Flyye WSH chest rig review by Yosser

Yosser has been checking out the WSH chest rig from Flyye:

Arnies, The Flyye Industries WSH Chest Rig (which is very Weesatch-a-like) gets the Yosser Review treatment over on Airsoft Odyssey here:


"What struck me about the Flyee WSH was basically the ability to use it straight off without the additional purchase of extra pouches. It has a number of internal ‘pockets’ for up to 10 magazines plus a radio or even a bottle of BB’s, this pocket secures by some shock cord and a cordlock. The ‘pockets’ are fully adjustable with velcro closures and each pocket holds 2 magazines. What I liked about this feature is their ability to not just hold my M4 magazines but my larger sig 522 ones as well, you could even hold a good mix of magazines if you go ‘tooled-up’ armed with a number of dispirit weapons.!


Find out more about this kit here:

Available in a variety of colours along with all the Flyee Accessories you could ever need during an airsoft skirmish from

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