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Here is all the latest news from A2 Supplies:

Its been a busy week here at A2! With constant deliveries throughout the week we felt like we’d show off some of the shiny new stock we’ve got for you!
WE Pistol Restock!

WE Restock Image

Been thinking about that new pistol? The wait is over! We’ve received a massive delivery of WE GBB pistols and magazines of all kinds of shapes and sizes! EU, 1911, F Series, Hi-capa and Many Many More! We all know that one pistol is never enough! Why reload when you can just swap weapon entirely?

Striker Accessories:

Striker Accessories 1

The Amoeba Striker Sniper rifle continues to be a huge hit! But now its time to make yours stand out from the crowd! We are now stocking a wide range of Striker Accessories! From Muzzle Breaks, Butt Stocks, Suppressors, Short Barrels (OH YES!) Short Magazines and much more! Its time to Pimp your Long distance Pew Sticks!

Striker Accessories 2Striker Accessories 3

Get your what out!?

Maybe you’d prefer something for your (New?) sidearm! We’ve now got some interesting NEW Pistol and Rifle accessories to help you stand out from the crowd! Hilariously named SLONG Kits, these amazing pistol kits simply slide onto an EU series underside rail. With a slot to store a spare magazine, the kits transforms your gun from a boring standalone pistol into something reminiscent to a Vector! or a Nail Gun..

Slong 1

Although these kits are primarily designed for EU series full frame pistols – we decided to try it out on a number of pistols to see how it would look! (Looks great on an Armorer works Hi-capa!)

Slong 2

Alongside the Slong Pistol Kits we also have Slong Stocks for M4/AR Style Stock tubes! Another convenient addition as it provides storage for a spare magazine at the rear of the weapon for speedy reloads! This stock simply swaps out with your standard Butt stock in no time!

Slong 3

Feel like its time for that shiny new sidearm? Or maybe you just need a bit of Slong in your Armoury? Check out these products and many more over on our website www.a2supplies.co.uk!

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