AirsoftRadio lives

Lance over at AirsoftRadio has sent in an email to say hello, and more importantly to let everyone know that they are indeed alive with a new show for September 11, 2007, huzzah!

Where are you guys? Are you off the “air”? Are you EVER going to do another show again?

Yes, we’re back. You didn’t think we’d leave you to the wolves forever, did you? ;)

It’s crazy, it doesn’t seem like it’s been a year, but it has. So here’s a show:

In this episode
Why no shows?
Two new guns–UZI and MP-7
Operation Red Dawn
E-mail, lots of e-mail

Black Robes – Main Titles Re-Mix
Tyson Emanuel – Desire
David Henderson – We Gotta Go

Click here for AirsoftRadio for Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lance, (AirsoftRadio)

On this day..

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