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New reviews online

Two other new reviews have also been added online today, first up is the WA Shorty written byArmourpiercing (aka Luke Dobson) , the other is a review of the TM MK23 NBB by Hissing Sid (aka Simon Crewe).

IveryMusic updates

Tim dropped me a line with an update from his site, like I said before it’s not strictly Airsoft, but we’re allowed the odd random post on here. The album is up for sale, and feedback (good or bad) on the tracks would be appreciated by him on his forums:

As some of you will know IveryMusic have recently released Tim Ivery’s debut album “Before You Wake”. Ivery Music has been a very strong supporter of Airsoft behind the scenes, and a huge supporter of this site. Tim Ivery announced a while back that 10% of all album sales generated from the Airsoft community will be deposited in an Airsoft protection fund, to allow for legal research to be done into attempting to protect the legal status of Airsoft. So for all their support, come on guys, buy a copy of the CD/DVD set. The music package includes a DVD with lots of bonus tracks, music videos etc, and for only 16 – inclusive of postage and packaging that represents extremely good value for money. Head on over to and sign up to their forums, (they’ve put up a dedicated forum section for Airsofters); if you’re interested go to the shop page, and buy that album. (IveryMusic)

CA news and whispers

The story you are about to hear is based on actual events, the names have been changed to protect the innocent… I got to have a chat with some folks just back from visiting Classic Army this month and was able to ask a few questions about what’s they’ve been up to of late.

The CA M249 is indeed in the works still with them. The CA release will use a TM compatible gearbox, so should be pleasing to anyone after a 249 that’s more than an expensive paperweight in stock form. Several varient prototypes are in the works, and the line is due for release in the first half of 2005.

The G36 line is going to be expanded with a scope/handle version coming to light shortly. It’s unknown if it’s the G36/KE/K varient at the moment. There’s a mystery new AEG lined up for next year sometime, but as it’s still in development at the moment and not near completition they are cagey about details being released for the moment… so you’ll just have to guess as to what it is.

Airsoft Armoury HK offers

Okay, well this is bound to cause confusion, a store by the name of Airsoft Armoury has opened in HK, so first things first – this is nothing to do with Airsoft Armoury Ltd UK. The guys at Airsoft Armoury HK have a Christmas offer on, and while you’re at their site, checkout the M700 with PCS and camo stock:

There is a Christmas sale going on at Airsoft Armoury. This sale includes some of the most popular airsoft products around, and also allows for you to make a custom sale package. These custom packages can have up to a 5% additional discount. They also have a unique feature in which you can get a full quote instantly! This quote includes all the sales discounts, as well as all shipping charges! (Airsoft Armoury HK)

Zero One says farewell to Classic Army

Zero One Airsoft have updated their website with news that they have now ceased to stock CA products, instead selling ICS in their place. Here’s the latest:

That’s right – after over 6 years business with Classic Army, we are at last saying goodbye. Over the years their support, service and speed have decreased so much we’ve had to think about letting them go. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain good stocks of everything we sell, and get it to you (the most important bit!) as soon as we can. Classic Army just can’t provide this level of service, and this shows with the lack of stock they are able to supply on a constant basis. If you buy a gun, you want to know that if anything goes wrong, the spares will be available to fix it. That’s our thinking too!

BUT, it wasn’t hard to find better quality replacements – we will be providing superior ICS equivalents for the whole C/A AEG range, backed with lengthy warranties and 100% spare parts backup. We’ll also make sure that, and in most cases this has already been done, all other C/A products previously sold by us have been replaced with much better alternatives, such as ICS, G&G, G&P and HurricanE. (Zero One Airsoft)

CA36C review online

The first stocks of the Classic Army CA36C hit retailers in the EU yesterday and thanks to Henrik over at ActionSportGames A/S and ClassicArmy, we can bring you what is certainly the longest review we’ve ever done of a product before it hits your local shops.

Working closely with ActionSportGames A/S we were very kindly given access to the final prototype that was released before full scale manufacture of the production version took place. So how does CA’s new AEG weigh up against the competition? Read the full review to find out.

Latest from Endoshoji

Click here to visit EndoshojiThe guys at Endoshoji Japan have sent over an email with the latest and greatest from them. They’ve been reworking their site at the moment and updating the graphics and look of the site. Not everything is finished yet, so a few pages may have that ‘under construction’ look. Even though it’s not quite finished the improvement is nice to see.

In the new gear department Endoshoji have heard direct from Tokyo Marui that the TM M4 Series S-System will be released on Dec 09/2004. They also have news and shots of the new Maruzen M11CQB IV Limited Edition (seen inset). All the new products can be seen on their "what’s new" page.

Lobster Studio: WannabeUK photo shoot

Click here to visit Lobster StudioJames at Lobster Studio has sent over word that they’ve just done a photo shoot with the guys at Wannabe UK and produced some rather interesting 360degree shots of some Airsoft gear:

Hi Arnie,

The guys from Wannabe UK very kindly came down for a
photo shoot at our studio. Please click on the link below
to view their virtual CQB photographs

We are a Web Design and Virtual Tour company based in
London. We are offering a 30% discount to anyone relating to
the Airsoft Sport. This offer will end Dec 24th 2004.James Perowne, (Lobster Studio)

Urban Assault opens on the 28th

Frank has sent over news from Urban Assault, a new site that opens to the public on the 28th of this month:

Urban Assault (part of Free Fire Zone Ltd) has its first public game on 28th November 2004. the game will be limited to 150 players and they must book via email if they want to play.

The site has 16 buildings and in total over 1000 rooms. the largest building being about 180m long with ground and 1st floor. Buildings are speed out over 500 square meters.
Site limit is 300fps for AEGs and 328 + 5% for support weapons.

Attached is an aerial photo of the site with the game area within the red lines.
The parking and safe zone are all concrete and there are large shelters to go into to get out of the rain.

A burger van is on site.
Cost is 20 for walk-on with own equipment, bb’s and gas are available.
If people need other items they can order from Fire Support and request that they are brought along to the game.

In the near future we will be starting weekly evening pistol/shotgun only games which will last for upto 3 hours for 10 per person.

Please keep an eye on the web site for game dates and full set of rules.

Frank, (Urban Assault)

Loads of deals at AA

Click here to visit Airsoft ArmouryAllister’s dropped over the latest news and stock updates from the AirsoftArmoury Ltd, again there’s loads from them too, it’s definately the Christmas season!

Airsoft Armoury is pleased to announce that we have taken another fresh delivery of the very popular KWA pistols:

The models that we have available are as follows:

* Glock 19 with metal slide and barrel @ 64.99
* Mac 11 with 50 BB Mag @ 74.99
* Glock 23F (Full Auto Glock 19) @ 79.99
* Mac 11 Spare Magazines @ 29.99
* the ‘illusive’ Glock 19 spare magazines @ 19.99
* Mac 11 Silencer @ 39.99

More Christmas Specials from the Airsoft Armoury Ltd:

* Buy 10 bags of 5,000 0.20G Airsoft Armoury BB’s and GET 2 MORE BAGS FREE (equivalent of 7.79 a bag)
* Buy 10 bags of 4,000 0.25G Airsoft Armoury BB’s and GET 2 MORE BAGS FREE (equivalent of 10.83 a bag)
* Buy 10 bottles of HFC 1,000 ml Gas and GET 2 MORE BOTTLES FREE (equivalent of 6.66 a bottle)

This offer is valid from the 23rd of November until the 24th of December 2004. Allister,(AirsoftArmoury Ltd)

All the latest from AD

Paul at AirsoftDynamics have sent over a heap of news from them, waaaay too much to list so here’s the whole lot:

1) A hot news day today eh!

Tokyo Marui have announced a release date for the M4 S System of 12th December we can expect to seem them shortly afterwards.

More fantastic offers added to our Inazuma pages…

The Tokyo Marui M4 A1 currently available for the fantanstic price of 165

and if thats not enough

t Tokyo Marui G36C for 170!

Thats right 165 and 170. Both items instock both include next day delivery and our full warranty – as we’ve said before these deals are unbeatable for our UK customers!!

On a sort of side note our Inazuma offers have gone down a storm, with your support we will continue to bring you these offers and you never now maybe we’ll just keep the prices like this! Thanks to you all.

But for now the premise of Inazuma lives on – I cant tell you how long these items will be available at the new prices – grab em whilst you can!.

Keep your eyes peeled for more spectacular Inazuma offers coming soon!

2) Hi Guys,

I bring you seasons tidings as well as a splendid chance to win some tip top kit!

Thats right its Christmas time and we are giving 5 lucky winners some great prizes.

1st Place will win the NEW M4S from Marui thats not all though it comes complete with Battery and Charger!

2nd Place will win a new G18 MAEG from Marui, again complete with Battery and Charger!

3rd Place will win a 5.1″ High Capa from Marui complete with Ammo and Gas!

4th Place will receive their choice of High Cap Mag from Marui’s Range!

And lastly five Runners up will each win a bag of 3700 0.2g AMMO.

How do I enter I hear you cry… well its quite simple to be in the competition you must place an order on our website. Thats it.

No catches or gimmicks, you place an order on our website and your entered. Theres no limit on the number of times you enter or on the amount you must spend.

The competition will run from today the 22nd of November through to 25th Jan 2005 winners will be announced here by the 31st of January.

The more times you order in that period the more chance you have to win!

3) While P99 NBB is still fresh in our store, Maruzen has announced 2 further new releases in December.

P99 Tactical3, P99 GBB with newly designed aluminium mount base, dedicated flash light, aluminium suppressor, all in a hard carry case. Red dot is not included. Expected price 145GBP.

M11 CQB4, M11 GBB with newly designed aluminium mount base, new 6v flashlight, aluminium flash hider, all in a hard carry case. Red dot is not included. Expected price also 145GBP. Paul, (AirsoftDynamics)

AHG updates – where to see and where to buy

The AirsoftHandGrenades website has been updated with details of events around the world where you can see their new product being used in the field. Their site has also been updated with a list of stockists that sell the new training grenade.

New Section “Events”, where you can see events where Airsoft Hand Grenades will participate.

We have updated our sales point list, check who carries the AG-01 near your location in our “Where Can I Buy” section. AHG

New Airsoft Extreme store opens

Elias over at GunKulture has dropped in a line to us about his store closing.. but all is not lost, he’s opening a new store under the AirsoftExtreme name:

I’d like to inform the airsoft community that I have closed
gunkulture. However, in it’s place I have helped the folks at AirsoftExtreme open a new full service store in Oakland California!

Located in the heart of the Bay Area, we are within 30 minutes drive
for most Bay Area residents. We provide all the basic upgrading and
custom services that were available at gunkulture. This new store is
larger with much more inventory.

Contact information:
Address – 95 Linden St. Suite 11, Oakland, California 94607 USA
Phone number – 510.302.6678
Website Information. Elias Fedorowski, (AirsoftExtreme)

New GR16 “SOCOM” stock at GuayGuay

GuayGuay have added to the news of their UMP style stock for the MP5/G3 series, with details of their new stock designed for the GR16 models (but which will no doubt fit other M4/16 copies).

Out on November 30th the stock is a four position unit with a sling attachment at the front and comes in at 2660Yen. The stock is very similar to a product made by Ace Ltd USA called the M4 SOCOM stock.

Seasonal updates from Wolf

Click here to visit WolfThe guys at Wolf Armouries have some seasonal offers on including some new low prices. Please note that prices in store and on their own site may be above those posted here as they are updating things at the moment:

Wolf Armouries have dropped their Marui AEG prices in the run up to Christmas. Every Marui Rifle is now at its cheapest price we have done ever! Also because of our huge stock levels of Tokyo Marui AEGs you will be able to get what you want and when you want it! If you simply cannot wait to get your hands on the goodies we offer next day insured and guaranteed delivery or even better still pop down to our fantastic showroom, get a feel and see for yourself our fantastic collection of airsoft weapons and accessories. (ie our wall of custom creations). Come in and walk away with your Christmas airsoft prezzies with no waits.

To top it all off, because of our over- whelming stock levels, we are doing double whammys on certain products. DISCOUNTS off already discounted prices which will be only running for one week ending Thursday 25th November or while stocks last! We are doing the M3 Shorty for only 99.99 (inc. VAT) and the AK Beta Spetsnaz for 169.99 (inc. VAT), after the offer they will co back up to 139.99 and 179.99 respectively. Here are the latest prices that are will be available on our website and shop, these prices will stay only until 25th December 04.

Prices including VAT relate to all UK and European common Market Customers, and includes import Duty etc. this is the complete price with no extra Tax Charges. The Non- VAT (Tax) is for customers outside the EU but you may be liable for your own import duty and customs charges. Max, (Wolf Armouries)

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