Ares Ops: European Milsim Event Organisers

Mike (Hartmann) has been in touch with details of Ares Ops, a venture to make Milsim events more accessible for all:


My name is Mike, I am one of the two leaders of a brandnew team (or better “endeavor”) on the airsoft field of activities.
Since the start of 2007 our team provides a new (and to my knowledge unique) effort to make MILSIM more popular and realistic but nonetheless enjoyable for everybody.

We are regarding ourselves as a true service provider in the case of MILSIM. We want to support and help other airsoft teams to organize and operate MILSIM Airsoft events and most of all we want to support them in gaming by providing our skills in leadership, soldiering/fighting and instruction for tactical purposes… That means we consider ourselves as true mercenaries (by Airsoft standards – not for realworld tasks) for other teams and the event/airsoft business.

I must admit that due to the fact we have started earlier this year we still seek personnel and sure we are by now only playing in the surrounding countries of Germany like Belgium and France and others, we would be honored to get invited to other countries as well.

I would like to invite you to come visit our website and review it:

And please excuse our English mistakes (here and on the website), as we are non-native speakers…

Best regards,
Mike (aka “Hartmann“)

On this day..

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