Jia Dyi: Two brands compete for throne of CZ pistols

Jia Dyi have shared details of their CZ models:

Jia DyiTwo Brands Compete for the Throne of CZ pistols

Honorable clients,

For BB gun manufacturers in Taiwan, the airsoft gun is not just like a device that spits out 6mm white plastic pellets. It could carry affection more than the need in wargame or business consideration itself. We had introduced KJW’s CZ 75 P-09, Easy Duty 【GP436/GP436(TAN)】, an Airsoft gun that imitated a not so popular model from CZUB in Czech. This week we shall bring you a closer look as to what models do Taiwanese manufacturers had brought about, and hence clarify some misuse in item codes, and of course the wrestling between two brands in this niche market.

KJWCZ 75 KP-09 Gas pistol,【GP430-V2】;CO2 pistol,【CP430-V2】and special edition,【GP430-ST】

KJW replicated the 1976’s standard model after KSC had suspended the production of plastic old version. Electroplated outer barrel and trigger give this full metal, full size classic model much sense of modernity. That makes it the alternative to M1911 and Browning. Users can easily distinguish its power system by the thickness of magazine plate. Further, KJW even provides a full steel version,【GP430-ST】,to honor this old gun.


KJWCZ 75 SP-01 Gas pistol【GP438】/【GP438TB】;CO2 pistol【CP438】/【CP438TB】

Another masterpiece from KJW, its rough shape, tactical rail, red glowing front sight, two-sided safety control, and ergonomic long handgrip all claim its manhood named after Shadow®. It can be assigned to install a silencer if you chose TB version, the CCW adapter treaded and detachable tip.


KWCCZ 75 ST 6mm CO2 pistol,【KCB-88AHN】;4.5mm CO2 pistol,【KMB-88AHN】

You can smell more sense of a tough guy from its hard line. Like Shadow® in KJW, KWC CZ 75 ST also gives huge oppression to tango from its muzzle, while lacking tactical rail is its soft spot.


KWCCZ 75 ST IPSC 6mm CO2 pistol,【KCB-89AHN】;4.5mm CO2 pistol,【KMB-89AHN】

Basically this model was installed with muzzle tamer and Picatinny rail to be loaded with aiming device used in IPSC competition. It is easy to upgrade the muzzle velocity through extension of length of inner barrel, metal BBs and powered by CO2. After all, play it safe is the first priority unless you need high stopping force to shoot down metal targets in race.


Guarder and A+Stainless steel outer barrel【CZ75-09(SV)】/Extension Magazine Base【CZ75-04(BK)】/Hopup bucking【EA-67-CZ】

For some collectors, addressing with Guarder’s exterior parts can effectively enhance the quality and hence its value. It is not uncommon to be seen in collectors who were fascinated by rare pistol like CZ series. Guarder brings shiny steel barrel with deep carvings, and CZ marks on magazine base. Although not quite knowing the difference, A+ also released special enhanced hopup bucking to cope with KJ’s bundling issue on consumable parts.


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(Jia Dyi)

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