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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Thanks to all for the huge turnout for the Tuddenham game at the weekend, well over 100 players across both days.  Both the biker gangs and the police put up an excellent battle, with both sides scoring several victories throughout the weekend.

We’re back at our flagship site again in three week’s time for the end of month skirmish social.  We highly encourage people to camp over with us and enjoy the great social atmosphere on Saturday night with a BBQ, camp fire and excellent company.  We are also planning to play some airsoft on Saturday and Sunday as well!

This weekend, we return to our superb Eversley site in Hampshire with part one of our “Ghosts” series.  Using the FilmSim ruleset, teams of Ghost operators will infiltrate rebel camps to secure and extract an HVT from each.  With limited ammo, bandage based respawns and role-play encouraged, this is a great way to experience the fun bits of milsim without sacrificing your lunch break or your trigger time.

As always, camping is free from Friday evening and there will be a social on Saturday night.  If you haven’t given our Eversley site a try yet, this is a great opportunity to sample the mix of pine forest, rhododendron jungle, varied terrain and plenty of player built features as well as the great community and friendly atmosphere we offer.


Josh Smith (Gunman Airsoft)

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