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LCT Airsoft EBB range (new video)

LCT Airsoft have sent out a reminder of their EBB range and a new video which I’ve addd up here:

Dear Sir,

The LCT LCK EBB with the quick-spring change gearbox already be launched. Keep the chance, don’t miss it.

Photo Product name Photo Product name
unnamed-90 TX-MIG EBB unnamed-91 LCK-12 EBB
unnamed-92 LCK74M EBB unnamed-93 LCK-15 EBB
unnamed-94 LCKM Economy EBB LCKS74M EBB
TK104 EBB unnamed-95 LCKMMS EBB
unnamed-96 LTS-Keymod-13.5 EBB unnamed-97 LCK105 EBB
unnamed-98 LTS-Keymod-9.5 EBB LCK104 EBB
unnamed-99 LCKM EBB unnamed-100 TIMS EBB
unnamed-101 LCK74 EBB unnamed-102 LCK106 EBB
unnamed-103 TX-M EBB unnamed-104 LCKS74UN EBB
unnamed-105 TX-63 EBB unnamed-106 G-03M EBB
unnamed-107 LCKM-63 EBB unnamed-108 G-04M EBB
unnamed-109 RPK EBB unnamed-110 STK-74 EBB
unnamed-111 RPKS74MN EBB


(LCT Airsoft)


Airsoft International: LCT VSS Vintorez New Gen in stock

unnamed-89Airsoft International have new stock and some restock in their latest updates:


(Airsoft International)

LCT Airsoft, Z series for AK lineup launched

LCT Airsoft have launched their latest Z series for the AK range, also included are a couple of videos showing their manufacture process:


Dear Sir, LCT launch the latest Z series parts for AK !!!

In order to give the best feedback for the players who love LCT products, the sale price is favorable, the quality is beyond imagination.

Pic Products name Pic Products name
ZA-1 Slingmount ZB-19 Upper Handguard “Classic”
ZB-10MHandguard “Classic” ZB-30 Handguard “Classic”
ZB-11 Handguard “Classic” ZB-31 Upper Handguard “Classic”
ZB-13 Rail Platform Above Reciever “Classic” ZB-33 Dust Cover “Classic”
ZB-16 Rail ZPT-1 Buttstock “Classic”
ZB-18 Rail ZPT-3 Buttstock “Classic”
ZDTK-2 Muzzle Brake(24×1.5mm R) ZRK-0 Grip
ZDTK-2L Muzzle Brake(14 x 1.0 L) ZRK-1 Grip
ZDTK PUTNIK Silencer For AK(24×1.5mm R) ZRK-2 Grip
ZDTK-4 Silencer (14 x 1.0 L) ZRK-3 Rear Grip

(material: Alumimum)

ZDTK-4P Silencer (24×1.5mm R) ZRK-3S SLSL-Torque Motor Slim+

Slim Rear Grip

(material: Alumimum)

ZRP-1 charging handle ZRK-6 Grip
ZRP-2 charging handle

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy( ) / Bella ( ). Our official social media as below, just follow it to get the latest news! Thank you and best regards,

Bella Chen, ( Executive Assistant to CEO,  Li Cheng Technique Business Company)

LCT Airsoft glam up your VAL and VSS

LCT Airsoft have accessories out for the VAL and VSS they’d like us to know about:

Dear Sir, Do you know are there any accessories for AS VAL and VSS ?

Photo Product name
unnamed-71 PK-372 V-Quick Spring Change Gearbox Shell

(9mm Bearing )

Fit for LCT AS VAL, VSS, SR-3, SR-3M AEG.
unnamed-72 PK-377 V-Quick Spring Change Gearbox

(9mm Bearing )

unnamed-73 PK-227 40mm Silencer Rail Adapter
unnamed-74 PK-232 AS VAL Handguard (Dark Red)
unnamed-78 PK-233 VSS Vintorez Handguard (BK)
unnamed-79 PK-256 PSO1 Scope Mount Extender

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy( ) / Bella ( ) (LCT Airsoft)

LCT weekly news, weathered grips

LCT Airsoft have sent over photos of their weathered AK series grips:


Dear Sir,

LCT AEGs series which with fully realistic external is absolutely your best choice for war game and collections.

High Quality LCT AEGs which are made by Full Steel is the best choice for aged finish (weathering) in the market.

Photo Product name Note
unnamed-68 PK-59 LCKMSU Wooden Lower Handguard Fit


unnamed-69 LCKS74UN Wooden Lower Handguard Fit


unnamed-70 LCKS74UN Upper Handguard-With Gas Tube

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy / Bella (LCT Airsoft)


LCT Airsoft: LC-3 and retractable stock

LCT Airsoft have sent over trials of their LC-3 with retractable stock:

Hi Sir, The LC-3 with A4 Retractable stock is your best partner, no matter which is the CQB or long-distance battle field.

Photo Product name Note
unnamed-9 LC003

Wide Handguard (BK)

There have the large room for battery when take off the heat sink in handguard.
unnamed-10 LC004

Wide Handguard (GR)

unnamed-66 LC027

LC-3 Bipod

unnamed-67 LC035

Retractable Stock

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy( ) / Bella ( )

Thank you and best regards, (LCT Airsoft)


LCT Airsoft new AK mag well spacer and release catch

LCT Airsoft have sent over details of their new mag well spacer and release catch, videos and images are included below:

Do you know there is a secret components can “loading” and “unloading” magazine more faster?

Which can let you quickly changing magazines during the combat and let you feeling smoothly!!

Pic Products name Note
unnamed-63 PK-170 AK Magwell Spacer Fit for all LCT AK AEG
unnamed-64 PK-343 LCK12 Trigger Guard Set Quick-Detach Fit for all LCT AK AEG

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information,

Mandy( ) / Bella ( ) LCT Airsoft

EBB weekly news from LCT Airsoft

LCT Airsoft have some new EBB kit out and have sent over a new video or two showing their blowback mechanisms:

Dear Sir, Are you still waiting for EBB ?? The strength of EBB you would easily to know through the video!! Do not miss the opportunity!!

Some model with EBB / EBB kit be released already as below, we will launch more models with EBB in coming months.


Pics. LCT No. Website Link
unnamed-48 RPK EBB web link
unnamed-49 TX-MIG EBB
unnamed-50 LCK74M EBB
unnamed-51 LCKM Economy EBB
unnamed-52 TK104 EBB
unnamed-54 LTS-Keymod-13.5 EBB
unnamed-55 LTS-Keymod-9.5 EBB
unnamed-56 LCKM EBB
unnamed-57 LCK74 EBB
unnamed-58 TX-M EBB
unnamed-59 TX-63 EBB
unnamed-60 LCKM-63 EBB
unnamed-61 PK-331 AK EBB Kit (L) web link
unnamed-62 PK-332 AK EBB Kit (S) web link

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy( ) / Bella ( )

(LCT Airsoft)

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LCT Airsoft: build your own AK and forward optical rail

Bellas at LCT Airsoft has sent through a couple of new videos. There is their new “build your own AK” video and a video showing their AK forward optical rail interface for their  VZK-MSU / LCKMSU / LCKS-74UN AEG series:

LCT PK-341 magazine spot welding

Always love a nice spot welding video. LCT Airsoft have shared with us a video fo their magazines being constructed in their factory, there’s also a couple of photos form their product pages. Yes you can make donuts with it too!

LCT manufacturing: LC-3 AEG auto welding

Fancy seeing how Skynet does spot/mig welding? Check out this video of the automated factory process from LCT Airsoft:

LCT Airsoft: new LC-3 parts, rail and battery grip

LCT Airsoft thave two new parts for the LC-3 (their own G3) series including a low profile 8.5in scope mount and a large handguard. We’ve also included the video they’ve sent over detailing the installation of the handguard:

We will release a new LC-3 part, Low-profile scope mount with 8.5 inch Picatinny Rail.

coming soon_123905402_1830795930283930_6465169284787757304_n

(LCT Airsoft)

LCT: AS VAL due out in March


LCT’s AS VAL will be out in March, here’s the poster direct from LCT:

Dear Sirs,  Model #AS VAL will be available in March, accept the pre-order now…




1. All steel made suppressor, receiver and folding stock.

2. All new designed motor mount as real grip angle.

3. 9mm bearing Upgrade Version Box.

4. 50 Rounds capacity magazine.

Best regards,  Daphne Yang (Assistant Manager, Li Cheng Technique Business Company)

LCT Airsoft M60VN on pre-order, new AKs and parts

LCT Airsoft have some new products out and on the way:

Dear Sirs, We are LCT Airsoft.  Now we brought some latest news about AEGs, Parts as the attachment.





#TX-1 Rail Handguard
#TX-63 AEG
#TX-65 AEG


Best regards,

Daphne of LCT
Li Cheng Technique Business Company
No. 89, Ln. 535, Ganzhu Rd., Hemei Township,
Changhua County 508, TAIWAN, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-4-7355551
Fax: +886-4-7364887

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