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Server troubles but a fix on the way

As you may have noticed we’ve been experiencing downtime and page load troubles which have got worse and worse and reached crisis point in the past 48hours.

The site was disabled in the past 24hours whilst maintenance took place on our machine, sorry for any confusion this may have caused, but the site had to be taken offline to conduct some work.

We know that the hosting that we have and the machine that we are currently on has some major issues. As to what we are unable to diagnose them and our hosting company isn’t a huge amount of help. Everything is still running and data is secure (we’ve also got several backups on a second drive) however service is pretty poor due to this undiagnosed issue.

In light of this we’re currently shopping around and in negotiation to move our data to a new dedicated box with a much larger specification. We’ve got a new hosting company that we are happy with, we’ve got funds now to cover for another 12-24months, and now I have to sit down and write out a list of requirements for things like data that we need moved etc. This will take time, but hopefully it’ll all be sorted in the coming week or so. There’s a lot to move and we want to get it right first time, so things might not be as quyick as we’d all like.

I can’t do much other than ask people to hang in there, we’re not going anywhere, but demand is simply outstripping the facilities available at the moment, the new machine will (fingers crossed) cure all these problems.

U.S APSA Launch Event


Just in from Roy Liao, who is the administrator for United States Airsoft Practical Shooting Accosiation (USAPSA) website, about a huge event that has been organised to celebrate the relaunch of their website

tb ipscTo whom it may concern,

Please let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Roy and I am the new administrator for the website. I would like to announce that we are re-launching our website to commemorate our first exhibition event at the end of February.

To kick off the launch of the new season, we will be hosting our first-ever US APSA public event at Expo Airsoft in Pomona, California. Please come join us for an exciting new trend in airsoft.

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