Fulda Gap Scenario Game – Nov 17-18th Hickory, NC

Steven has mailed in details of a game over in NC on the 17th-18th of November:

Fulda Gap Scenario Game at CDCW November 17-18th in Hickory, NC

This 2 dayer will absolutely be the airsoft event of the year (at least for the SouthEast)- pulling out all stops-tanks, possibly helicopters, etc. Think Irene/Lion Claw, without the sticker-shock. Go ahead and clear your calender, schedule vacation, call peeps, whatever. We want a huge turn out for this game!

Cost $30 for the weekend and $15 for either day singly, quick gun rule, hi-caps allowed but discouraged.

Registration for Fulda Gap Airsoft will be opening on 11/2 or 11/3 as soon as pre-reg closes for the Paintball version.
There is plenty of room for camping onsite. Due to the drought, ground Fires will be prohibited, but raised portable fire pits are acceptable.
The 400fps with a .25g bb limit still stands. All SAWs or Sniper class weapons must be approved.
Planning and team selection is currently occurring on the NCAirsoft.org forums.

Here is the site with more information http://www.fuldagap.com/ just substitute paintball for airsoft and it should make sense. The location of the game can be found here http://www.cdpaintball.com/. Google map link.

I know that they have a different address listed but this is a quite a bit closer than what they have.

On this day..

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