Wiley X and Fogtech

I’ve had an email from Gene at MotoSolutions reference WileyX and Fogtech products which may interest those who are after the ever illusive “unfoggable” goggles:

Wiley X is partnering with MotoSolutions to cure fogging with FogtechR Advanced One-Step Anti-fog.  Wiley X is offering FogtechR wipes to their customers who can’t see under extreme conditions.

FogtechR is unique in that it goes on quickly, under 20 seconds is typical. Because there is no rubbing, it is extremely gentle on expensive optics. Fogtech is available directly at www.motosolutions.com.

MotoSolutions focuses on clear vision with innovative products like FogtechR and RaincoatT.  They are based in California, USA and started in 2003. Wiley X began nineteen years ago when the US military elite needed to build the ultimate, shatterproof eye gear. And so, Wiley X was born. Today, Wiley X frames and accessories are standard issue for not only the U.S. martial forces, but also for people who ride motorcycles, hunt, fish, etc.

MotoSolutions (http://www.motosolutions.com/)
966 Coral Drive, Rodeo, CA  94572
(510) 799-5100 Office, (925) 287-0080 Cell, (510) 799-6607 FAX

Gene Menzies , (MotoSolutions)

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