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A2 Supplies have some interesting new items in stock:

Thats right! We’ve started the week with a special delivery! After weeks of waiting we’ve received some interesting new products which are now on our Website!
LCT G3 (LC-3)

LCT G3 1

Behold one of the most realistic G3 Replicas to date! The LCT LC-3 rifle is a Full steel AEG replica of the Iconic German Battle rifle issued from 1959 and is still in use today! Just like its real steel counterpart, the G3’s Receiver is made entirely out of steel, with Nylon Fiber handguards, grips and stock resulting in a solid lump of a gun! Yes, full steel does mean the charging handle can be locked back and HK Slapped for added realism! Alongside the full steel construction, the LCT G3 is built to the same specs as the real steel rifle – this allows it to accept real steel scope mounts and bayonets if you so wish! The battery is housed inside of the stock, with plenty of room for large batteries. This is a great rifle for those after a battle Rifle, there really is nothing quite like it! A must have for fans of Dog Soldiers – Unless you’re little red riding hood with a Bazooka and a bad attitude, this is the next best thing!

LCT G3 2

ShowGun KPS (Kingsman Pistol shotgun)

Kingsman KPS 1

Have you ever wanted to be a Kingsman Agent? Now is your time! You’ve passed training and its time to take your seat at Arthur’s table. ShowGuns KPS is a Replica based upon the iconic Sidearm featured in the Kingsman series of films. This full metal Gas Blow Backreplica looks and feels fantastic, a true weapon for a gentleman spy. One of its most striking features is the integrated under barrel shotgun launcher which fires PPS style  gas Shotgun shells! This launcher has its own trigger positioned just in front of the original trigger, that has been filed back resulting in a light trigger pull and reset, allowing the user to fire rapidly. The shotgun cartridge holds 6 BBs and is powered by green gas. When Fired, all 6 BB’s fire in a hail of plastic, a perfect tool for clearing small rooms and hallways.
Problems with Werewolves? Feel like its time to save the world? Check out these products and more! Over on our Website at or come visit us in store!

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