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Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

We had another excellent weekend at Tuddenham with some of the best gameplay we’ve seen in a long time – thank you everybody for being such great sports!

This weekend we have our usual FilmSim event at Eversley as well as hosting another Okto Eight MilSim at Tuddenham.

Tickets are still available for Eversley, and there are a couple of cartel tickets for Okto still remaining.Next weekend we are back at Tuddenham for another awesome skirmish event.  Book now for rentals and walk-on tickets.


We are launching a new “Early Bird” discount booking system for our themed full weekend events.

Standard ticket price is £75, secured by a £35 security deposit on our website, with the remaining £40 to be paid on arrival.

Early bird deposits paid before the cut off date will be £25 saving you a tenner!

If spaces are available on the day, non-booked tickets cost £85.

Early Bird tickets are now available for the next Red Mist Cold War game if booked before 21st December on our website.

We are pleased to announce that we will now be hosting regular skirmish events at Eversley going forward on the first weekend of every month.

These events will be taking place at our new “Camp Bravo” site, which is a little further along the A327 from our main site, right next to Eversley Storage.  The site is ideal for the intense, fast-paced skirmish style games which we will be running.

Tuddenham Calendar, Eversley Calendar

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