Some random updates from around the world

It’s been a bit since I’ve had the time to do a roundup of what’s going on around the world, so while I have a free moment I thought I’d set to it here.

Over at ANGS they have some new products listed. They also have the Trigger Happy T910 launcher in stock complete with a new high speed sector gear and piston set that is a direct swap out for the standard gearing.

Last but not least there’s the ANGS MG42 (based on the Shoei I believe) that is currently on show at their Tachikawa store and Meguro store

Madbull Airsoft have a new warhead for their buckshot round (M576) to compliment the rubber unit previously seen. This time the heads are made from a soft foam plastic making them as safe as humanly possible. Previous plastic slug heads could provide a bit more kick and power than expected. Pictures of the new warheads to follow shortly.

From the last trade show some finite news about the M14 release was forthcoming form Tokyo Marui (there’s also some details over at AD), which would indicate that the project is a go, although I’m waiting to see the boxes appear on the shelves myself. There will be two stock options, the composite and the wood look. The new AEG will use the new v7 gearbox and an EG700 motor, there’s a working cocking action, the standard magazine will have a 70 round capacity, with the high capacity model carrying up to 440. The M14 should be out in July at a price of 48,000 Yen. The electric M93r will be out in mid June apparently. There’s also the new TM Surefire M3 lamp copy that provides 65lumen of output, and the series of G18C parts that we’ve seen before (similar to the FreedomArt model).

Apparently there’s already at least one thrid party full wood stock coming out for the M14 series at an expected price of 15,000 Yen. Meanwhile the 8mm blowback “CLINT1” Automag from Marushin is due at the end of July. From KSC there’s a new model of the MK23 SOCOM that’s due out today with improved blowback system. Maruzen are going to release the ir new M93r fixed slide model at the end of this month. For any competition shooters out there the APS-3 is in development at the moment, no release date is known.

In retail news Airsoft Elite have offers on their black BBs with free shipping on all purchases of 5 cases of black BBs, and also have the new Airsoft Elite M4 and M16 RAS now in stock apparently made of 6061T6 machined aluminum with mil-spec rails and hard anodized surface. As a small aside they’ll also be at the U.S. Airsoft Expo 2005 on June 24-26. There’s more to go through yet, but I’ll get there in the end smile

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