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Military 1st Black Friday sale

Military 1st are offering 15% off today only with discount code MBLKFR5:


Black Friday Sale! Military 1st online store gives you 15% OFF all categories with #Discount Code MBLKFR5. Visit our brand new website now at Hurry up! Offer valid today, November 27th, till midnight only

(Military 1st)

Airsoft Zone Black Friday

Airsoft Zone are having a Black Friday weekend sale:

We’re in for the madness…

Online and in store –


(Airsoft Zone)

Czech gear in stock at Flecktarn

Flecktarn have some new items in stock: is pleased to announce Czech gear now in stock.  In the lineup, we have the CZ M95 camo in original Czech issue jackets from 18.95 GBP each, reproduction CZ M95 camo BDU trousers from 25.50 GBP each and CZ M95 reproduction boonie from 7.75 GBP each.  We also have authentic Cold War Czech parkas with furry liners for cold winter days at 18.95 GBP each (yes, that’s a 5 piece parka set, some assembly required) and Czech woolly gloves at 2.40 GBP per pair.  Black Friday deals on a range of Viper and Webtex webbing, Goretex waterproofs as well to keep you dry and warm this winter.

cz bdu trousers 500acz boonie 500b
cz m95 jacket 500acz olive parka 500a


NLAIRSOFT.COM – European threat to airsoft! Act now!

Some important news from

unnamed (21)


Important to all airsoft players of Europe. Your action is required! NOW!

After the horrific attacks in Paris the the European Commission has expressed the desire to adopt:

* Compulsory Registration for Airsoft Replica’s
Not registering you airsoft replica’s will result in criminal penalties and a criminal record.

The European Commission wants to amend the EU firearms directive so as to classify any replica with the form of a firearm as a Category C weapon, this would mean they would at a minimum fall into the same category as most hunting rifles and shotguns in your respective home countries.

Needless to say with the amount of airsoft replica’s on the market such a measure would be turning millions of EU citizens in to criminals over night. Airsoft players are in no responsible for the attacks in Paris! And you cannot stop terrorists by punishing law abiding EU citizens!

Airsofters: You can do something! Check instructions here and get in action:

Kind regards,

Ronald Meeuwissen


TacLight Black Friday sale

TacLight are having a big holiday weekend sale:

We’ve combined Black Friday & Cyber Monday to bring you OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER

Starting Thursday 26th November our MEGA SALE includes all the top brands

Klarus  Yukon  Night Master  ArmyTek  EagleTac  Olight  Fenix  Pulsar Walther



Tactical Kit Black Friday sale

Tactical Kit are having a Black Friday sale:


(Tactical Kit)

Black Friday: Site wide 15% off & free Big Dragon silencer

Here is all the latest news from


Dearest Customer,

Black Friday Deals is here!

Enjoy 15% Off Site Wide; What’s more, a gift (ID14350) will be added to your order and shipped together if the order is over $400.

Thanks for your continue support!

Best regards,

AirsoftPeak Team






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WE launches new 6 inch hi-capa GBB

WE Airsoft have sent over details of their new 6-inch hi-capa GBBs:

WE is introducing two new versions of 6-Inch Hi-Capa GBB: the Split-Slide and the 2-Tone Stealth Slide.

1. Split-Slide version with optional marking in Blue / Red / Black
This creative and vigorous Split-Slide version has Velociraptor markings (optional) on both sides of the slide and compensator.
This new 6-inch Hi-Capa comes with Bomar adjustable rear sight, metallic magwell, realistic firing pin and extractor, fibre optic front sight and your choice of Blue / Red / Black slide.

qvuH3ySpUVer3AIhErDyp80tLVrPg8isrv-S163HiTZH83go0oNpF5OSoCiQv9N4yH5kH-3o3CZv7BM7X78GNHWj3DjUenURFVp9xqJ8txJAFhn1u-FHFhowh_1Wts6Ak-9rcjKRLrTEGh2OGAI=s0-d-e1-ft ztOEht3QHdbBWghD0sYrJKGF8Td0xyzAirNWmpUCRE5dFc3kQvHQf99hEd8jvjXD2ZNW_whaGG-Pai4Ref29xABUnsBHeZhQFxNzn9CtPg0xFQsoNYbownA7vBc5DciOlGUYIyGPErATKemozI0=s0-d-e1-ft HKcGQweSTf3KwQptSesET-G2SnPT4jh35cWb-d6g47n84qgl7MQ0xd4oVXHE1r2BpXB5WIuq1BBwi7yLa-yzgS8omBjCiX2noQdfZ-UCkh3D4F-gw1BEjP5YIROzT0krWNGhsl1GM3ZFSbA6UdI=s0-d-e1-ftRPJNYOP2O8_cl-8OkBsN5X7MGg86Z8Yj3sqezHyHmpxLWBNexNM61eOYGM2MXbb5kU_3vFX8ZAqKWFDeKrZChXdV4zcMXjrNPUNLfGu-6blOJRDMRsg2DF4EKyGztNrX-Wj5405clouUccvcEgo=s0-d-e1-ft HK91WkUmy0KHkg3p2_iXl-2eeCNUv-L1Aoybp1sSB5W6zdn7_hC1O79E3ln8k_IAHH-h9PTMMDTszfU42hrOIsEkOczfcA-stC21-X-rBrnFV5wHygsswLndUrU0PTL7aXFnY_1Pmabn8oTO9rc=s0-d-e1-ft naXV27OqXvwC98j307Be0r9pa10EpvqEhddp8pmkxeE0Xo_qqvqe1mMySQY-DM0mE2fl7kp1gMa-LEN2ofaY281IvDFhAPWbuh9uE_T2xFUdj89gdxKHlqASAvRqBUj6Hfw3jdDlT6WL6mkUPiw=s0-d-e1-ft wEpBcwBVznmC5UKPcTjwHTZeuDaQ07p_5atcXelpUZtLxbF_KVKpwhYQBybW7oGnwff8dZ1_MqDjga9rt4jnBwZgk30KVkhVzxkUfp6oFZ-tRzhPwKjkuDPEFV70Z6JJLhXEDlNSdGMbRp1p_s4=s0-d-e1-ft s1CbW7_bcYMoZwUexUmw3ncT93FmuVFy--95d1eG-FoFGueFgCmACuXdVbp3CcBBJDe3PfZiDitBezzLKtCyNwZiKuj6gOoOKh-elCEzjEa_cJn5ps89S5aoGTyzHXsHB4KPtqPOnk97MQLDTlo=s0-d-e1-ft

2. Two-Tone version with Black / Silver Stealth Slide and Gold / Silver Barrel
This version comes in different combinations of Stealth / Original Slide in Black or Silver with Gold / Silver Barrel.
All models of the new Hi-Capa Series features a bore up piston head which enhances the speed of the slide, resulting in improved performance and consistency.

LzHpaQgM71uGcUelRwlaC4yRv_Sliu3vmVvsNOOlzNcX4dRhJtwKmdk5f8GtcqYdbl5zjwaZzGhzZbqWXJAO2_3FoZaM8L6UeF0IdVy-gxV9irTFnYqdCsJpA2qunoGC6vt3l3k9bBZTGCqJa1k=s0-d-e1-ft fSnEHA_pJkCDuLls9cuYGVsNm2h_cgQTAdF_Sy55fcSSyrpD_bPEqNQJ_CH7Gg5iQBwFG-DeEKhZohrHKP899vsNH1HW5GCXpPAzlnIPhIokPw2vieNsvOVgjf13XJK2R198u-cjRmOkk-t87IA=s0-d-e1-ft KtLW6S-_0ElGTZFwTlcCENI8D48agJ0OkJvLwPKc6T7U07jExl-wN7nNiaBweQKRHvqH1QI_6a_bNUj3ujH-jwtTJ7cd4WNYSTHYOfVnHtFgrSCPUK4QdQnkhIm5J0zIRsZ2O3jB1ypzoeZg5ps=s0-d-e1-ft dn0AMBsbsDf6Hinqf98Zyf-mSi47SdTOOtcnT3E-4JUSlsKtdtBq2m0NJDjHKwsuyBAswAPtrGx9bUBLmihWg1tPf40ELSSl1auLhXErfwKcZqzk64e5dzyQFM_KA2PfVC1qmL1hdDN5_r6RG44=s0-d-e1-ft 9EckcCs-aHILDnHWjJsxvRwWzPPWvh-i6hlRHoMq9l4ShFSPK9q8-JVOt8S-Tpvrb-IVfkC7Mzw8bqPdSQTLq9e1wWx7Yl1dCtVxWHpThgyJhrFy51RoN8ra_d34VddI7TXWNFJzcpClQtRGQik=s0-d-e1-ft

Keep an eye on our Facebook photo gallery for more updates on assembly, parts pictures, and videos, at this link: [NEW] Hi-Capa Force Series

To make sure you don’t miss any of these game-changing new product releases make sure to like and follow our facebook page:

and join our WE Facebook owner’s community:

(WE Airsoft)

Tactical Tailor 3 day+ assault pack review

Echo1 have shared a video review for the 3 day+ assault pack from Tactical Tailor:


Black Friday Sale & Super Holiday Sale @ RedWolf Airsoft

RedWolf Airsoft are having two big holiday sales:

RedWolf Airsoft is now offering not 1, but 2 promotions for this holiday season!

First of all, we are having our Black Friday Sale that begins now till December 1st, 2015. Everything on our website will be 17% OFF!

Secondly, we have a Super Holiday Sale section on our website, with over 1400 selected items that are up to 84% OFF! This promotion will last all the way till December 25th, 2015!

image001 (1)

(RedWolf Airsoft)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 48 2015

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Massive thanks to everyone who came to Eversley over the weekend to help us celebrate our fourth birthday there.  We had over 100 players across the two days and a great social atmosphere throughout.

This weekend it’s the end of month skirmish at Tuddenham, both days are looking busy, but Sunday is going to be huge, so please aim to arrive between 0800 and 0830 if possible as there will be a lot of players to get signed in and chrono’d.  You are more than welcome to camp on site, we’ll be there from Friday evening.

The following weekend it’s December already!  We’re kicking the month off at our Norwich site with an open skirmish on Saturday 5th and a full milsim day on Sunday 6th.  We’ve held the skirmish price at £15 for a final month before it goes up to its regular price of £20 in January.


Josh Smith

(Gunman Airsoft)

Flyye go bag @Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the go bag from Flyye they are stocking:

Heavy-duty and water-resistant Flyye Go Bag features one main compartment with internal hydration bladder pocket, 2 external secret pockets on both sides and 3 small pockets at the front (all compartments go with sturdy YYK zippers).


The bag comes with a single padded shoulder strap and 2 strong carrying handles on both ends. There is also MOLLE webbing on the shoulder strap and both sides of the bag for attaching additional accessories.

Flyye Go Bag can be worn over the shoulder or across the chest and it’s perfect to carrying various accessories and equipment.

Available now at Military 1st online store at

(Military 1st)

New eHobby custom airsoft @ eHobby Asia

eHobbyAsia have sent over details of two new custom products:

2 Products:


1. EAC (Marui) VSR MAGUMA Custom Snipe
– Laylax PSS10 4D Print Custom Stock (MAGUMA) – Handmade limited edition, Urethane clear coating, gloss mirror finish
– Metal Receiver & Metal 555mm Outer Barrel
– Long Precision Barrel offer superior accuracy at its budgeted price



2.EAC (GHK) MOE Carbine GBB Custom (Dark Earth)
– Based on GHK M4A1 Gas Blow Back Rifle
– MAGPUL MOE Hand Guard Carbine Length, MVG® MOE Vertical Grip (Dark Earth), MOE    AR15/M16 Pistol Grip, MOE Polymer Trigger Guard, MOE Carbine Stock (MilSpec, Dark Earth)
– Realistic, Stable & Powerful Recoil System by GHK




Oakley SI lightweight gloves @Huey’s

Huey’s have sent over details of the Oakley SI lightweight gloves they are stocking:

The superb Oakley SI Lightweight Gloves are now available at Huey’s MTO in Coyote Brown, Foliage Green and Black. Click the link for details…



Gunfire stock update 24th November 2015

Here is all the latest stock news from Gunfire:

Hi, check the latest deliveries in Gunfire:

Hexmag –


Pentagon –


Vitaz –




Remington –

Cybergun –


Modify –


Olight –




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