1st review in a series of MadBull’s GemTech kit

Over the festive period I will be writing a series of reviews on MadBull’s GemTech Licensed products that have been released over the course of 2006. The first in the series of reviews is on Madbull’s GemTech G5 silencer that was only released by GemTech this year.

items (Medium) (Small)

This year Madbull secured the rights to manufacture Gem Tech licensed products based on factual equipment made by the company. This is the first in a series of reviews on MADBULLS, Gem Tech licensed products that are hitting the market.

But first, a little information on who Gem Tech actually are. GemTech is recognized as the world leader in modern firearm silencer design. They maintain a staff of experienced designers and production engineers to bring you the latest in silencer technology for government, law enforcement, military and qualified civilian applications.

I will also be reviewing the following items:

Along with other new products, such as the new “Shark Accelerator” Hop-up bucking set. We will finish the series with an Arnie’s Airsoft exclusive interview with the top-man himself.

On this day..

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