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Cracker on the forums has mailed over details of some work that he’s made up for UK Airsofters, it’s a handy Points of Interest database for GPS based systems. Please note the URLs listed below are deliberately listed as plaintext as simply they won’t work from here otherwise. You’ll need to copy the link and past it to your address bar to visit the relevant URLs given. Here’s the details:

For those of you who use GPS satnav systems, I have created a database of UK airsoft sites so you can find sites and get directions to the various sites around the country ( ).

Its not a complete list yet, and is still very much open to submissions and changes The original news story, screenshots & download link can be found on the UKASC news page here:

At the moment its designed for TomTom based systems (Go & Go300/500/700
and Pocket-PCs with TomTom software) but you should be able to port it
to the format of your particular brand of GPS using one of the free
converters out there on the interweb If anyone knows of a site that is not on the list then they can PM me,
or if any details (eg location or phone number) appear to be wrong then
let me know. There are currently 32 sites listed, more will be added
when i can get reasonably accurate locations
Dont forget to read through the ASCUK thread ( ) for more details and update news (thread is linked from the news item)
Enjoy! Cracker

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