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Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

We had another weekend of fantastic airsoft at Tuddenham, despite the break-in during the week (details below).  Once again, the quality of play and general feel out on the field was fantastic – thank you to everyone who came along and joined in.

This weekend, Gunman has its usual monthly break from airsoft – Team Green have a game on at our Tuddenham site, so if you need an airsoft fix this weekend, you can book on with them.

Next weekend we are back at Tuddenham for a FilmSim open weekend themed on the Battlefield game series.  Using our FilmSim ruleset with limited ammo, bandages and longer scenarios we will be playing games in the style of Battlefield’s Rush or Conquest modes.  We will try and remember to bring the defib packs as well, as these are always great fun to use in the game.

For those not aware, we suffered a break in to the cabin at Tuddenham during the course of last week.  As we never leave stock, rental guns or generator etc on site, we haven’t suffered much of a functional loss, sadly Doug left his personal kit in there at the end of the weekend prior and it pretty much all got taken.  There is a list on Facebook of all of the stolen items – we would really appreciate it if people kept their ears open for any information.

We also lost several props in the burglary, many of these are very unique, so again, please keep your eyes open for these (list on Facebook) in case they turn up somewhere.  Many thanks for all the messages of support over the past week.

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