Cowcow custom grip tape

Cowcow Technology have shared details of their new custom grip tape:


New product by COWCOW Technology – COWCOW Custom Grip Tape

Highlighted features

Adhesive backed ~150 grit grip tape

Instantly improve the grip of your hi-capa in both wet and dry conditions

Prefect Fit For COWCOW Custom Grip

Package Includes: 2pcs Black Grip Tape

clip_image004COWCOW custom grip tape provides unparalleled positive grip for hi-capa, whether your hands are wet, dry, oily, sweaty, muddy, it doesn’t matter. It is easy to install and will not add any appreciable bulk to your grip.

Better grip = Positive weapon acquisition(drawing) and retention, better control, better accuracy, faster follow up shots, and more confidence with your hi-capa in any situation.



(Cowcow Technology)

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