Jia Dy: Extending customers’ life cycle consumption

Jia Dyi wish to show the short-cut to GBBRs and how to extend the life cycle consumption through product mix.:

Jia DyiExtending customers’ Life Cycle Consumption through Building-blocks

To Honorable Clients,

Weather is getting warmer, Jia Dyi would like to remind hobbyists the most friendly short-cut to own their first GBBR. It is also a building block game to upgrade GBBR by various kinds of conversion kits, fancy external accessories, and patented internal upgrade parts.

WE G36 series Gas Rifles【GG219/GG219K/GG219R/GG219E】


WE G36 was one of its early models in the history of WE GBBRs, and the first to have full open bolt version. So WE G36 series GBBRs own reliability and good fame to pave ways for later models afterwards. Not only the reinforced polymer receiver and light folding stock pass the most recoil force from gas gun chamber to the players’ shoulder, but also the material enable G36C the most inexpensive version in GBBRs, almost lower to ordinary AEGs. Top recommend to GBBR beginners.

WE G36 series conversion kits【WEUP-15/-16/-17/-18】


WE has also prepared G36 conversion kits to serve the after-sales market, especially for those who want to own variants and extend shot range in battle field. Based on compact G36C(inner barrel length 247mm), WE offer conversion kits for carbine, G36K(335mm); standard rifle, G36E(490mm); aluminum rail edition,G36RAS, and an extended upper rail with IDZ stock.

Xcortech X301【XT301】and AceTech Lighter Tracer Unit【ATLTU】


Both night tracer units are aimed for pistol market and powered by built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Same in diameter(30mm), the XT301 is shorter (60mm v.s 101mm) and lighter(41g v.s 60g) than AceTech Lighter®, while the latter is also suitable for AEGs because it supports 35rps in ROF and two colors of night tracer BBs(green & red). XT301 only supports 10rps in ROF and only green tracer BBs.

Poseidon ICE PICK【AC-POS-PI001/-PI005】 and Turbo Valve shim sets【AC-POS-PI002】


Not only for gas pistol but also for GBBRs, Poseidon’s ICE PICK owns the most correspondence relation to solve the malfunction caused by hypothermia issue due to rapid sequential shooting with freezing gas magazine. The red ICE PICKER® is for Marui/WE/BW/KJ/ICS, and the purple is for PX4 and VFC GBBRs. For those who prefer a smooth output rather than rampage and unstable, Poseidon’s turbo valve shim set will moderate the gas magazine and hence earn more ROF in a fully-charged gas magazine.

If you are interested in above merchandise, please contact sales@jiadyi.com to get more information. We can help to build your career in the line of Airsoft.

(Jia Dyi)

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