Home built: China Lake airsoft replica

Personally I think there’s something that produces compelling interest in the design of grenade launchers and shotguns. What could be better than a pump action grenade launcher, and the China Lake launcher no less.

This is a custom build that was 7 months in the making created by morisato54 (RenegadeCow on our forums here).


Up can find a topic covering the build of this project by the author on our forums.

Finally done with my custom built, airsoft China Lake grenade launcher, only about 7 months in the making! It uses 40mm airsoft grenades; 3 in the tube, 1 in the pipe, and you can squeeze an extra round by ghost loading it (on the lifter) for a total capacity of 5. It weighs 2kg unloaded. Made of PVC, wood, and awesome. Nades in the vid were only 1/4 filled with gas (no bbs) so a full load will make an even larger plume of vapor.

(morisato54 / RenegadeCow)

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