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Redwolf review all new Steyr L9A2 gas pistol

by News Fairy

The team at Redwolf Airsoft have been checking out the new Steyr L9A2 gas pistol:

What if one AEG airsoft rifle could have all the features brought together into one M4?  Meet the new G&G SGR 556 that packs all the features you want into one rifle, including a remote!  But is it a PTW killer?


  • First Ever Production Green Gas Powered, Open Bolt Gas Blowback M249 Airsoft Machine Gun
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Construction with Steel Reinforced Parts
  • Independent Gas and BB Supply
  • Accurate and Consistent Fire Right Out of the Box
  • Lightweight BB Magazines with 100 Round Realistic Capacity
  • Realistic Takedown and Fieldstripping
  • Vibrating Ammo Belt (Sold Separately) for Extra Immersive Realism
  • Has Correct Markings
  • Able to Dry Fire

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