LCT Airsoft: latest EBB LCKM video

So LCT Airsoft have sent over their next video showing off their EBB LCKM. Watching the video there’s a fair amount of kick to it and they will also be selling a kit to upgrade their older (non EBB models):

Dear Sir,  We have the latest video for LCK AEG with recoil, please kindly share it on your website.

This blowback system is suitable for original LCT LCK airsoft , the kit will also be sold. You don’t have to pay much money, just purchase the kit would be upgraded the blowback system. Relatively, we will release LCK EBB rifle for more choices. Price and release time will be shown on LCT website. Hope the new LCK EBB Rifle can meet with you soon.

Bella Chen (LCT Airsoft)

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