Team Blacksheep: VegaForce Company rifles in the UK

Team Blacksheep have some exciting news for VegaForce fans in the UK:

Big news for the UK!

The new VegaForce Company rifles have landed in a local shop and the players are loving them!


Learn more about the shop and see what is available here.

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(Team Blacksheep)

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2 Responses to “Team Blacksheep: VegaForce Company rifles in the UK”

  • 4R1U5:

    Could you please not use The Airsoft & Milsim Newsblog’s photos without permission. Either contact us for permission or take down these photos from your article please.

  • The text and images were sent over by TeamBlackSheep as their own (hence quoted as such), no reference was given to state that the photos were anyone else’s.

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