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According to an anonymous fellow there’s been a bit of an upset recently over Systema’s website and some links that have appeared on the ‘net that could be confused as being affiliated with the Japanese firm. If you’ve got a link that you think goes to Systema, best check to make sure it’s the right one:

Hi Arnie, just thought I drop in a line regarding Systema’s web site. I have had an extensive conversation with Ms. Yoshida regarding many sites that perpetrate the name of Systema and would like to make it known that [any other sites bearing the systema name] are indeed and in fact not affiliated with the one and only Systema located in Japan. Ms. Yoshida has pursued this matter in having [certain] sites cease and desist promoting the Systema line of products under their websites. I would sincerely appreciate it if you could change your weblink to reflect the only official Systema website Anonymous

Knut.J (Norway) has dropped in a line to remind me that over at Guns ‘N Guys they now have the Smokies M1 Garand in stock at 10,500 HKD (Around 1,350USD). Over at Smokies themselves they’ve added details and shots of their newly released gas 6mm M1 Garand to a new page on their website.

The shots from Smokies show off the bolt action, fake clip, wood stock, sights and the attention to detail that has been put into the new design.

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