Urgent: Support a new airsoft event team!

Apologies for the dramatic headline, but Paul from Airsoft Military Simulation has been in touch to let everyone know of their first airsoft event which they’re putting on this weekend at the Bramley MOD base:

We’re running a 24 hour milsim game at the MOD base in Bramley next weekend (at least we will be if we can get some support and 30 additional players :)). Because we’re a new company and this is our first event, no one’s heard of us.

For information on our game you can see our website at: http://www.airsoftmilsim.co.uk

We’re running the game in conjunction with Ambush Wargames (Hustler).

Down to a complete oversight on our part with the advertising the situation is rather critical. We have until Thursday at 1100 to pay the MOD and we’re seriously short of players.

If there’s any way of announcing our game, or anything at all you can do/suggest we’d be really grateful. Perhaps you lot might fancy coming along?

We’ve even reduced the price of the game costs (from 50/head to 35).
Cheers, Paul Toop (Airsoft Military Simulation)

The team seem like a real friendly crew, so it would be a shame for this event to not go as well as everyone hoped. So if you’re free this weekend and looking for a game to attend, why not try out this one? It’s not every weekend you get to play mil-sim events at MOD facilities, and at 35, you can’t argue with that!

As the team only have until Thursday in which to pay for Bramley, please don’t dilly-dally – if you’re interested, get in touch with Paul immediately either in this thread, or better yet by PMing his Arnies account: 2.p

On this day..

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