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An update on the PEST Launcher

Pest dropped me a line about the PEST Launcher project. Sadly with the number of visits generated after the posting on here his site has gone offline, although there are other resources available that allow you to see details on his project:

Thanks for posting a link to my site on your webpage!
So many airsofters have tried to access it that the
site is now temporaily down. Viewers who just want to
see photos can visit my yahoo album (which apparently
does not have a bandwidth limit): (see PEST1/PEST2

There is also a thread at the following link
discussing the launcher here. 2 short (300kB) videos can be downloaded from here.

Best rgds,

GripClip from Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye have mailed over info of a new product from them called the "Grip Clip". It is intended for paint markers really, but may well make it’s way to Airsoft. It’s hard to tell how the unit mounts, although as it fits to a barrel it won’t be hard to adapt to fit most Airsoft:

ENOLA GAYE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Enola Gaye / 3rd Light have just introduced to the UK and European market the new GRIP CLIP ™

James from Enola Gaye said "Following a lot of consultation with our customers we learned they were interested in getting Enola Gaye smoke grenades out of customers pockets, we made a commitment to increase the safety for end users and introduced the GRIP CLIP (TM) “

The clip holds 2 Enola Gaye smoke grenades and attaches to the barrel of all popular guns. James also said “our competitors product will not fit these clips however we expect them to follow the market leader and modify the size of their product to fit."

You will find them in all good paintball suppliers and the leading sites. Alternatively buy direct from Enola Gaye. For more info call 01189 714470 or email
Mark Cannon, (3rd Light Ltd)

GuayGuay GR16 gearbox recall

Joshua Ray (Airsmith,
Palco Marketing, Inc.) CC’d me a copy of an email he’s just received from GuayGuay:

Dear Customers,
G&G – the responsible Airsoft company. We have finally developed a GR16 gearbox that is perfectly 100% compatible with Tokyo Marui.

To celebrate this event and share this good event with our customers we are issuing a worldwide recall of all GR16 gearboxes.

This means that anyone with an old GR16 gearbox can go to his/her distributor, and get the NEW gearbox for FREE. (Assembly charges not included and it is up to each distributor to decide if they wish to charge for the labor involved in switching the gearbox)

HOW TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE: The NEW GR16 gearbox will have our name ‘G&G Armory’ printed on the side somewhere. The OLD gearbox has NO print.

G&G has already started to supply all our distributors worldwide. Please contact your nearest distributor or dealer. See our list of Authorized distributors and dealers here:…=viewlink&cid=3…viewlink&cid=12 (GuayGuay)

Stock updates at AA

Click here to visit Airsoft ArmouryLee at AirsoftArmoury Ltd dropped in a line about their latest stock and offers, here’s the news from the guys there:

Stock update and special deals: In the next couple of weeks we will have the much anticipated CA M249 PARA at 749.99. Pre-order is now available on our website and over the phone. As a special deal with each pre-order we will provide a new 8.4v 3600mah Nimh Sanyo battery (can be stored in the box mag, you will need it!) worth 44.99 free of charge! So get in now if you are interested as initial stocks will be limited.

As it is now the end of the season and what is becoming customary, we are having a few specials to get rid of a bit of kit. All prices are while stocks last so they wont hang about for long.

HFC Desert Eagle was 89.99. NOW 59.99
HFC Dark Hawk chrome top slide version – was 89.99. NOW 59.99
AA (ICS) MP5 A5 was 169.99. NOW 159.99
AA (ICS) MP5 A4 was 169.99. NOW 159.99
AA (ICS) MP5 SD6 was 169.99. NOW 159.99
Top MP40 + 6 standard magazine deal – was 594.99. NOW 499.99

TM MP5 Black Pack Deal: Buy either a TM MP5A5 or MP5 SD6 and get a Hong Kong SWAT vest, Trakpak tactical bag, CA 3-point sling, 8.4v 1200mah battery and charger. All this for the unbeatable price of 199.99!! Available at our Chalfont branch or on web orders. Lee, (AirsoftArmoury Ltd)

CA news from ClassicArmy Italia

Sergio over at ClassicArmy Italia has sent over some shots of the new released CA249P. They now have the new model in stock and ready to go out to all their dealers.

On the subject of ClassicArmy products, they’ve added some branded multifunction tools to their stock lists as well. The quality doesn’t look amazing, however I don’t expect the price will be astounding, especially seeing as you can get pretty much the same thing (without the toolbits) from the local fuel station of DIY shop for about 5-8UKP. There’s also a black skirmish mask, and a black lens for that mask listed too.

Updates from AirsoftGI

I’ve been having a chat with Walter, (Airsoft GI) about the latest with him. He’s got a sample of the KingArms distributed Atozcargo Dragunov SVD in with him at the moment (the lucky guy).

The new rifle clocks in at 450fps on test and he’ll have them in stock in or around December. AirsoftGI will be stocking the new rifle with wood stock/grips and a spare magazine. An exact price for the SVD isn’t known yet but it’s estimated to cost around 550USD.

Also over at AirsoftGI they have the HFC VSR-10 in stock now. The HFC model is an exact copy of the Marui model, however they’ve improved the quality and durability of several part over the original Marui spec. Price for the HFC model is 149.99USD which isn’t bad at all.

PEST – a rather cunning idea

Feli sent over this link to a custom launcher called the PEST. It’s Airsoft but not quite what you’d think, however it’d take 8mm BBs as is. It’s electromechanical, but looks to use a very cunning centrifugal launching mechanism. It’s a pretty cunning idea actually. Checkout for more info:

This website provides information on a a portable, battery powered, electromechanical projectile launcher the author designed and built. It is a type of “centrifugal” launcher powered by a DC motor. The launcher fires primarily plastic spheres (or steel with some modifications) semi- or full- automatically that is more powerful than a typical airsoft gun. No compressed air or any other energy source besides the battery pack is needed to power the launcher, so it is capable of sustained full automatic fire. The device is called a “PEST”, or Portable Electromechanical Slug Thrower for short. PEST3125, (PEST3125’s Projects)

Marushin M500 8mm review at 858Airsoft

The chaps at 858Airsoft have added a review online (with videos) of the Marushin M500. The review covers a lot of ground, and also covers the design issue with the loading latch pivot pin: has just release its latest review, this one on the Marushin M500 8mm Gas shotgun. This review is an in-depth players review of the shotgun and its pros and cons. This review includes pictures and video. So if anyone is thinking about purchasing this Airsoft shotgun, this is a review that they will not want to miss. Tyler, (858Airsoft)

One of the most sought after CQB/CQC (Close Quarters Battle /
Combat) weapons in airsoft is the gas powered shot gun from
Marushin. If you have not seen one or went up against one in a
game.. you have yet to feel the adrenaline rush of going up against
one. Power wise, these shotguns have the same FPS as nice GNBB
pistol.. we’ll get into that later. Just the sound alone can
make a newbie start to sweat. Well.. we’re going to give you a
basic run down of this weapon. (858Airsoft)

Nite International

The folks at Nite International saw the news posted earlier in the month and sent over a press release to the site concerning their products. Here’s the information that they supplied:

The Elite Force: Built and designed with a true understanding of the demands of military use, the stunning range of tritium illuminated timepieces from Nite offer military professionals the ultimate in durability and performance sports watches.

Designed to withstand the rigours of military use, every Nite watch features multiple Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS) to provide hands-free dial illumination without requiring batteries and ensures the watch can be easily read at any time day or night. Add in solid stainless steel cases, sapphire crystal glass, analogue and chronograph options and water resistance to 200 metres (100m on MX10) and you are left with the perfect timepiece for military use. Watches so tough, that the Nite MX10 (pictured) is already issued to UK special forces (NATO Stock No. 6645-99-133-5227).

Both MX and GX ranges include a variety of dial colours and strap options. There is also the reassurance of a 2 year guarantee on each watch and 10 year guarantee on the light source. RRP ranges from 139.95 to 399.95.

For more information and stockist listings, please contact Nite International on 01202 487757, email or visit Any Youngs, (Marketing Manager, Nite International)

Stock at Echigoya

Someone asked that if I saw the Lightning 27mm pistol launcher on the web to post about it, so I’m keeping that promise. Echigoya have a selection of nice bits in stock (you should be able to source stuff found on their Japanese pages from their international shop or drop Shane a line there at Somehave been around for a bit but have not been in stock, others are completely new. There’s some similar versions of the Magpul rail covers made by Trigger Happy, the lovely VegaForce CA870 stock set, a HUGE moscart shell (again from VegaForce), there’s also an AICS style stock from Five-O for the VSR10 range.

I think I mentioned it before (in the magazine cuttings posted earlier this month), but they also have the Factory Brain front handguard grips in stock now.

RedWolf to disribute Systema products

Chris at RedWolf has sent over some details about the upcoming Systema gearboxes. RedWolf Airsoft are going to be an official distributor apparently. He also sent over two PDFs for the release that you can find here and here:

Redwolf Airsoft is proud to be the official distributor for Systema. Their latest product coming shortly is the new Systema all-in-one gearbox (Systema Complete Mecha Box). This new gearbox comes in both version 2 & 3 gearbox versions and is suitable for the M16, MP5 and G3 range of AEGs.

Springs and power range upwarsd from 1 Joule, and include M120 and M150
powered units. This will be a limited production.

Chris, (RedWolf) VCR Bill update

Just in from Steve at is an update concerning the VCR Bill. Several changes have been proposed to the bill (source), no doubt to the amount of letters they’ve had about the implications of what they originally proposed. The update is promising, but there’s still more to be done by the look of it:

The Government has proposed a large number of changes to the Bill, included among them are:

  • a prohibition of the sale or transfer of air guns by way of trade or business by anyone except registered firearm dealers;
  • a prohibition on the sale or transfer of airguns by way of trade or business except on a face to face basis (i.e mail order sales would be banned);
  • provisions for allowing the sale of realistic imitation firearms for display by museums, theatrical use and use by re-enactment groups (but not, note, airsoft clubs);
  • clarification of the definition of a “realistic imitation firearm”. The new definition excludes antique imitations; imitations of firearms made prior to 1870; and deactivated firearms, provided they have been inspected by a Proof House as provided under the 1988 Act.
  • an increase in the age limit for sale, acquisition, etc. of crossbows to 18.

The exemptions are obviously good news, however action is still needed to stop some of these provisions; especially I would say the provisions relating to the sale of air guns. Prohibition of mail order sales will obviously put a lot of dealers out of business, and restricting sales to RFDs is too heavy-handed, I have suggested as an alternative a power to restrict sales to storefront businesses and other designated places, such as arms fairs. The RFD system won’t work for air guns, as a lot of them lack serial numbers, or specific models have the same serial number. These amendments are likely to be considered in the Commons quite soon, so now is the time to write to your MP or better yet go and see them and express your views. Steve, (

Upcoming UTG products

Tina at Leapers (the folks behind the brandname UTG) has mailed over their product sheets for their upcoming products. I’ve resized them slightly to make them easier to download:

Below is what we are launching for the next 2 – 5 weeks:

UTG M87SOS CQB Special Ops Shotgun

  • Rugged and robust construction
  • Hefty weight
  • Dramatic sure-cocking foregrip with metal sling swivel
  • Upgraded 6 position LE retractable stock with metal sling swivel
  • Excellent UTG combat quality butt pad
  • Double magazines
  • Tactical tri-rail system
  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • Spectacular power and accuracy
  • Matte black non-glare finish

UTG M324S Competition Master Sniper – the Ultimate Bolt Action Airsoft Spring Rifle

  • One piece precision metal barrel
  • Metal bolt/cocking, metal trigger, metal hop-up guide, and lots of internal metal parts
  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • High power pin-point accuracy performance
  • Effective long range shooting
  • Complete upper and lower
  • Picatinny mounting rail system
  • Adjustable butt stock with soft butt pad
  • Spare magazine, deluxe speed loader, UTG tactical bipod with Picatinny mount and posi-lock tip-proof feature
  • UTG sniper sling with non-slip grip
  • Outstanding optional UTG master sniper scope package to come

UTG NS312D Navy Seal Model 5 Spring Model

  • Rugged and robust construction, hefty weight
  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • Great power and excellent accuracy
  • Two double-capacity magazines with impressive wind-up design, one mini double- and one large double-capacity magazine – TM and other MP5 compatible – tremendous value
  • Tactical double-rail metal claw mount
  • Complete with metal retractable stock and heavy weight full size stock
  • Excellent new metal selector switch
  • Fully functional rear sight
  • Matte black non-glare finish
  • UTG deluxe multi-functional 3-point tactical sling with non-slip grip

Tina, (Leapers)

King Arms SVD

King Arms have emailed me shots of their SVD complete with details of the release. I know I’ve already covered it, but I didn’t add these shots and they were kind enough to email me direct with the information:

Hi Arnie. King Arms is proud to bring you a high quality rilfe Dragunov SVD. Details of the Dragunov SVD:

Spring powered
Full Metal Constructed Air Cocking System
Full metal constructed metal body
Magazine capable to store 25 rounds of 6mm BB
Realistic wood look-a-like hand-guard and stock
Flip-up rear sight with indicator
Precise 590mm inner barrel
Metal constructed outer barrel
Cheek pad
Power at about 460fps out of box
Total Length in 1220mm, Weight at 2700g

This Dragunov SVD finished in high quality level. The excellent dimensioned air cocking system well calibrating with the precise inner barrel gives BBs shoot in a straight path. Every fire hits the target accuracy. Air cocking system is regulated. The air cocking system with minimal leakage lets the power fully push on the BB. More power on every shoot!

Full metal construction provides an ultra long duration of use. Barrel, body, and air cocking system are all made by metal which can sustain greater shock and less twist. Wood alike hand-guard and stock together with the metal body makes the Dragunov SVD realistic. If contact me if there are any question. Thanks for your time and postingBest Regards SUM, (King Arms)

UTG MP5 AEG back in stock at JAG

JAG Precision now have the UTG MP5 back in stock at their dealership. These rifles come in at a retail cost of around 115USD per unit (I’m not privvy to the trade cost.. so don’t know on that one), include two magazines, two different stocks and are a copy of the Marui model.

If you’re interested in wholesale/bulk purchases to stock your retail outlet please do contact David at JAG using the details on their website.

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