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Jia Dyi have shared an article on choosing BBs:

Every experienced sharp shooter knows that in order to execute a clean shot, there are several details must be addressed. The most basic and easily be ignored for Airsoft hobbyist is the quality of pellets, the AMMO of your Airsoft arsenal.

Jia Dyi has been selling AIM TOP high quality 6mm BBs over 10 years. Insisting on material virginity, environmental friendly component, and with the experienced mentors in process, AIM TOP high precision BBs has long been welcomed by many smart shooters who would believe words of mouth rather than price discount, which often associated with quality discount.


Time speaks for the quality of AIM TOP BBs itself. For a brand that could last over 10 years, there must exists customer loyalty accumulated as brand asset, and that can act as an indicator. When you wonder how to shop around dazzling brands of BBs, just remember the old saying :”Stay with the Winner.” If you always get compromised and can never hit a tango in combat. Don’t feel disappointed. Quoted from one veteran’s saying:”Stupid, the problem is in your BBs.”


Photo from:13 hours-The secret soldiers of Benghazi, 2016.

l How to exam the quality of BBs?


Use wire cutter to split any 10 pellets to check if there is any holes in the BBs. Above photo show that there is no single bubble inside the latest AIM TOP bio-degradable BBs. Pellets without bubbles inside can assure the trajectory and bomb density. Cheap BBs based on cost purpose to use recycled materials always have disappointed performance. While the secrets of superiority can be attributed to the knowledge of timing to injection and extraction with precision mold, as well as the virginity of material, the perfect balance of hardness and tenacity had made AIM TOP BBs its fame in the circle of Airsoft for many years.


Another problem caused by recycled plastic is the insufficient weight for pellets. The above shows AIM TOP heavier precision 0.4g BBs, made by bio-degradable material, met the standard of weight. It’s also an easy test you can examine BBs in hands.
Above also shows the virgin material of de-gradable BBs, PLA. Since it was extracted from corn, the true color of bio-degradable BBs should be a little grey. So it cannot call itself “environmental friendly BBs” if the color of pellets is bright white, which could be mixed with certain bleach.

l Pursuit on Hi-ROF?


For ordinary precision BBs which is claimed to be 5.95±0.01mm in diameter, the latest AIM TOP precision BBs is actually 5.94mm±0.01mm. Not only because of the 0.01mm marginal improvement, but also it actually means a lot, especially the difficulty of grinding into smaller pellets. Usually the smaller the pellet, the longer time it will take to be processed in the precision grinding, which is another variant in manufacturing quality BBs. For gunners with precision inner barrel, especially when shooting with Hi-ROF, there will be less chance to get choked when using AIM TOP BBs.

l What AIM TOP can do for Clients?


AIM TOP provides different solutions to meet clients’ need, and even proactive to what clients unexpected—Packaging. The above shows the AIM TOP candy bag, once full with pellets, can stand straight on the exhibition tables of stores to attract clients’ eyeballs. For other OEM clients, AIM TOP can also customized turnkey solution from packing design, art-printing, to label sticking.


AIM TOP often has the honor to be invited to join the brand innovation with OEM clients, for example when being consulted with the black BBs, which AIM TOP will propose the brand name perfectly matched with the concepts of “invisible”, ”sniper”, and ”assassin”. AIM TOP believes, in consumed commodities like BBs, green gas, and grease, only through continuous product differentiation, can provide competition edge for clients.

l What is Spirit of Artisanship


In the night glowing BBs project, with the cooperation of material vender, AIM TOPs successfully develop the super long effect of tracer BBs, weighting from 0.2g/0.23g/0.25g/0.28g/0.30g/0.32g with bio-degradable component, PLA. With so many choices in weight can only speak for one thing that is often neglected for the buyers – the precision production process and rigorous quality control must be impressive.

l Stay with the Winner


Experienced in shipping worldwide customers’ containers like above, AIM TOP BBs had long enjoyed its fame of Taiwan exquisite. In addition to safety, each carton that contains two inner boxes actually facilitates your redistribute need.

We are not bragging ourselves, but presenting the truth to you. For new starters or median Airsoft shops that have no way to access the quality precision BBs in local market, Jia Dyi, acts as the global proprietary dealer of AIM TOP, would open a window for your example order even for one carton. Please contact local distributors of AIM TOP precision BBs, or sales@jiadyi.com, ask for quotation to start your career in the most profitable area in Airsoft business, which is, fast growing consumed commodities.

(Jia Dyi)

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