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Land Warrior news – ASG delivery

by News Fairy

Land Warrior have some new items as well as some old favourites from ASG in stock:

Always looking to offer our customers the best here at Land Warrior Sports.

ActionSportGames (ASG) is a leading airsoft manufacturer that offers a wide range of airsoft replicas, parts, accessories and more. They specialise in manufacturing the best of the best for airsoft enthusiasts, collectors, and even the entertainment industry. No matter your needs, ASG has the right tool for the job!

Something fresh that has taken our fancy is the newest product to join the Hybrid Series of products, the H-22 STC. The replica takes things to the next level and brings a more tactical aesthetic to the well-established KC-02/Special Teams Carbine GBBR platform that its based on, thanks to the HERA Arms Real Steel Chassis. With a top mounted picatinny rail and M-rail mounting points in the 10 and 2 positions, there is plenty of options for dressing the H-22 STC with a range of tactical accessories such as scopes, torches and lasers. Thanks to its reliable and satisfying Gas Blow Back system, players are brought closer to a realistic experience when handling the H-22 STC. A 22 round gas magazine is included in the box, and each of those rounds is sure to bring a smile to the face of the user!

It’s been 10 years since the first ASG CZ Scorpion EVO was first introduced to the airsoft world, bringing with it a number of innovations and setting a whole new standard for AEG’s. The ASG CZ Scorpion EVO A.C.E (Anniversary Celebration Edition) is the latest edition to join the well-established and award winning line up of CZ Scorpion EVO’s from ASG. The A.C.E edition was designed with the same mindset as the original, and blends some unique features with established best-performing combinations. Some of these features included a newly-designed and unique magazine release alongside a host of other external upgrades, such as the new FDE ATEK Hi-Cap Magwell and a modified ATEK Handguard. These changes not only offer up improved ergonomics over the standard ASG Scorpion EVO, but allow for a unique black and FDE dual tone colour combination.

And lastly for fresh items at LW HQ, the P10-C! This CO2 powered blowback pistol is a full 1:1 replica of the long-awaited P-10 C and offers rare ergonomic comfort that supports the shooter’s grasp as its specially designed grip fits comfortably in your hands. What really makes the P-10 C special and sets it above other similar pistols on the market, is its performance. It offers unmatched consistency both between shots and between magazines. On top of that, this pistol is wonderfully fuel efficient, capable of easily powering three whole magazines on just one CO2 capsule! Its blowback function provides sharper and more satisfying feedback than even the most popular airsoft pistols, with snappier recoil for every shot.

Alongside these new items, we’d had a restock of many of their popular offerings, such as many of their other pistol designs like the CZ Shadow 2 or P-09, or perhaps you’d be interested in a gorgeous Long Gun such as the Steyr Scout or the Accuracy International MK13 MOD 7 Compact Sniper Rifles.All this and so much more is available at Land Warrior Sports!

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