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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had a great weekend at Norwich, despite the cold – thanks to all the guys who turned up and took part in the event.  Don’t forget to spread the word so we can start utilising more of the site at once – we’d really like to be able to run longer scenarios soon, but we will need big numbers to make it work properly.

This weekend we are running our annual “SANTA vs ELF” themed game at Tuddenham – fancy dress is optional but we really encourage everyone to engage with the silliness and come dressed as a santa or elf.  Also – can you bring some dummy presents with you as the more objectives we can put in the field, the more fun the game will be.

Next weekend, we’ll be doing the whole thing again at Eversley, once again, please bring dummy pressies to play with (or bring us real pressies of course!)  Silly costumes optional but highly recommended…

The weekend after that is Christmas weekend, so we won’t be running anything on the Saturday or Sunday.  We will be running a single skirmish day at Tuddenham on Tuesday 27th – our annual “Who Ate all the Pies?” skirmish event, giving you the chance to work off all those extra calories you may have tucked away over the weekend.  Both Josh and Doug intend to be there, as well as several other old skool Gunman members.  Expect silliness.


Josh Smith (Gunman Airsoft)

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