New “quick roll up unit”

Right, I’m back on UK time now, so have a chance to get some updates done this morning. First up John Wu (the Sales Manager for Aim Top International Corp. in Taiwan) has sent in shots of a new product from his company, AIMTOP, called the quick roll up unit. Designed to wind high capacity magazines up automatically it makes loading up for a game even easier. Their website doesn’t seem to have any working links on it, but their product also appears on JD’s site in Taiwan too:

Dear Sir,

This is my company first production QUICK ROLL UP UNIT. The support brand which makes you possible to play a sport called a war game. Pleasant and safely is a Satellite” excelling in durability, the goods of a practical

Satellites items will be a survival games powerful supporter.

Production Including:

1 .QUICK ROLL GEAR BOX x1 UES THE AAA BATTERY x2. (not included)

2 . Magazine contact plate Including : Steyr AUG , HK G36 ,HK G3 , SIG , AK , M16 , HK MP5 200RD , HK MP5 240RD , UZI , THOMPSON . John Wu, (AIMTOP)

On this day..

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