not only be stronger than the previous ABS release but is also 380g heavier. Price for the new M3A1 is 18,500 Yen.

Arco & Freece Super Store are having an offer on BioVal BBs, at least they were – it seems that the offer has gone for the moment. It seems to be a good idea to keep a careful eye on their offers page as it changes weekly.

LA GunShop have added news that the KJW MK1 sniper rifle has been added to their pages. The Taiwanese made MK1 costs 12,000Yen has a 10mm mount on the top, is gas powered and a long barrel.

The MK1 isn’t a new model, although this is the first time it’s appeared on LA GunShop‘s pages. ClubMichelle have managed to get hold of some of the much sought after SCW V10 pistols from Western Arms. There’s nothing that new in their article, but anyone that’s desperate to see some shots of the new piece will enjoy having a look over the article.

Anyone awaiting the much fabled MP40 release from TOP will be please to know that First Factory now have a price of 49,800 Yen listed for the piece (manufacturers price 62,790 Yen) and… a release date. After much postponement the TOP MP40 should be out at the end of February this year.

X-Fire have added a new end screw for the Type96 rifle to their stocks today. The replacement bolt covers the hole which is left after fitting an uprated PDI piston and spring guide the bolt handle to the bolt/cylinder of a Type96 rifle.

New parts at ANGS

ANGS have updated their website with shots of a full metal CA870. Price is currently undecided. The top RIS rail for the 870 that’s shown will cost 14,800 Yen.

Also included in their latest updates is a new ‘real’ A.R.M.S corporation manufactured #38 "Swan Sleeve" with integral flip-up rear sight, at a price of 48,000 Yen..

Latest Airsoft Scotland offers

Click here to visit Airsoft ScotlandSteve over at Airsoft Scotland sent over details from them that they had new Guarder C3 nose pieces in stock. As I was doing an update here’s the top three offers from their special offers page as well:

Heres a bit of news that should please owners of retired Guarder eye glasses.
We now have spare nose pieces for the original glasses and the new C3’s.
Replacement lenses are also available in all three colours for the C3’s. Instead of having to but a new pair of glasses when your nose piece goes walkabout you can now get replacements for a tenth of the cost.
If your favourite lense colour is scratched, broken or lost, we can solve that problem for you too. At a fraction of the price.
This tip will do us out of selling more spares but when you get your new nose piece(s) – glue them to the glasses with superglue!

A high output (no waiting for a minute for the smokescreen to build up) military style smoke cannister. These have the traditional strike-fuse similar to existing pyro’s. The smoke output is furiously high and will hide a herd of rabid elephants on horseback in a matter of seconds! Should only be used outdoors unless you have all day for your indoor venue to clear. Non-carcinogenic, unlike military cans. I almost forgot; the smoke is white :) The standard 50sec smokes can be seen in the photo alongside the screening smoke as an idea of size – BIG!! 

Ok – you can have a Soldier 95 rip-stop jacket, shirt AND trousers for – how much?! These are grade 1 surplus which would normally give you the trousers only for this price. In effect, the jacket and shirt are FREE!! Yup, less than fifteen measly squid, plus the postage of your choice. That’s three packets of fags, the start of a drinking session, four fluid ounces of unleaded. It’s a steal. Sizes vary widely, so ’til we get the website properly sorted, either call or email us your requirements. Steve (Airsoft Scotland)

Guay&Guay M14 AEG at AirsoftGI and UMP news

The guys at Airsoft GI have posted pictures of a “Top Secret” M14 that Guay Guay are working on (thanks go to Walter at Airsoft GI for emailing them over). Looks pretty much complete to me too. Anyone waiting for the Tokyo Marui model and getting bored waiting may well have a highly suitable alternative shortly. Also included is a shot of the new Guay Guay SR25. Here’s all the latest photos:

Edit: Over at AirsoftPlayers (V)atrix has posted pictures from ShotShow of a poster at Guay Guay’s stand that shows a UMP design with a v3 mechbox. Checkout the forum thread there for the pciture of the poster. Additionally the MSRP for the M14 is around 500USD. The UMP should be out sometime this Summer.

Latest customs and updates from UN Company

Click here to visit UN CompanyThe guys at UN Company have sent over shots of two new custom pieces from them, the UN Custom -AKS74
and the UN Custom – AKS74M with Grenade Launcher both of which can be found on their AK custom page. The AK74M retails at 1100USD, and the AKS74M (the model with the launcher) retails at 1350USD. There’s also been a heap of stock updates from them. To see the stock updates (which include new Guarder, G&G and KM gear) please click the ReadMore link on this news article.

More news from the globe

In random updates from around the world 007 Airsoft (based in Canada) have got a new stock of AEGs and EBBs in, and have posted the details on their front page. BoomArms have the lovely looking Guarder AKM all-steel kits in stock now at 690USD. Remember the model is a limited run so as ever get in quick if you want one. Over at X-Fire they’ve rewritten a heap of the descriptions and pages for their HiCap parts on their English pages, which should be a welcome update for many.

Meanwhile the chaps at PM Concept are moving office at the moment, so things may be a bit quiet from them for the moment. The guys at WGC are all on holiday for Chinese New Year from the 6th to the 13th of February, so will also be quite quiet for this period.

It’s worth remembering that many shops and companies will be celebrating Chinese New Year at the beginning of February so best not time any critical orders or communication over that period. If you don’t follow such things normally this year is the year of the Yiyou, popularly known as the Year of the Rooster (year 4703 by the Chinese calendar).

If you’re interested in the history of the Chinese calendar, check out this page on

GUN have posted the contents and front cover of their new issue on their website which is available at all good stockists. New in this issue is an article covering the FN Five Seven pistol (the one that fires the same round as the P90), an article covering the Russian issue pistol, an interview with a missing persons investigator and a visit to a Canadian prop company. There’s also a heap of other work including the STi set head to head against the SPS, the HK33 tested against the M4 for durability, a report from BlackHole and much more.

Specifically in the Airsoft scene they have articles covering the new Tanaka M500, KSC G34 (HeavyWeight) and STi Edge 5.1, WA’s MEU, SDS and S&W1911, KTW Springfield M1903A3, Hudson M21 gas rifle (6mm) and TT-33 pistol.

There’s an interesting story over on Filipino Airsoft’s website covering the use of Airsoft guns in jails to control and pacify otherwise uncontrolable inmates. In all honesty I had to double check and make sure that it wasn’t April 1st. You can find the article on Filipino Airsoft, and the original article at SunStar.

[…]Less lethal

Airsoft guns are a less lethal weapon but are equally effective. They have stinging effect that will modify the behavior of the inmates. Since we also have shotguns, I will suggest the purchase of rubber bullets for 12-gauge shotguns. These are soft rubber that can be fired at close range and the chances of penetration are very slim, he said.

His lawyer Lito Astillero said Byron will first submit the proposal to the legal division of the Provincial Government to check on its legality.

Byron said that if the governor agrees to buy airsoft guns, CPDRC will need some 10 guns at P10,000 to P12,000 each, while rubber bullets costs some $25 for a box of five. We can control them without using the real guns. Way mamatay (No one will die), Byron said of troublesome inmates. Minerva B. Gerodias, (SunStar)

Should Airsoft be used in such circumstances? Thoughts on a postcard (or in the forums.. my mailbox at the office is already clogged with three Gb of email).

All the latest from ARMS 03

Jon has just sent over some scans and his thoughts after reading through the latest copy of ARMS magazine (cheers Jon). Here’s the latest:

There’s some shots and test data for the new Tanaka S&W M500 revolver which we’ve now seen a few times but are still eagerly waiting for. There’s also a shot of an advert selling the new GWS XM8 kit inside Japan available at Gate1 for 49,800Yen. Small side note here, Gate1 are one of the few Japanese websites that will also reply in English to emails – please be aware that they only ship inside Japan though.

In the roundup of the kinda random but fun odds and ends, the “Armalite Atrocity” (John’s words, not mine wink) is from Echigoya’s two page spread this month (if you’re a regular reader you’ll recognise the stocks from an earlier news post). The Unicorn grips (from left to right) are for the KSC Vertec, white and black sets for the Hudson Jericho, then underneath there’s some grips by Carom Shot for the Hardford Model Army pistol, some A&C grips also for the Hartford Model Army, and then some Altamont wood grips for the S&W 1911.

New MagPuls at AD

Paul over at AirsoftDynamics has added some information to their news page of some new magpuls that they now have in:

Magpul Ranger plate magazines

Available now at AD!

The TM M16 68round standard magazine with Magpul Ranger magazine bottom plates installed. The Ranger Plates helps you to retrieve magazines out of mag pouches with greater speed!

Comes in 4 different coloures as pictured. From the left Black, Gray, Tan, and OD.
20GBP per mag, or conversion to your existing standard mag for 8GBP. Paul, (AirsoftDynamics)

Latest from Wilson in Taiwan

Wilson Lee over in Taiwan has dropped over a line with the latest news from them and some photos of a new green laser unit that they’ve got in stock. The new laser uses one CR-123 battery as a power source, produces a green light point which is still stable and visible 200m away at night, comes with a standard mount and pressure switch/wire and is 11cm in length.

They also have a new type of inner barrel in at the moment too. The inner bore of the barrels are 6.03mm and come with a nickle plated surface which reduces the friction efficient. The barrels are available in the following lengths: 25cm, 28cm, 31cm, 36.3cm, 45.5cm, 46.9cm and 51cm and can be used in all AEGs.

If you are interested in stocking these products or purchaing them, please contact Lee via email at

AirsoftClub full metal L85A1 project

Algin over at AirsoftClub has sent over news and photos of their full metal L85A1 project. Instead of following the design and assembly that the real firearm follows (which isn’t perhaps the best way to build an electric replica) they have gone back top the drawing board and come up with a new design:

In the process of the full metal L85A1s project, we use about six weeks to test our product.

Before we are using the metal bodys upper and lower guns body part to assemble the gun, but the result of that is the gap has appeared between the upper and the lower s gun body part, which can seen by the human eyes to see the gear box!?

After we had known this problem, we have discussed on this topic and we are all totally disagree of this design, and we have discovered that we are not doing the real gun! We are now doing the toys gun! So we are now following the original style of the Korean academy; use the left and right approach to assemble the gun body, but we also keep its style of the real gun. Then we separated it in 4 pieces of that, which mean we divided the gun into the left body and the right one, and also separate the left and right parts into upper one and the lower one, so that there is in four pieces! After that we use the fire welding the upper and the lower part which made that is no gap appears anymore in the gun body! So we only need to assemble the left and the right one. Nevertheless, but we have successfully done this now.

The time lengthen on that, the production process become more complex, the actual cost get higher, but we just want to have a perfect one!

We feel very sorry for all of the fanatic airsoft friends need to wait a long time,

And now the new design is arrived in front of you, we are now is putting all our effort to do this.

As the Chinese New Year, we need to stop the job temporarily, so please be patient to wait for that gun to produce. We are now doing our best. The guns body will mass produce after the holiday, about 2-3 weeks will be done.

We now also introduce the new item for all of us to choose to purchase,

This second, we know that many people have his own Academy gun.

We are now introduce the DIY Metal Body Version, which can give you a chance to exchange the gun body.(If you feel troublesome/ dont know how to assemble this, you can contact your near local retail gun shop/guns smith to assemble this) We do this is want to save the time and the human resource in the assemble process, and also provide the chance to make other airsoft businesss field to join with this service. And we also want to remind the people who have this gun, hope you can respect of that design, and not to copy the product design,( but we also feel that are not easy to prevent).

We are bless this product can sell it in more time in this competitive time, and we are use our heart to do the best job.

Algin, (AirsoftClub)

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