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Thanksgiving sale at Steelhawk Airsoft

Steelhawk Airsoft are having a Thanksgiving sale this weekend, see the bundled advert attached for more information. Ah sorry for not adding any Thanksgiving news/info recntly, but I’ve just not had the time of late.

The guys there now also run their own blog pages, which you can see over at (another one for your links collection).

Ronin Gear Tactical Vest at Amazing Price

Hot Special: Buy $100 or more and get a Ronin Gear Tactical Vest for only $30.

Simple enough! Any purchase of any items qualify you for the best value in tactical vests on the internet or anywhere in Southern California.

This Ronin Gear Tactical Vest comes with detachable magazines banks and cross draw pistol holster. It has interior pouches for maps or even an optional hydration pack. Secured with the included pistol style belt and you’ve got a vest that cannot be beat.

Use coupon code: RONVEST Airsoft:SitRep, (Steelhawk Airsoft)

King Arms SVD scope

Following the popularity of the SVD, King Arms are adding to their product list with a new scope for the rifle. Here’s the details that the guys there just mailed over:

After the successful launching of the Dragunov SVD, King Arms get a big request of providing accessories to it. The most demanding item is a rifle scope.

Finally, we acquired a suitable scope for our Dragunov SVD. The scope is finished in same high quality as mil-spec SVD riflescope. The reticle can be illuminated in red. Nitrogen purged to prevent lens fogging. Body material is multicoated maganesium alloy with medium-dark gray hammer finish. Sales, (King Arms)

Updates at Firesupport

Frank, (Firesupport) has parts for the Marui M3/Shorty/SPAS in stock at the moment and also a series of other updates- you can find them at either or give them a call at 01733 247171:

Firesupport stock update:
Firesupport have a limited number of Marui pistons and cylinders that will enable the repair of Marui M203, SPAS 12, M3 and M3 shorty. The parts we have are the bits that break when you try to double load the gun. See attached photos.

We also now have in stock: Laylax G36C end caps,
ICS M4’s and MP5s at new low prices,
spare batteries and magazines for the Marui Glock 18C AEG,
Marui M14 standard and hicap magazines and
Maruzen P99 fixed slide box sets.

Thanks Frank, (Firesupport Ltd )

Operation: Last Conquest, December 4th

Ernest has sent over details of an event (held on December 4th) listed at, here’s the details: is proud to present the scenario of which the entire operation will be played on. We at want to make this final game of the year as good as it can get. His website writes:

At approximately 0300 hours on the morning of Dec 4th 2005, a terrorist organization code named “Black Cell launched a major offensive on the Angolan province code named “Jungle Island? Africa. “Black Cell’s objective was an Angolan uranium storage depot hidden and disguised deep in the jungles of Jungle Island. Angolan desert troops are under fierce assault by the small special guerrilla enemy unit using heavy small arms and automatic weapons. Intel confirms that Black Cell has set up various “surface to air missile site around the surrounding proximity of the jungle.

All supply roads have been cut due to the Black Cell’s advance. Black Cell has also taken and occupied the surrounding villages and jungles. Angolan desert troops in that area have been deployed and request assistance an reinforcements from the president of Angola. Due to large enemy resistance, there is heavy fire fighting with in the small villages and jungles. Intel also confirms that some villages have sided with black cell to ensure safety of their villages in return for their land and supplies. Therefore civilians have been armed with automatic weapons supplied by black cell. Further more the president of Angola has deployed more reinforcement to aide its objective in reclaiming its assets and land. Angolan scouts reported to have spotted a large force in the north-eastern sector on the Angolan mountain region,. Intelligence believes that Shika Woodland, a rival province in an arms race with the Angola deserts has mobilized a large force in the north and is now closing on Angola to take advantage of the province under fire from black cell.

Now in plain English…

Company A and company B will have the following objectives in the first scenario:

1)Searching for the Uranium: Taking over the village hundreds of miles away from your base (well…like a few hundred feet away). Which is occupied by resistance. (The black cell and civilians). In the village you will find a map and a compass with instructions. This instruction will lead you to the Uranium. Successfully bringing the uranium back to your base with proper instructions is your ultimate objective.

The team that did not reach the map first, will try to take over the village and try to steal the uranium before it reaches the opposite force’s base.

2)Conquer: Attack the opposite force’s base. Taking over an opposite team’s regenerating base will be awarded with extra points.

3)Defend: Defend your base, which is the starting point, also the regenerating point of your force. You do not want to loose your base.

Company A and company B will have the following objectives in the second scenario:

The winning team of the first scenario will carry the Uranium all the way to the black cell’s base and place it on the X to win the game.

The loosing team of the first scenario will be black cell minions defending city, the second to last defense of the black cell force.

Play hard! Gatorade and free BBs will be awarded to teams in the middle of the scenario for completing certain objectives. Unexpected objectives will be given out during the middle of the game to control the game speed. Ernest

5 years? That’s scary

You know I’ve been so busy of late I completely forgot. This site will be 5 years old as of tomorrow! (I don’t use exclamation marks that often…) smile

Looking at the size this site has now grown to, the amount of use it gets and the sheer popularity it has been worth the effort. This site is my baby, but I don’t do everything on my own, and lots of help comes from all corners of the globe. A big thanks go out to all that help with things here, the forum mods, users, chaps that write content, send in emails etc. It’s all much appreciated.

It’s impractical to name everyone that helps as I’d be on for hours, but I think the global mods that tidy the reviews section and keep things on an even keel in the forums there are worth a mention, so thank you CrazyHarry, Elrey, Nuno, R22Master, Rhino, Shao14, and Slayer.

Whilst some things do change, I’m afraid I’m still playing catch up with my PMs, emails and reviews. I can actually see the bottom of my email box though so I may get there tonight. Then I have a heap of reviews to finish off that I’ve promised various kind chaps and really need to get done and online.

As the more astute will know there’s a select (lonely) few that monitor this website and every move on it desperately looking for something to take the mickey out of (yet ironically claiming to hate this site in it’s entirety). Whilst they aren’t worth an acknowledgement they are politely, and in the nicest way possible, invited to grow up and to get a life. wink

New products from X-Fire

Tomo at X-Fire sent in news of all their latest gear which I’m replicating below. They are off to the Japanese Shot Show this weekend, so keep an eye out for them in any prints that appear. Oh they have also changed their website address to, so time to update your links:

Today, we introduce new items to you.

For HI-CAPA 4.3 & 5.1, Jaggy Trigger type1
For HI-CAPA 4.3 & 5.1,Jaggy Trigger type2
For HI-CAPA 4.3, Spring guide, mirror polished
For HI-CAPA 4.3,01 Inner barrel
For HI-CAPA 4.3,05 Inner barrel
For Type96 , AI hider type1
For Type96 , AI hider type2

Please check it on our site. Tomo, (X-Fire)

The Ardennes Offensive comes to Close Action

Tony at Close Action has sent over details of their next event, which is going to be a milsim day on the 22nd of January:

The Ardennes Offensive comes to Close Action. Sunday 22nd January is a World War Two mil sim day. We are basing the day on a Battle of the Bulge scenario and are encouraging players to come in their period outfits hopefully with some contempory weapons.

This will be a low cap/limted ammo game to add realism and our 150 acre site will be transformed in to the Belgium Forest. For details contact us at Tony Segalini, (Close Action)

Star 249s and more in at Wolf

Click here to visit Wolf The guys at Wolf Armouries have new XM8s in stock (some complete) the new Star 249, and their UMP/M14 sets. Max also sent over a couple of videos of the new M249 firing, which you can download from here and here. Each vid is about 800k in size and in AVI format, so should play on most PCs.

NEW Stock At Wolf Armouries Airsoft UK:

The new STAR UMPs, M14 SOPMOD, and now the STAR M249 Mk 11 and Star M249 Para versions have just arrived in stock.

The M249s are at un unbelievable low price of only 369.99 inc. VAT (314.89 ex. VAT) and come with a hard carrying case and electric auto winding 2500 box magazine. They are much lighter than the full metal M249s currently available making them a very practical Airsoft skirmish gun, they have a higher rate of fire than Tokyo Marui electrics and the one we chrono’d fired between 294-305 ft/sec. Coming soon we have complete gearboxes to upgrade the gun up to 350ft/sec. Very limited stock available!

Also New in stock the XM8 Custom Kits available in Black Desert Tan and Olive Green. These Kits are almost impossible to get, price from 199.99 inc VAT 170.20 ex. VAT. Max, (Wolf Armouries)

HurricanE Shrike conversion kit

Click here to visit HurricanEHurricanE have released a "Shrike" kit for the M4 series (quick point of random note – Firefox users will need to break out IE as their website doesn’t work in Firefox because of some junk in the html code). The new kit consists of an upper receiver replacement, box mag and a new outer barrel, checkout the forum post here.

Specs from their site list the specs as:

Name: Shrike Machine Gun Conversion Kit, Price: 900.00 USD
Product No: GHE-MG-01
Desription: Fits M16 series
Material: G6061T6 Aluminum die casting with hard anodize finish
Includes: outer barrel, hand guard set, M1913 picatinny rail, metal upper & lower receivers, metal hop-up chamber, Minimi magazine (needs a Marui M16 magazine mech).

Airsoft International Issue 3

Paul sent over a copy of the cover of the third issue of Airsoft International Magazine. You can click the image to the right for a larger preview, or just view the raw PDF yourself (you’ll need Acrobat or similar to view the file). The contents for the new issue are lsited on the front cover as:

On test:
Star’s M14 SOPMOD
G&G’s GR300

Field Reports:
Dragon Valley
Tabular Assault
Town Assault

In the footer the highlights are listed as "So you wannabe a PJ", "Young guns", "Dragon valley" and the "S&W Model 500".

Airsoft in NZ on YouTube

Here’s an interesting one that I was sent by ‘wannabeuk’ vi email. It’s a video hosted on YouTube which is a copy of a TV report (by Closeup I think) which aired in New Zealand.

The video covers Airsoft in NZ really well and it’s a real shame that nothing like that has aired on British TV yet, especially with the VCR Bill going through at the moment. I’m not sure if you need YouTube account to view the file as I’ve already got one myself, but it only takes a few minutes to sign up with them.

New PTW kit and end of run on M4 bodies at Systema

Kumi (CEO, Systema Engineering) has sent in a collection of PDFs and news from her company. The latest form them is news that their moulds for their reciever sets are coming to an end (PDF), so there are only going ot be another 300 made of this model. There’s also shots of a "PTW Professional Assembly Kit", I didn’t get a specific text release about it, but according to the PDFs (here and here) it’s an complete kit for the Systema M4 PTW – basically for 88,000Yen you have a complete PTW to assemble on your own from scratch:

Information of
SYSTEMA Aluminum Receiver Final Limited Model

We have decided to discontinue the production of the receiver which are very popular and well received so far due to a degraded mold etc. We would like to pause briefly to thank you for your past patronage.

This time we will lastly sell only 300 sets of the receiver.

Our best memorial model has been completed. The carrying handle for PTW exclusive use is included in the set.

We will ship the product after receiving your order and confirming your payment.

We are terribly sorry but the quantity is only 300 sets and increase production is impossible in the future, so please order it as soon as possible. Please note that we will accept in the order of arrival.

The best suited product to the final model has just been completed.

2-8-3 Yahara, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 117-0032
TEL: +81-3-3997-8544
FAX +81-3-3779-8900
SYSTEMA CO. Kumi, (Systema Engineering)

Toys from China

China Dave is over in.. err well China actually at the moment and sent over some text and shots after a visit of his to the local Airsoft shops (contrary to some beliefs you can get Airsoft goods within China):

I have now aquired a didgital camera, and these shots have been taken from next to
Carrefour (in Xinhang, Lihanu Road) on the 2nd floor of the shopping
arcade. They are all priced at Y278 except the X8 which is 780 ish.
The hand guns are cheap too Y98 (about 7) for ‘leccy ones. All have
battries, charger and loads of bits and bobs like sights lazers ect.
Unfortunately the woman wouldn’t let me have a closer look, but the guy
in the hairdressers next to her, rescued me, as I think I was
insulting her with my poor Chinese/Hungarian phrase book!

They all look a bit plasticy and light but if they are anything like
the Desert Eagle I bought they make up for this in power! I think these kits
would provide a great entry level gun especially for bringing in new
blood, as you get all you need for 20 and that’d get you started
straight off the bat.
Hope all is ok, more pics to follow from BOB china when I can get my
ass together to face the crowds again….ohhhh….
Take it easy back in blighty. Keep up the good work. China Dave

News from AirSplat

Click here to visit AirSplat Kent, ( has sent over their latest specials and offers from the guys there, and shots of the new AE Hi-CAPA copy. Also of note is that they are now running their own shop blog in much the same vein as the AirsoftAtlanta blog:

Just a quick update on a new Hi Capa.

The new AE Tactical Master Hi-CAPA has just arrived. Pictures are included.

More information and review coming on our blog at: Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kent Wu, (

AirsoftNY updates

The guys at AirsoftNY asked me to post some news from them (free shipping around the world isn’t bad at all):

AirsoftNY sponsors the Western New York Airsoft League and has been in the retail business for over 3 years. We have only recently began to push our online retail site.  We were also one of the sponsors for the Operation Biohazard event in New Paltz.  If there is an item you want and that is not listed, or you would like to know about a better price, then e-mail us,, and we will see what we can do for you.

We also offer bulk buy discounts on AEG’s and all of our items that are very generously discounted. If you’re interested, e-mail us, we cannot and will not advertise our group prices!  Also, for free shipping world wide, enter "notsotragichero" as your coupon code during check out. (AirsoftNY)

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