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Jia Dyi: The latest report from King Arms

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Here is the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiThe Latest Report from King Arms

Honorable Clients:

King Arms has moved to Taiwan since the beginning of 2015. Thanks to global players’ supports, the quality Airsoft guns of King Arms have been in lack status for a long time. We are very proud to receive the notification from King Arms to reveal the latest situation of their warehouse. And recommend KA as it has reached the sweet points of cost/performance ratio as MIT products.

King Arms Blaster R93 LRS1 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle【KA-AG-87-BK】


OK! The world is not just with VSR and L96, alright? King Arms provides another solution for bolt action cocking lovers-R93 Long Range Shooter (LRS1). One-piece CNC machined outer barrel and high strength polymer lower frame both give a sturdy feeling. Attached with a bi-pod adapter and 50rds magazine, R93 spring powered sniper rifle also owns dark earth finishing,【KA-AG-87-DE】, and a gas powered version, 【KA-AG-69-BK】.


20mm metal Picatinny rail is ready for mounting optional scope; its cheek-pad, butt-pad, and vertical stock position are all adjustable! Full of ergonomics!!

King Arms M4 RIS AEGs with Mosfet【KA-AG-215-BK-Advance】and Carbine【KA-AG-216-BK】


M4 RIS CQB style is the most classic AEGs models in AR family, with full metal construction in main parts, like 10.5” marking outer barrel, front delta sight and flip rear sight, aluminum hand guard, receiver, 300 rds. magazine, and butt stock tube; and nylon fiber material in hand guard plates/tactical grip/motor grip/retractable stock. KA provides a good choice for the entry level wargamers with affordable price. Most importantly, its 8mm Ver.2 M120 Mechbox with quick-change spring function and MOSFET assembly which enhance trigger sensitivity are both standard outfits.


14.5” carbine owns the merit of long engaging capability than CQB model. Other specifications are equal with its CQB version. What will you choose if the prices are the same?

King Arms Reinforced Ver.2 8mm bearing Gearbox with QD spring function【KA-GB-43】


Many brands of AEGs had adopted the said design to quickly change the joule output for years, and KA has also listed it as standard outfit in their new AEGs series. Besides, the 8mm ball bearing bushing provides excellent endurance for Hi-ROF shooting mode even with M120 stock setting in their finishing AEGs.

King Arms TWS M4 VIS Carbine AEGs【KA-AG-208-BK】and CQB AEGs【KA-AG-209-BK】


Bearing with “Training Weapon System”, King Arms adds its unique bolt catching system to give more realistic operational feel in every drill when bringing to the training field. The flip combat sights facilitates gunner to mount kinds of optical scope or red dot aiming device upon the tactical rail.


The concept of VIS rail system joints the upper receiver with the font metal rail system in a more solid way. It completely swept any possible annoying problematic defects in traditional RIS system. What if I said it adds you almost finite budget compared to RIS system, would you switch to embrace VIS mode?

King Arms Display Stands for Gas Pistols【KA-PS-01/-02/-03/-04】


Have you been in the shopping mood but just hardly find the right thing? Here is it! King Arms provide 4 types of display stand for pistol lovers. Whether you were gunners of M1911, M92, Glock, or Hi-capa 4.5, you can find a decent way to show off your collections.

If you were interested in the above merchandise and wish to know more, we are desirous to make trade with Airsoft shop keepers, or entrepreneurs who have dedicated themselves to the Airsoft business. Contact sales@jiadyi.com today to begin our constructive dialogue to win a fortune for you.

(Jia Dyi)

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