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Gunman Airsoft newsletter October 2023

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Happy Halloween everyone!

As we continue the trek into the darker months we have still got plenty in store for you.


As of November 1st all of our online bookings will be full payments for walk on tickets to match the rental ticket bookings.
This is to replace paying a deposit online (£15) then paying the £10 balance on the day.

We will also now have weekend tickets available for booking through our website.
These will be £40 each for walk on tickets and £85 for rental.
These can be found on the Saturday booking page of each weekend.

Full price list below –

Walk on day ticket – £25
Rental day ticket – £50

Walk on weekend ticket – £40
Rental weekend ticket – £85

Any questions regarding this please get in touch at the details below or on our website.

Filmsim at Tuddenham – Rise of the Sicario, After Action Report.

Final scores
Cartel – 120
Police – 115

Following a 48hr operation by federal police in the rural area surrounding the city of ramos the police are claiming a landslide victory.
Independent verification has confirmed that 4 out of 5 of Loz Deltas chemists were despatched with only one, known at this time as just the “old man” remaining active.
At least one drugs stash was destroyed federal police and several mid ranking Loz Detas officers have been captured.
There are also unconfirmed reports that the chief of police was captured by the cartel and has not been seen since.
Whilst the police have claimed a victory the reality is some what different.
The Loz Deltas Cartel successfully produced and shipped numerous tonnes of product out of the region of Ramos.
Also a leader has now emerged for the Loz Deltas Cartels.
El Hazza Lopez was the master mind who has now set up the cartel as the most powerful in the region.
A Sicario has risen.

This story will continue next year.

Coming up at Gunman Airsoft in Oct/Nov

Special Events @ Filmsim.co.uk

Stalkers Pt3 “Sizewell B”
Apocalyptic Themed Airsoft – November 4th/5th

Airsoft Events @ Gunman Airsoft


Skirmish Open Weekend – October 28th/29

Aliens Vs Gunman Halloween Night Game Event – October 28th SOLD OUT

Battlefield Skirmish Weekend – November 11th/12

Filmsim Open Weekend – November 18th/19th

Skirmish Open Weekend – November 25th/26th

Camp Alpha

Filmsim Weekend – November 18th/19th

Camp Bravo

Skirmish Weekend – November 28th/29th

Night Ops – November 28th

Skirmish Weekend – November 4th/5th

Night Ops – November 4th

Skirmish Weekend – November 11th/12th

Skirmish Weekend – November 28th/29th

Battles Lakes

Filmsim Weekend – November 4th/5th

Skirmish Weekend – November 18th/19

All our games can be booked through our websites filmsim.co.uk or gunmanairsoft.co.uk. We do also accept walk on tickets on the day however if you require a rental package these MUST be booked online as we have limited numbers available.

Any questions at all you can contact us at enquires@gunmanairsoft.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Stay safe, look after each other and we shall see you all soon.

The Gunman Team

Gunman Airsoft

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