New UAC aluminium speed bolt carrier for KWA MP7

UAC have some new parts for the KWA MP7:

UAC is expanding the support to KWA/KSC models. Our latest upgrade parts is for KWA MP7 – Aluminum Speed Bolt Carrier, give you more option to upgrade your beloved gun.

Aluminum Speed Bolt Carrier for KWA MP7- Fully precision CNC construction with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. Finishing with hard anodize provide extra anti-scratch ability. The bolt carrier only weight 45g comparing to stock 167g. The more lightweight of the bolt carrier give a faster blowback and higher rate of fire while also increase gas efficiency. Silver and Black color available.


KWA MP7 Bolt (Black)KWA MP7 Bolt 2 (Black)KWA MP7 Bolt 2 (Silver)KWA MP7 Bolt 3 (Black)KWA MP7 Bolt 3 (Silver)KWA MP7 Bolt(Silver)


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