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Learn the Dao of Airsoft from Japan

by News Fairy

Jia Dyi have shared details of some Poseidon products:

Jia DyiLearn the Dao of Airsoft from Japan

Honorable clients,

People asked “Is there any elegant way to play airsoft sports safe?” “Ask Poseidon!” Jai Dyi would say. Instead of using high-power spring and high-torque motor to enhance the muzzle velocity hence the maximum flying range of BBs, we saw Poseidon’s philosophy as if it learned the spirit from Japan–would play the airsoft sports skillfully rather than play fiercely.

Poseidon GBB magazine output valve shim (3PCS) 【AC-POS-PI002】

Three CNC-machined shims to cope with your three gas magazines, it can effectively ease the squander of gas in the magazine when O-ring fails to function because of low temperatures.


Poseidon ICE BREAKER【AC-POS-PI006(Red)/-PI007(Blue)/-PI008(T.M G17)】

Poseidon offers 3 sizes of aluminum reinforced pistons correspond to WE G series (Red,14mm), WE M1911/Hi-Capa/M&P/XDM(Blue,15mm), and most important of all Tokyo Marui G17(Golden,13.5mm). Light in weight, sturdy in shape, beneficiary to the air-flow, it also carries self-lubricant and anti-frozen O-ring, these properties guarantee your gun works well after several magazines of firing even in cold weather.


Poseidon ICE PICK GBB flute valve system【AC-POS-PI-001/-004/-005】and repair kit【AC-POS-PI-010】

Just replace the plastic flute valve with Poseidon ICE PICK aluminum flute valve, its accurate movement makes your piston more efficient, you can feel.


Poseidon Air-cushion precision inner barrel and Hop up bucking for AEGs【BR-POS-PA-XXX】

Thanks to the different heights of 3 pressing points, Poseidon’s hop up bucking can cling on the BBs by its curved surface. This improves the stability of positioning at the first moment.

A shallow ditch at the bottom of the inside of Poseidon’s barrels, as soon as the BBs being pushed forward, the rotation of the BBs actually keep it moving alone the upper edge of tube, so there is no interference between the BBs and the shallow ditch. On the contrary, the jet stream along the ditch will hold the BBs from the bottom until it leaves the tube.


Poseidon Air-cushion precision inner barrel for gas pistol/GBBRs/BARs【BR-POS-PG-XXX/-PGH-XXX/-PS-XXX】


The concept of “Air-cushion” corresponds to the Poseidon’s inner tubes from gas pistol, AEGs, GBBRs, and Bolt-action rifles. So the more straight, far, and concentrated trajectory can be achieved without being geared up with powerful spring/gas and high-torque motor.

Jia Dyi works as the general agent of full series products of Poseidon, we are very delighted to receive your inquiry, and we are also looking for strategic allies for regional dealerships. Please contact Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com to get further information about Poseidon, we wait.

(Jia Dyi)

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