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TM M&P9 diversify guide rod & 150% hammer spring

by News Fairy

Cowcow Technology have produced two new products:


New product by COWCOW Technology – TM M&P9 Diversify Guide Rod and 150% Hammer Spring

Diversify Guide Rod is made by Stainless Steel material with CNC machined. It enhances the durability and reduces the friction by hard-anodized finishing. The package was including an enhanced recoil spring and a pack of aluminum buffers which comprehensively optimise the cycling speed and stroke. There are 2 different tension zones (140% / 120%) which improve the recoil control and make easier handling on blow back cycling. 3 blocks of buffers can let user to select your perfect setting on the stroke. There are 3 colors available: Silver, Black and Gold.

150% hammer spring was made by high strength spring steel which is able to increase the power for each valve punch. It is suitable and more reliable in hot weather environment or high-pressure condition to ensure a consistent valve movement in every shot.

They are all compatible to TM M&P9, M&P9 V Custom and M&P9L.


(Cowcow Technology)

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