Airtech Studios products for Ares Amoeba AM-013 & AM-014

imageIntroducing Airtech Studios:

We are a new company that that focuses on upgrade parts for the Ares Amoeba ‘Honey Badger’ series of gun. We focus on the the main issues the standard gun has and present solutions to the the customers.

Here’s a brief background to us so far.

Founded in 2015, Airtech Studios is led by a team of enthusiastic airsofters who have spent many years playing and modifying Airsoft guns for improvements and efficiency. Airtech Studios brings together a passionate, dynamic team of  game changers who are constantly on the look out for useful upgrade options to the Airsoft community.

Headquartered in New York, Airtech Studios has other studios located Hong Kong and United Kingdom.

The following are some of the details of the products we manufacture so far.

Battery Extension Unit for AM-013, AM-014 & AM-015

Designed to cater for a wider range of battery types and sizes.

The new BEU™ Battery Extension Unit is;

  • Stronger and able to withing high levels of impact and stresses during game play.
  • Thicker design to match with the guns original battery compartment.
  • Virtually indestructible from rough handling or from BB impact. 
  • Catering for batteries up to 18 x 40 x 135 mm in size

Designed for the Ares Amoeba AM-013 Honey Badger

Barrel Stabilizer Unit for AM-013 and AM-015

The AM-013 & AM-014 BSU™ Barrel Stabilizer Unit is designed to lock down the inner barrel to prevent any vibration of axes of movement at the muzzle which may cause inconsistencies to the shots taken.

Once installed, the Honey Badger will noticeably shoots straighter and further with a proven improvement to its groupings. It will also become more silent as the Barrel Stabilizer closes the hollow void inside mock suppressor which had created a echoing effect before.

Other advantages

  • Perfected centered inner barrel
  • No vibration means that the hop up on the BB will not affected as there is less of a chance of it bouncing around inside the barrel before its exit.

The BSU™ is a simple, yet highly effective drop-in upgrade to the rifle designed to be easily installed. A great advantage to make your shots count!


(Airtech Studios)

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