Jia Dyi:New member from KJW joins the G-family

Jia Dyi have some new product news:

Jia DyiNew member from KJW joins the G-family

Honorable Clients,

As the Xmas coming closer, airsoft gun factories begin to give their best shot to win consumers’ wallet. After waiting for years, KJW finally gave birth the latest baby to join the “G-family”. KJW had been famous for its quality and win their “words of mouth.” Let’s bring three of them to meet your expectation upon varieties of systems.

KJW KP-18【GP627】【CP627】

Finally, we are glad to introduce the KJ KP-18 to join the G-family! Green gas【GP627】and CO2 【CP627】versions both come to serve. Also come along the two-tones with desert camouflage,【GP627-TAN】and【CP627-TAN】. Don’t forget to bring the gas magazine【MG-P108】and CO2 magazine【MG-P108C】into your arsenal as well.


KJW CZ P-09【GP436】【GP436TB】【CP436】【CP436TB】

If you were a movie fan, you would probably see it carried by Keanu Reeve in the latest 《John Wick:Chapter 2, 2017》. Lots of anti-slippery carvings and long picatinny rail make this full-sized pistol distinguished from others. CZ P-09, also called “Easy Duty” was replicated by KJW in 4 editions, the standard【GP436】powered by green gas system, 【CP436】with CO2 system, for stealth killer with silencer, you can buy the 14mm C.C.W. threaded outer barrel edition,【GP436TB】and【CP436TB】.


KJW KP-17【GP611】【CP611】

Since KJ has just announced KP-18, a replica from a famous semi and full-auto of G-series pistols, we cannot forget its semi-auto edition, KP-17. It has been the mainstream in KJ’s product lines. According to KJ, KP17’s magazine【MG-P108】and【MG-P108C】are compatible with KP-18.


With more than 25 years’ experience, Jia Dyi is good at assembling and coordinating wholesaler’s needs among brands, whether the models are from KJW, WE, KSC, B&W, HFC, SRC, we are capable of making the best suggestion for you. We do not hold MOA restriction which always plays as a deal-breaker, please contact local stores or Jia Dyi at sales@Jiadyi.com for more information about new products of KJW. We will not fail you.

(Jia Dyi)

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