Precision mag shims for Tokyo Marui pistols now available

Lees Precision Engineering are making mag shims for Tokyo Marui pistols:

After many years out of production mag shims for Tokyo Marui pistol
mags are now available again, previously laser cut, now CNC machined
from a thinner plastic in response to user feedback to allow for more
precise shimming of the magazine router. These shims will fit most
Tokyo Marui pistol magazines (except G-Series) as well as many WE and
KJ Works magazines.

CNC Machined Precision Mag Shim For Tokyo Marui Pistols

LPE CNC Machined precision magazine shims are one of the simplest and
cheapest upgrades available for ‘gas in mag’ guns on the market today.
Magazine shims are placed under the gas router on the top of GBB & NBB
magazines to push the rubber seal up so it forms a better seal with
the loading nozzle which can give some of the following improvements
in performance*,

– Improved gas efficiency
– Improved shot-to-shot consistency
– Increased felt recoil
– A small increase in power/fps

Installation is very easy and completely reversible requiring no
modifications to the gun or magazines, with the feedlips removed 1 – 3
shims are placed in the top of the magazine under the gas router and
the feedlip reinstalled to get an optimal seal against the loading
nozzle. Please note that more pressure on the feed lips will be
required in some cases to reinstall retaining pins and care should be
taken not to damage the pins or feed lips themselves.
Each shim is fully CNC machined in the United Kingdom.

Available to order from

(Lees Precision Engineering)

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