New claymore from Escort

Paul at ClassicAirsoftGuns has sent over shots and news of a new claymore design from Escort. The shots are of the prototype and given that they have been released to us for publication, the project should be going into fullscale production pretty soon.

Escort is preparing to release a totally new claymore mine design that will change the way you play airsoft. It uses a new custom designed 100% gas operated system to deliver a devastating hit. The body is made of a high density injection molded polypropylene plastic (think fishing tackle box) and nearly 100% accurately resembles the real M18a1 mine. Each claymore holds 150bb and can be fired remotely or using a tripwire. The range of these mines using 134a and an angle of 10 degrees is a measured 45 meters with a 20 meter spread. More than ample for a good ambush. Whats better is these units can be chained together and fired simultaneously. With the provided igniter it is possible to detonate 2 claymores with 10+ meters of line using 134a.

The future deluxe M57 "Clacker" will allow for further range and more units per single igniter. These units are designed to accurately mimic the real unit to nearly the finest detail. Included with each set is an M60 style pull igniter, 10m of det cord (hose), 1 mine, and a manual outlining use and placement. These are slated to be released to distributors July 15th and should be hitting store shelves soon after.

100% Gas powered (no mechanics, no electronics, no springs, no ball bearings)
20m spread
M60 style detonator
Daisychain ability
Remote or tripwire "detonation"
Claymore only will be available for an expansion pack
M57 Clacker Deluxe Detonator will be available allowing more firing distance and more units fired from a Single, simple control
Articulated legs in the correct formation
Easy use
100% reliability
Great sound and range
Can fire any 6mm or larger projectile or effect mixture desired

Please note these are shots of the handmade prototype only, video and pictures of the completed unit will be available shortly. Paul, (ClassicAirsoftGuns)

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