latest review – RWA KG-9 vs GAT TEC-9 have been checking out the RWA KG-9 and the Echo1 GAT Tec-9:

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RWA KG-9 vs Echo 1 GAT Tec-9

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I’ve made a couple of reviews before about 1 replica at the time, this time we are going to do it a bit differently we’re going to compare these two. It’s not really a fair comparison (sort of comparison), but what the heck!!… Lets do this! Lot’s of similarities and lot’s of pro’s and con’s. Go ahead and read the full review on our website…

Read the review now: KG-9 vs GAT TEC-9

Up next? The Bolt Airsoft SWAT A4 Tactical EBB!

More to come in from G&G pistol division and LCT Airsoft…


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