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G&G TR4 Series

Here is the latest stock news from Airsoft International:


(Airsoft International)

EPM1 starts shipping today

PTS Syndicate have started shipping their EPM1:

EPM1 starts shipping today!


EPM1 – the Most Advanced and Highest capacity spring loaded AEG magazine, starts shipping today! We can’t describe how excited we are!
What else are you waiting for? Get it right now!


What? only 100 rounds? I want something far more than this! 
Collaboration with Odin Innovations
Hey guys if you could not get the EPM1 from our official channel pls visit your local dealer.


Get your EPM1 NOW!

MEC starts shipping today!
Not ONLY Pro Trigger, but also M-Valve and R-Type Piston Head


MEC starts shipping today! Not only the Pro Trigger, but also the M-Valve and R-Type Piston Head!
Can’t wait to get your order? Look out your notifications from your mailbox!
MEC – Desire For Performance!


(PTS Syndicate)

Military 1st October giveaway

Military 1st have a First Tactical Specialist 1-Day Backpack to give away each week during October:

Take part in Military 1st October Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win First Tactical Specialist 1-Day Backpack of your choice.


To take part, click or tap this link, choose between three colours and fill the form.

We will be drawing one winner EVERY WEEK throughout October!

Don’t forget, you can earn extra chances to win when friends use your referral link!

Don’t miss out on First Tactical Specialist 1-Day Backpack, a full-size one-day pack with a large main compartment, front admin compartment, numerous smaller individual pockets and ergonomic, padded back and shoulder straps.

This tactical backpack offers maximum strength and provides reliability and comfort during overnight missions and other outdoor activities.

(Military 1st)

Gate Titan, Hi-Capa Kits, VSR Action Army Rifles at Airsoft Atlanta

Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:

New Action Army VSR-10 T11 Sniper Rifles! The highly anticipated VSR custom pre-upgraded sniper rifle from Action Army is here! Spring powered and 100% native VSR compatible with all internal and external upgrade parts.  Both long 430mm and 300mm short versions are available and shipping now.  $199-219


Restock GATE TITAN + the Blu-Link (Bluetooth) wireless app additions.  $143-197 Now you can program your gun’s mosfet on the fly with the Blu-Link wireless connection to your phone or computer.  No need to disconnect your gun’s battery to hookup the programming app.  Works with both the Titan and Aster; sold as the Blu-Link part or bundled with the Titan + Blu-Link.


Sugoi Shooters Recoil Spring Guide Rod / Short Stroke Kit for Hi-Capa Pistols – $24 each set. Fits on all 4.3 and 5.1 Hi-Capa gas blowback airsoft pistols from Tokyo Marui, WE, AW Customs, JAG, and other types of Hi-Capa pistols.  Comes in various colors and lengths per 4.3 or 5.1 rod style. Lightweight and custom for your gun!


KWA RN47 Ronin AEG!  $355  Using AK mags with a very compact M4 style lower/upper receiver. Compact PDW stock and all metal upgraded M-Lok short CQB rail system.  This is a compact beast for both indoor and outdoor battlefields.2.5 AEG gearbox and shoots 360 FPS out of the box.  3 packs of AK 120-rd midcaps also available.


Matrix Low Profile JPC Plate Carrier (LPC) $57.99 in BLACK – JPC style tactical vest. Perfect for lightweight and versatile airsoft play on the field. The JPC has front pouch area that fits M4 or other types of magazines (3 spots) securely. Fits 10×12 inch plates in front and back.


(Airsoft Atlanta)

KJ Works restock at Airsoft International

Airsoft International have received a delivery from KJ Works:


(Airsoft International)

Military 1st waterproofs sale 2020

Military 1st are offering 10% off waterproof gear with discount code RAIN10 until Saturday 10th October 2020:

We offer 10% off all waterproof clothes, ponchos and other gear with Discount Code RAIN10.

Waterproofs Sale 2020 Instagram

Be prepared for the wet weather with our collection of fresh and contemporary waterproof jackets and accessories. We have you covered for all situations so you can laugh in the face of even the heaviest downpours.

Ideal for walking on the hills or around the city, our coats, trousers and ponchos provide outstanding waterproof protection to your layering system.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 10 October 2020, midnight. It applies only to the Waterproofs category and excludes already discounted items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free delivery to Ireland. Free shipping to the U.S. and Australia on orders over $100. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

New G&G Piranha SL GBB pistol

The new G&G Piranha SL GBB pistol is available now:


Piranha SL Series

The all-new Piranha SL Series features a lightweight aluminum slide and comes with a 25 round standard magazine and a 20 round long decorative magazine. The longer inner barrel and split slide design allows for superior accuracy and range by stabilizing the barrel when firing. The safety is conveniently located on the trigger itself. An elongated picatinny rail provides ample mounting options.
The Piranha SL Series has our patented ceramic whirl cylinder installed that maximizes gas efficiency by reducing frost built-up. In addition, a hop-up tool is included to make easy adjustments inside the barrel without ever needing to remove the slide. Now available.

Key Highlights

  • Split Slide Design
  • Gas Blow Back
  • Metal Slide
  • Fluted Outer Barrel
  • Comes with Two Magazines (25 and 20 Round)
  • Increased Stability
  • Improved Accuracy 
  • Increased Range
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Hop-up Adjustment Tool Included

Contact your local G&G authorized dealer to pre-order one today!




EPM1 coming soon to PTS

PTS Syndicate are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the EPM1:

EPM1 is arriving at PTS very soon!
The Most advanced and highest capacity AEG magazine


We are happy to introduce our new product EPM1.
The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE, or EPM1, is the most advanced and highest capacity spring loaded AEG magazine ever produced. Aptly named the EPM1, the magazine is the FIRST in many ways:
– The EPM1 is the First collaborative development between PTS and Odin Innovations.
-The EPM1 is the First spring loaded AEG magazine to rival the capacity of a high cap mag with an approximate 250 bb capacity.
-The EPM1 is the First AEG magazine with a “Fuel Gauge” window to indicate full or remaining bb load.
-The EPM1 is the First magazine to reliably achieve both high load capacity and high rate of fire performance.


    – Dupont Zytel® polymer shell
    – 250 BBs capacity
    – Orange mag level indicator
    – High efficiency compression spring
    – Low friction internal shell
    – Unique magazine mag well guide that reduce snagging
    – EP dot pattern texture for better grip
    – New polymer baseplate with angled surface and dot matrix
    – New design follower prevents bbs jam
Item Code:
PT167450307 – Black
PT167450313 – Flat Dark Earth


(PTS Syndicate)

Military 1st Magnum sale 2020

Military 1st are offering 10% off Magnum footwear with discount code MAGNUM10 until Saturday 3rd October 2020:

We offer 10% off all Magnum boots, shoes, and accessories with Discount Code MAGNUM10.

Magnum Sale 2020 Instagram

Magnum spares no effort to create the best footwear for members of various emergency services and military forces worldwide.

It is known for lightweight, athletic and comfortable military boots that appeal to different climates, tastes and approaches to uniform requirements.

Discover our collection of Magnum boots, shoes, and accessories and save when buying today with a special discount code.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 3 October 2020, midnight. It applies only to the Magnum category and excludes already discounted items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free delivery to Ireland. Free shipping to the U.S. and Australia on orders over $100. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

LCT Airsoft- ZPT-1 & ZPT-3 stock

LCT Airsoft want to know which is your favourite Z series buttstock:

Which kind of Z series buttstock is your favorite?


(LCT Airsoft)

SiOnyx Aurora PRO | AMNB review

The guys at AMNB have been checking out the SiOnyx Aurora PRO digital night vision:

Sharing our latest video review with you. It’s about the SiOnyx Aurora PRO digital night vision.



Military 1st Flecktarn sale 2020

Military 1st are offering 20% off Flecktarn gear with discount code FLECK20 until Saturday 26th September 2020:

We offer 20% off all products in Flecktarn camouflage with Discount Code FLECK20.

Flecktarn Sale 2020 Instagram

One of Europe’s best-known camouflages, Flecktarn pattern is both striking and exceptionally effective and loved by many military apparel enthusiasts.

In dense temperate woodlands, its unique spots blend seamlessly with their surroundings, making it difficult to detect.

In urban settings, when used as a fashion accessory, it’s impossible to miss.

Whatever your intention, save 20% when buying today all Flecktarn army clothing and military equipment available in store.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 26 September 2020, midnight. It applies only to the Flecktarn category and excludes already discounted items.

Free UK delivery and returns! Free delivery to Ireland. Free shipping to the U.S. and Australia on orders over $100. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 38 2020

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

Huge thanks to everyone who supported our Vietnam event at the weekend as well as the FilmSim open days at Tuddenham. Tuddenham pictures should be posted to the Facebook page and Instagram feed.

Pictures from the GI weekender, Okto Eight and the Vietnam event are up at please support our photographers by buying a hi-res copy of any images you like instead of screenshotting, or better yet, buy a print!

This weekend we have another awesome FilmSim open weekend at our Eversley Alpha site – this one is a Hunger Battles theme – details up on the Facebook event page this evening! We also have a skirmish weekend at Tuddenham – Saturday is sold out, but we have spaces on Sunday if you want to get involved.

We have now published our new site-specific mobile numbers. These will usually be switched on from Friday to Sunday on a game weekend and manned by the site managers. Please continue to book places on the website and direct all admin and website queries to the main number of 07711 774461 or via email.

Tuddenham: 07546 439851 (Robbie)
Eversley Alpha: 07546 449695 (Johnny & Kitty)
Eversley Bravo: 07546 426310 (Boston)

We have had an issue with our email server being blocked by Microsoft recently (Outlook, Hotmail, Live etc). Apologies to anyone affected – if you were having problems gaining access to new accounts on the website, you should now be able to use the “forgotten password” link on the login page to reset your account now. Bear in mind that some of our emails are ending up in spam/junk folders at the moment until we can fully resolve the issues – adding us to your “safe senders” list or marking the messages as “not junk” will help no end.

We will be running a Halloween night game this year again at Tuddenham – details to follow next week!

Futuretech Airsoft will be at every FilmSim open weekend at Eversley Alpha on both days.

We can help with many tech issues such as hot guns, new buckings etc, and happy to take guns with bigger issues or for any customising/upgrade work, all at reasonable prices. So dig out those guns you haven’t got around to fixing and bring them along. Guns taken will normally be fixed and returned at the next months game or collect from Farnborough.

Check us out at  and drop in for a chat :)


(Gunman Airsoft)

LCT airsoft- standard grip vs slim grip

LCT Airsoft have a choice of standard and slim grips:

Standard Grip VS. Slim Grip which has the more realistic hand-tactile impression!

2001LCKM Handguard Set-1列印

(LCT Airsoft)

Airsoft HK416A5, KWA T10SE, Glock 17 Co2 restocks at Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta have several popular items back in stock:


New KWA T10 SE – limited edition to 100 worldwide, this is a custom gun with a pre-installed GATE Titan, native deans battery connection, Titan 11.1v 3000 battery included, and custom paintjob/flash hider.  $599.99  and we only got three of them! 


Restock on the HK416A5 Black edition.  $454  fully licensed VFC guns with the awesome Elite Force warranty.  Has all the features and reliability you deserve in an advanced airsoft gun.


Glock 17 Co2 VFC made full blowback gas pistols – back in stock!  $169  We got a bunch available as supplies last.  As everyone knows, Glocks are really hard to get right now due to demand.  Fresh batch available online or at our store in Atlanta.


(Airsoft Atlanta)

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