The NAM New Year’s Give Away

The National Airsoft Magazine (NAM) sent us in some info on their New Year’s give away, it seems your going to have to hunt around looking for images and information which will win you prizes! Well read below for the full details.



Alright airsofters, it’s that time again! Here’s your chance to get those mitts on all the goodies we collect throughout the year. Some of it we give away through issue-based contests and some at events we host. But most of it, whether donated for reviews, sent as schwag, collected at the expos, you name it, stays stacked around in the office which is packed to the gills with airsoft goodies! Even ol’ Sarge is tripping over it, and complaining about the “incredible butt-load of stuff literally lining the halls!” Well, here’s where you come in. Throughout the 10 days, several lucky winners will score a prize from this huge lot.

Here’s what you need to know: Over the course of 10 days, from January 1st through January 10th, we’ll be torturing you guys in a grueling series of LRPs (Long Range Patrols) throughout our websites, forums and MySpace pages (all accessible via the main website) to locate certain images and score your prizes! These prizes will range from posters, BBs, gas, batteries and ball caps, to year subscriptions, sold-out issues, subscription packets containing every issue ever published, NAM Girl autographs, grenade launchers, claymores, rifles and AEGs, with the Grand Prize being the ICS-27 Prototype reviewed in Issue #12! So what’s the catch? You won’t know what, you won’t know when and it will be entirely up to you guys to find the where. We’ll be dedicating a thread in the forums to this event so that you guys can communicate, rant, harass, post clues to each other and beg for clues from the staff. May the best and most diligent airsofters win!

For complete details, rules , see the official contest link:

Visit us on the web:

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