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RedAlert 2005, 14/15 August

Romaric (Staff, SNAKE CORPORATION) has sent over news of an event that they are going to hold in Nancy, France on the 14 and 15th of August called Red Alert. I’ve added the original French and a quick English translation to cater for most people in the EU ;)


Notre association (loi de 1901) organise les 14 et 15 AOUT 2005, le RAID ALERT sur le site exceptionnel du village commando de Pont St Vincent 15 minutes de Nancy (54 – Lorraine FRANCE)…

Un week end de jeu, avec des scnarios simples (capture ze flag, zi attack of ze town), ou plus complexes (GANG CITY, RED ALERT ), des stands de ventes (snake’s shop, militaria, boissons, consommable), une tombola (1er prix : 1 AEG MARUI !! avec la participation de TOE, USMC …)

Je vous invite visiter notre page web, sur laquelle vous pourrez poser vos questions o vous inscrire en remplissant le formulaire en bas de page

(and in English) Hi, Our company is organising an event in August 14/15 2005 called RAID ALERT at the exceptional site of the Commando Village at Pont St Vincent, 15 minutes from Nancy (54 – Lorraine FRANCE). A week end of play, with simple scenarios (captures the flag, the attack of the town), or more complex scenarios (such as GANG CITY, RED ALERT). There will also be several sales stands (Snake’s shop, militaria, drinks, consumable), a tombola (1st prize is a TM AEG, helped by the participation of TOE & USMC.) I invite you to visit our web page, where you will be able to put your questions and can register for the event by filling the form at the bottom of the page. Romaric (Staff, SNAKE CORPORATION)

Tactical Sense

Gaetano at Tactical Sense dropped over an email and while checking otu their site myself I came across a few interesting bits and bobs including things like the Scarpochino T.A.S.A.R. boots; it’s hard to tell just from a photo but they certainly look like a half decent set of boots.

On their site there’s also a selection of MaxPedition gear, some rather nice Mitch holsters, and some rather gucci gear like the GhillieSkins Cobra Hood (although it carries a fair price tag). One item that really caught my eye was the TCR (Tactical Chest Rig) which is a moulded holster with malice clips making it suitable to fit to a large quantity of molly style vests. The TCR comes in various pistol versions each one compatible with a different style of pistol, compatible models are the Beretta, USP, Sig 226 and Glock 17. If like me you don’t spot it the first time around there’s an English version of their site available which you can find by clicking the link top right of their pages.

Shorty USA updates and newsletter

I normally don’t get much time to add the Shorty USA newsletter contents as there’s so much to list. Rather than listing the entire contents though you can find a copy of their 54th newsletter online here. Also new to their site at the moment is a heap of cheap spring UTG shotguns, the Star mag 10 packs, and MadBull grenades. There’s also a listing of all their new springers and bargain electrics on the front page.

Update on Abbey poster

Chris Macdonald (Abbey Supply Company Ltd) has sent over the PDF version of their poster as a follow up to their previous news submission about their promotional posters. Here’s the original text about the poster:

Abbey Predator Airsoft Poster: To assist with customer recognition and sales within your business we now have a colourful poster promoting Predator Airsoft Gas.The poster contains a strong image within an attractive design. Brand recognition is important to both of us to promote sales of quality products. Abbey Predator Airsoft Gas produces the best results for reliable power to allow fast, accurate and consistent shooting.

Available in A3 and A2 it is produced using UV inks to avoid fading in sunlight and, if required can be encapsulated for use outdoors at your skirmish site. If you would like a poster to assist in your sales of this popular brand please reply to stating which size you prefer. If for outdoor please ask for a laminated copy. Chris, (Abbey Supply)

SigArms clothing at KMNW

KMNW is a bit of a new link to checkout (sent in by Tony at KMNW), who supply tac gear and also run self defense training courses. New in with them is a heap of SigArms gear, including such items as vests and jackets:

Just a quickie to let you guys know that KMNW ( now has the Sig Sauer tactical range of clothing in stock and ready to ship. The range consists of Tactical pants, Marksman Shirts, Vests and Jackets. All items are designed and tested with the shooter in mind.

Because KMNW are the sole UK importer for these items and their the only ones currently selling the stuff their offering a special introductory price to promote it in the UK with a money back guarantee if you don’t like it. Its well worth a look and a try if you a fan of tactical/concealment clothing. Tony, (KMNW)

AI Launch Party at Urban Assault – update

Paul Monaf (at Airsoft International) asked me to put up a quick post for him about the launch party that they are going to host:

AI Launch Party @ Urban Assault
Due to a number of retailers asking if we can push the launch party back, we had no option but to move the date back to the 7th August. Paul Monaf, (Airsoft International ) now stocking US Multicam pattern

Gordon over at has dropped over a line from him with news of a new pattern that they are now stocking. If you want something a bit different from the standard DPM this might be for you:

Hi Arnie!

We are proud to be the first manufacturer in Europe who can provide “Multicam”-design products. “Multicam” works in nearly all environs and is the first choice of Special Operators world wide in the moment. First pictures of our “KSK – Kommando Spezial Krfte” (German Special Forces) Smock and trousers on our web site/ news. Further fotos will follow asap!

We will also produce tactical equipment and combat field packs in the future!

We are working on our web site in the moment. In the next weeks our full product range will be presented incl. newest generation of 50/50 NyCo rip stop combat smocks and trousers in oliv, black, flecktarn, desert flecktarn and “Multicam”-design, bashas, combat field packs, cold weather gear, boonies, caps, tactical helmet covers and much more.

Since our production site has moved we are able to offer an unbelievable value for money. Our high quality combat smocks for example costs only 99,00 Euro!!!

Stay tuned!

Take care Gordon, (

RAP4 takes on new spokesperson

Click here to visit RAP4
Just in from the guys at RAP4 is a news release that they’ve taken on a celeb in the extreme sports world in the role of spokesman. Admittadly it’s a bit of self promotion as the news release is form the company that it affects (so you can expect some bias) however more celebrities getting involved in Airsoft wouldn’t be a bad thing, perhaps it’s time that Airsoft took another page from the Paintball scene?

Real Action Paintball Proudly Announces Jeremy VanSchoonhoven Celebrity Spokesman

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven is a National Bike Trials Champion, an intensifying extreme sport that the participant rides a mountain bike over obstacles for example big boulder/rocks, vehicles, logs, tables, and off the roofs of buildings.

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven
RAP4 celebrity spokesman. (inset right)

Jeremy is a Champion Observed Trials Rider – a challenging extreme sport where the rider steers through an obstacle course without letting his feet touch the ground. Jeremy who is currently ranked #1 in the United States, has excited thousands of people with his tricks and stunts. Jeremy’s astonishing demonstrations have him jumping, bounding and springing over vehicles, boulders, trees, and numerous other props and obstacles.

See Jeremy doing air jump
here and here. Check out the video of what Jeremy can do on his bike.

Jeremy is the youngest professional in the history of USA cycling. He does well over 60 exhibitions and competitions yearly at an assortment of events which include half-time shows, rodeos, motor sports events, corporate meetings and bicycle safety demos at schools.

Real Action Paintball, LLC, (RAP4) is a manufacturer and distributor of military, law enforcement, and gaming equipment head-quartered in Santa Clara, California (USA). Real Action Paintball (online is the leader in providing groundbreaking products to the paintball industry. They offer ‘one-stop shopping’ for all your gaming, tactical, and training equipment.

“We’re honored to have Jeremy on board, we believe he will put Real Action Paintball in the spotlight to the wider range of extreme sport enthusiast” said Mr. Tran of RAP4. “From my bike riding I know that to be the best you need the right equipment. I believe that RAP4 can provide that equipment,” said Jeremy. Jeremy is not just RAP4 celebrity spokesman but also a big fan of RAP4‘s product. “I found RAP4 it was a dream come true!” said Jeremy enthusiastically.
“I was impressed with the accuracy of the T68” said Jeremy. The T68 is Real Action Paintballs latest release. The unit was sold out after only 3 weeks following its introduction. With the mounting popularity of extreme sport Jeremy VanSchoonhoven is RAP4‘s flag ship for product branding.

“Our branding scores have jumped,” said Mr. Tran of RAP4. RAP4 is gaining mainstream recognition and popularity in the industry as well as in the world of extreme sport. RAP4‘s innovative market strategy is brilliant; by securing an outside industry celebrity as spokesman RAP4 is able to draw a diverse group of extreme sport enthusiasts into paintball. Paintball is the fastest growing sport according to American Sports Data Inc. with this new marketing plan Real Action Paintball will be able to present their products to a new customer rather than challenging their competitors for the same ones.

RAP4 Celebrity Endorsement plan thrusts this exciting paintball sport forward to gain exposure to National Magazines and TV where paintball is not known.

SPECIAL: T68 CQB Package with FREE shipping – $299The T68 CQB Packages is one of our best deals for the T68. It includes everything you need to start playing. (Real Action Paintbal)

Kastway Airsoft Specials

The guys at Kastway Airsoft have sent over details of some of their specials for everyone to see:


I wanted to share with you starter packages and monthly specials.

CA starter packages included with AEG:

Basic Package:
Battery, Wall Charger, Excel M16 BB Bottle, .20g Excel Bag
Pro Package:
KWA M9 Pistol
Expert Package:
Battery, Wall Charger, Excel M16 BB Bottle, .20g Excel Bag, .25g Excel Bag, 1000ml Green Gas and KWA M9 Pistol

TM Starter packages included with AEG: Battery and Wall Charger. Will do custom packages upon request.

Currently offered in July specials:

Free Systema 120S Spring and Systema Aluminum Piston Head with purchase of ANY AEG!
Purchase any Starter “Pro Package” and receive a free TAC FORCE pistol holster. (OD Green or Black).
Free bag of Excel .23g ammo with purchase of ANY PISTOL!
Only one special per AEG/Pistol ordered.
OFFERS END August 1st, 2005 Sales, (Kastway Airsoft)

AFV Club Dual Retention Duty Holster at ASW

Barry at AirsoftWarehouse has sent in a review of the AFV Club Dual Retention Duty Holster which you can now grab form them for 42.50UKP:

Review of the 2000 Dual retention duty holster

The new AFV Club Dual retention duty holster is now available from Airsoft Warehouse, and what a fantastic piece of kit it is.

Designed to fit the Glock range, this unique holster, locks the pistol in place until needed by way of a clever rotational locking device.

1. The pistol is held securely with both the locking system and the wrap over security strap.
2. The holster is positioned comfortably on the hip, with the rubber grip tab allowing for quick release by the thumb.
3. By pivoting the holster naturally forward, the pistol releases from the internal locking mechanism.
4. Once released, the holster remains open for simple one handed insertion.

Constructed from very sturdy ABS Resin and durable material, this holster is strong, yet very lightweight. A must for any CQB specialist.

Our price 42.50. Barry, (AirsoftWarehouse)

Summer evening games at CS

Karlos dropped me a quick line to let folks know that Combat South are running evening games during the summer holidays alternating between their two sites (dates are on the appropriate events pages for woodland and urban). Here’s the news from Karlos:

Combat South are running evening games every Wednesday during the summer holidays, alternating between the Woodland and Urban Sites. Tomorrow evening is a woodland walk on. Games run from 1800 until late (until light runs out basically)

Details are available both on the website or by contacting the CS Shop on (023) 92655636 Karlos

Scopes at Shing Hung Holdings Co Ltd

Arnold Leung has sent intheir catalog, so if anyone is looking for another supplier of quality (but probably cheaper) scopes then this might be of interest. I doubt end users will find the information that useful, but retailer and distributors might find it of interest. Apologies some of the catalog pages are huge, but that’s how they arrived:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the wholesaler of China made rifle scope in Hong Kong for years, and now looking the opportunity to expand our business in Hong Kong and overseas as well.

We provide good quality but price low. All our products are shock and recoil proof, fog and waterproof as well.

Attached are the catalogs for your reference.

For further information or queries, please feel free to contact me via e-mail

Arnold Leung, (Leung
Shing Hung Holdings Co Ltd

Stock updates from GamePod

The guys over at Gamepod have sent in an update from them with all the latest stock updates:

New for July Gamepod has the new Classic Army AEG’s in stock and available for immediate shipment beginning on the 20th of July.
These new AEG’s truly show the dedication Classic Army has to becoming the pinnacle in Airsoft armament!!
The M15A4 CQB comes with a MilForce 3 point tactical sling and 3700 Excel BB’s for only 415.00
The M249MKII comes with a MilForce sling and 3700 Excel BB’s for only 930.00

In stock now, the new VFC M82A1 Barrett!!
This gas powered monster sniper rifle shoots 465+FPS(GCA Chrono) out of the box using green gas and .34g 8mm BB’s!! Imagine 8mm BB’s flying at your opponent at these velocities!! Sure to strike fear in the hearts of even the boldest of players, dominate the field with immunity..In stock and available for 1500.00

Also available, the new GCA PREDATOR, these fully tricked out M15 variants are available in 400+FPS and 450+FPS version, loaded with every imaginable upgrade under the sun, this custom AEG ensures you wont be the prey!!
Available in collapsible stock and LR300 stock configurations starting at 1200.00 Sales, (Gamepod)

War & Peace Show 2005, 20th-24th July

Don’t forget that the War & Peace Show at Beltring is on from the 20th – 24th this month. For those that don’t know the War & Peace Show is

…the world’s largest military vehicles and collectors fair
3500+ military vehicles on display, tanks, jeeps, ferrets, champs, weapons, explosions, living history reenactors, huge arena events, 1940s fashion, 1000+ stalls, world war two memorabilia, military models, 1940s history, fun fair and more!

All in all it’s a good place to visit, perhaps not if you don’t intend on spending any money as the plastic can get bent pretty easily down there, and the usual Airsoft crews should be down there too this year including Airsoft Dynamics.

New products at JTech

Karen at J-TECH sent over an email about some new products that they have in stock at the moment. There’s a new "Secret Service Bag", "Challenger Rapelling Harness", a cellphone pouch, a compass bag and the curiously named "Hit Man" equipment system. Names aside though the harness and kit bags look like great additions to a collection. Here’s shots of all the new gear:

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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