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Cyber Monday deals at Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd Air have some new special offers for Cyber Monday:

Pyramyd Air has just posted their Cyber Monday Deals!
Last chance to take advantage of some of our biggest deals of the year!

In addition to deeper discounts and free items, Pyramyd Air is also offering an 11% off coupon and free shipping on orders over $150!

If you missed Black Friday – don’t miss Cyber Monday!

(Pyramyd Air)

Thumpy: New i-game from CyberGun

Thumpy has some news about CyberGun’s next move:

Cyber Defense: New Video Game from Cybergun for you iPhone/iPad

Thought that 360/Kinect with the Blackwater game, or PC versions were enough?  Get set for ANOTHER Cyber-invasion from CyberGun’s gaming arm….with a new title for iPod/iPad Touch and iPhone…

THUMPY (Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft)

Cyber Monday at Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta are preparing for Cyber Monday:

CYBER MONDAY!  Order now at Airsoft Atlanta and your order will ship tomorrow! 

New Paracord bracelets in a variety of colors and designs are here.  We have an ‘exclusive’ Airsoft Atlanta design that’s pretty rad too. 

New Tokyo Marui Custom Match Hi-Capa gas gun, Save Phace airsoft masks, and other cool stuff too!

FAC-TS Paracord Bracelets
New Products

(Airsoft Atlanta)

Video reviews from CRW

CRW have sent over some new video reviews:

CRW Update 27 Nov 2011 News


KWC P226-S5 (6mm CO2 Blowback)

OPS-CORE Base Jump Helmet China

ARES LMG review by

Marui P226 E2 + P226R Chrome


Element back in stock at have a new stock of Element products:

Hello news fairy! our latest news: Great news everyone,  the wait is over, ELEMENT is finally back after a whole year!


Airsoft Club is ELEMENT’s Greek distributor and we have most of their items in stock ready to be shipped across EU.

Log in to our new e-shop and find your favorite ELEMENT items in great prices !


Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: November 27, 2011

  • Aks74u tactical reload
    Dboy RK01 steel
  • Beta Project Tactical AK AEG
    Beta Project製MAGPUL PTS TACTICAL AKです。某氏が使用している事で有名な?AKです。外見はPTSということもあってなかなか良い感じですが、メカボは調整必須です。動画の最初の方はノーメンテ状態で撮影したものですが、メカボ内はシム調整無し、メッキ粉でギラギラ等なかなか凄い状態でした。w
  • "Inception Sledge" Pt 1 by Nutnfancy
    Testing rifles and pistols, the Sledgehammer Drill that I came up with has served TNP well. In "Inception Sledge" we run the shortened version of this course for the first time. Gone is the 75 yard sprint to 200 yard shooting…at least for now! The rest of the course is about the same: engaging 115 yard steel plates x2, 35 yard head shots on the paper bad guy (harder than you might think), and the whole thing kicking off with 3 stages of pistol shooting. But while it’s important, we’re not just about shooting while we do the work out here. We’ll talk about the best buffet around (at least in Utah!), my wore out gloves and tears in the pants, the gear choices, ergonomic factors on the the guns, and why I just can’t seem to connect well at 200 yds with the excellent Rock River PDS carbine. The PFIs kind of slam the Sig P250 .45 ACP but I remain unphazed and will show them how it’s supposed to be run in later parts. I can’t help it if they suck with that trigger! Time flies and Part 1 ends.////////////////////////////Music licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw
  • CYMA MP5 PDW Airsoft Gun Chrono
    A chronograph of CYMA’s MP5 PDW Airsoft AEG, available at:
  • Airsoft Megastore TV – A&K M4 RIS – Battery Install – How To
    Link To Gun:

    Join Us:

  • Desert Talk: More Shooting, Less Running in Sledge?
    PFIDad might be getting a little soft out in the RunNGuns! Well, maybe we all are. Like you’ve seen for years now, running a full day of my tactical carbine and pistol testing course, The Sledgehammer, can be a bit taxing after 8 hours. So the PFIs suggest a short course and we do some thinking aloud on camera. Also along the way we talk about KelTec quality and production issues and the still non-existent beretta ARX160.
  • Airsoft-Barracks Black Friday 2011.mp4
    This is footage from the Echo 1 Sponsored Black Friday Event at Airsoft-Barracks in Jacksonville Florida 2011. We had a great time, selling merchandise, explaining Airsoft to Parents, and the Owner of Battalion Airsoft was in house to Spread the Word on his new indoor Area.. 50,00sqft of Awesomeness!

    There is more video coming with information on Battalion Airsoft Area.

    Stay Tuned!!/airsoftbarracks!/echo1usa!/pages/Battalion-AirSoft-Arena/265355726818178

  • Charger tutorial.mp4
    This tutorial is very basic. It covers the basic operation of B6 type chargers. There are many variations to this charger, but they all function exactly the same. This walk through is very basic, and covers enough information to get you using it ASAP. I will do a more in depth Tutorial to show how to program different setting, how to load preprogrammed settings, and many other functions of this Charger type.
  • Cold Steel Voyagers: "Preparedness Blades" by Nutnfancy
    I was not enthusiastic to hear that the lightweight and fast pre-2010 models of Cold Steel Voyagers getting re-designed. They have been favorite blades here in TNP, integrating easily into all preparedness systems. Luckily they’re even better than before and I was happy to be wrong. In this review, I show all three of these newer Voyager models in depth: the XL, L, and Medium
    (plain edged clips, my favorite ones). After hard cutting and some batoning with the Large Voyager, I was not surprised to find still a solid locking knife. The Demko Triad lock is a winner again and it solidly places these Zytel handled folders in the hard use category. The stop pins on these models are large and solid in this lock design, taking the mechanical shock instead of the locking bart. The lockback spring is perfectly balanced and allows for some rather fast deployments, surpising for lockbacks sometimes. The cylindrical thumbstuds are another improvement as well, offering easy and fast access left or right. The full flat ground blades arrive sharp and the clip blade shape has great belly, a good tip, and a preferred stone washed finish. In cardboard cutting the AUS8A steel dulled but retained a usable edge (shown). The handles now feature a higher traction pattern, 6061 heat treated aluminum liners, and deep finger guards. They are are secure in hand and comfortable. Sadly jimping is still lacking in these redesigns but traction is still pretty good. A large lanyard hole makes attaching a 550 cord lanyard easy (medium version lacks it however). The pocket clip is standard Cold Steel: it holds tight, it’s strong, and a left hand version is included. You will have to do some sanding or epoxying under the clip to minimize pocket shredding. Value is tremendous in all the Voyager models, made possible by overseas production. In 2011, the XL clip model sold for $48, an amazing value for a knife with the capabilities of the higher end Cold Steel Large Espada. It is rare you will find blades this well made and this tough at these prices. That alone makes them TNP Hall of Famers. Although sporting the aluminum liners, happily the Voyagers feature reasonable weights for their size and the strength they seem to possess. So while we’ve seem to have lost the ulra-lightweight Voyagers of days past, a stronger, higher grip version takes its place. As last ditch fighters or utility blades, these Voyagers integrate well into EDC, military, LE, and survival systems.///////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9.5 out of 10////////////There’s some great knife shops online, here’s one that sells cheap:
  • KWC P226-S5 (6mm CO2 Blowback)
    P226-S5 Metal GBB Pistol (6mm CO2 Blowback) by KWC
    Buy from
  • OPS-CORE Base Jump Helmet China
    OPS-CORE Fast Helmet review by
  • ARES LMG review by
    ARES LMG review by
    This is yet another of my custom STEELERS Helmets! This is a used very much used Schutt DNA adult xl helmet that I have stripped down and completely brought back to life as a Steelers James Harrison REPLICA autograph helmet. This one was a pain in the ass to do anything that could go wrong in the process went wrong! It has taken close to 80 man hours to create and some lucky guy will have it in his man cave! GO STEELERS Long live Steeler Nation!
  • ICS L86, ICS Galil Section8 War Games Scotland HD
    Im on FaceBook At
    Main Channel
    Alternative Channel
    Daedalus is at

    Filmed at Section8 Airsoft which is located near Glasgow in central Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the Section8 website at
    Section8 arrange games via a forum at the following link

    If you require Airsoft guns in the UK I advise you use

    For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website
    You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free.

    Filmed using a Canon 1Ds, Edited on a 27" Apple iMac using Apple iMovie

  • Black Friday Sniper! Rifle Giveaway Winner
    Please read the rules before you enter the contest!

    PyramydAir Sale!

    My fanpage

    Newsletter signup.

  • P226 prototype test – 1
    no-rail NAVY ver. will be available also
  • AirSplat on Demand – Echo 1 M14 Socom AEG Rifle Episode 82
    **ALL Airsoft guns require 1/4" Orange Tips**
    Jake and Kristen Review the Echo 1 Socom M14 AEG Rifle. It comes with a polymer stock, full metal upper, barrel, and charging handle. The build quality far surpasses china made M14’s of the same price range, and comes with Echo 1’s quality build and quality control. What are Jake and Kristens take on it? Wwatch to find out,shooting course, chrono and features review are provided.
  • CYMA G36C Airsoft Gun Shooting Test
    Buy it here!
  • Behind the Scenes – Bryan Ray
    Bryan Ray is one of the top shooters in 3-Gun’s Heavy Metal Division. Competing with his trusty M1A and single-stack .45 pistol, Ray takes a laid-back approach to the sport where fun is most important.
  • Behind the Scenes – Daniel Horner
    Daniel Horner is undoubtably the most fierce competitor in competitive 3-Gun. 3GN goes behind the scenes with the 2010 3-Gun Nation Champion for training and insight.

Gladstone Boots: £10 off on SWAT ends 30th Nov

imageThe current offer over at Gladstones on the popular SWAT boots is ending on 30th November. There’s not long left to benefit from their £10 reduction:


Random new kit seen online this weekend

Here are just as few items I’ve spotted that have appeared on the market recently.

imageFirst up is the Swiss Eye Mask Pro (by Swiss Eye), a full neoprene mask with integrated goggles. This new mask conforms to various safety specs which is nice to see and whilst nothing that’s flexible can provide 100% protection from BBs it’d be interesting to see this model torture tested by Dr Airsoft.

Having smashed my own favourite duty watch strap in a high collision I was keeping an eye out for a decent replacement. The Watch Band from SORD appears to fit the bill and at 10USD you can’t complain:

Tired of your watches rubber band breaking all the time?
Upgrade your old watch band for a SORD Watch Band. Band is made from US Mil-Spec materials and is non magnetic.


This band will last longer than most others currently on the market and should it blow out in the field, all you need is a needle and thread and you will be back up and running in next to no time.

Band is suitable for the larger dive style watches on the market, but can be trimmed down to suit narrower watch bodies if required. (SORD)

When it comes to bail out bags you can’t do much better than the LA Police Gear BOGB at 19.99USD. I have one in OD that’s served me well for years. There’s a good review over at Shooting Illustrated at the moment of three different bags.


This bag packs a heap in it, the zips last ages and the hook and look parts have just kept on going. The only upgrade I made for my own bag was to replace the side pocket elastic drawstring with more durable 550 paracord. This took a few minutes and kept a well worn bag going for another few years.

If you’re in the market for a not-so-cheap smock that’ll last you for years (and can justify the 300USD price tag) why not give the FirstSpear Squadron Smock a try? There’s a review of the jacket over at Soldier Systems.

Airsoft Extreme – Clearance sale update, Beta Project Tactical AK in stock

Airsoft Extreme are holding their customary Black Friday deals all weekend:

Black Friday Weekend Sale 2 More Days Left for In-Store Clearance Items!

All AEX Stores will be open 11/26 and 11/28, 11am-8pm

Click image to read more…

Beta Project – Tactical AK in Stock!

Click image to read more…

(Airsoft Extreme)

Viper Tactical gear discounts at Combat South

Combat South have sent over details of the Viper Tactical products they have in stock:

Combat South are offering huge discounts on all Viper Tactical gear, please visit where we are offering the best prices in the UK on Viper and many other popular brands of airsoft equipment.


Grab yourself a bargain, here is just a sample of the gear we have at massively discounted prices…

Viper Hong Kong Police Vest (Black)
100% Polyester, suede shoulders, padded collar,drag handle, 
9 pockets on front, 3 pockets on back, side adjusters, 
elastic adjusters for perfect fit.
Price: £29.95

Viper LA Special Forces Vest
600D Cordura 
6 adjustable mag pouches 
3 utility pouches 
9 shell loops 
Utility belt included
Available in Black, Camo, Olive Green
Price: £23.95

Viper Assault Vest Platform
Largest of the base carriers, enables you build your own vest to suit you needs. 
Compatable with any Molle type pouch – (see Ultities section) 
Can be loaded front & back 
Front zip & quick-release buckles 
2 zipped internal pockets, 1 with holster 
Water bladder holder 
Internal belt included 
Available in Sand, Olive Green & Black
Price: £33.95

Viper South African Assault (SAAV) Vest
This vest is available in Black, DPM and Olive Green.
Large selection of pouches for magazine and a host of utility items.
Includes large rear pouch which can accommodate a hydration pouch (not included)
Price: £23.95

Viper Patrol Bag
Viper Patrol Bag 8 external pockets offering easy access Specifically designed external compartment to house anything up to a 3 D-cell flashlight Reinforced plastic shoulder straps to facilitate the use of a rucksack Reinforced base Size: 80 x 34 x 30cm
Price: £44.95

Viper Recon Bag
Made from 600D polyester. New generation, 25L hydration assault pack. 
Modular webbing front and sides 
Compatible with Viper modular system and most MOLLE pouches 
Ergonomically designed padded shoulder straps, with rear external hydration sleeve. 
Waist strap and side compression straps 
Pack consists of four compartments 
Price: £26.95

Viper Special Ops Glove
Lightweight, made from advanced composite materials. Very tough and quick drying. 
Made with adjustable wrist support and hand adjustment band. 
Available in OG, Sand and black
Price: £11.95

Viper Tactical Boot
Full grain & action leather upper, 1200D Nylon, leather collar, waterproof breathable Breathatex® lining, 3M Thinsulate insulation layer, non-metalic speed lacing system, patent poliyou anti-bacterial, breathable, washable & odour-free cushion insole, durable slip/oil resistant outsole.
Price: £44.95

Viper Tactical Glasses
Comes with 4 interchangeable lenses, Black, Mirror and Yellow 
Hard case, and soft pouch. 
Head strap 
Insert for presciption lenses 
Cleaning cloth
Price: £24.95

Viper Special Ops Shirt
Technical lightweight shirt, fastwicking 100% polyesterbody panel, provides warmth in cold climates, provides cooling in warm climates. Poly cotton zip off sleeves – giving long and short sleeve options. Elbow and wrist padding, sleeve pockets, zipped neck velcro patches. 
Available in Desert DPM, Woodland DPM and Black
Price: £23.95

Viper M88 Helmet
Comes with three ripstop covers
Available in Olive Green, Woodland and Desert Camo
Price: £22.00

Viper Multi Gun Carrier
One bag to fit everything – even converts into a rucksack! 
Pistol compartment 
Machine gun compartment 
Extending rifle compartment 
Made from 600D Nylon 
Size: 86 x 28cm 
Price: £41.95

For more fantastic deals visit the Combat South online store.

(Combat South)

Airsoft Outlet NW product update

Airsoft Outlet NW have some new items in stock:

If you’ve been waiting all summer, now’s your chance to pick up the MAGPUL PTS ACR / MASADA while they’re here. Also check out our other new and restocked items.

MAGPUL PTS ACR Masada Dark Earth

Profile Series Goggles Ranger Green
Profile Series Goggles Black





(Airsoft Outlet NW)

Travis Haley DVD reviewed by Shooting Stuff UK

imageThere’s a new review over on Shooting Stuff UK:

Just finished a short review of the latest training DVD from Travis Haley.


For the full review please see

cheers, The Shooter (Shooting Stuff UK)

Late night event at JD Airsoft

imageJD Airsoft have sent over details of a special event they are hosting:

JD Airsoft would like to invite you all to come and see us on Thursday 8th of December when we’ll be having our late night with the presence of Edgar Brothers Airsoft and Stirling Airsoft with their Magpul interaction night.


There will be some awesome prizes on offer including a Magpul MOE CQB, BlackHawk Gear and some "one night only" deals along with a raffle for charity to win a Masada AKM!

So come on over, chomp our buffet and talk to the guys in the know! It’s looking like a proper JD night!  :)

(JD Airsoft)

Tactical Kit: Hazard 4 updates now in stock

imageWhen I saw the new kit from Hazard 4 at Tactical Kit I thought it was familiar; their parent company is Civilian Lab which we saw gear from back in 2006:

Tactical Kit have just re-stocked with Hazard 4 gear including the new Defence Courier Messenger bag. Please visit to view a wide range of Hazard 4  gear, plus many more products from over 65 tactical brands.

imageHazard 4 Defence Courier Messenger Bag £84.95

Uses & Features:

  • messenger-bag, laptop-bag, field-bag, range-bag, bike-bag, photography-case, schoolbag, escape and evade survival kit, etc.
  • perfectly sized dimensions for the most common loads
  • padded, rear laptop/armor-plate pocket
  • front/side web arrays to add a layer of custom gear
  • inside loop-patch for holsters, patches, organizers (on laptop sleeve)
  • locking mil-spec polymer buckles to discourage pickpockets
  • internal side-wall pockets in main cargo bay for magazines, bottles, etc.
  • front loop fastener patch area for patches or our optional i.d. carrier
  • 3-D rubber Velcro patch logo (Hazard 4®)
  • heavy-duty shoulder strap with pad and side stabilizer-strap
  • full-organizer for pens, knives, lights, magazines, s.d. cards
  • top-flap underside is a weatherproof clear document/map window
  • inside main-bay corner loops for fastening our optional divider panel
  • bag flat when unfilled or stored, opens wide for big loads
  • flap zipper allows access to main cargo bay without opening buckles
  • large flat-pocket on flap for fast access to frequently used items
  • up to a 16” laptop (or 17" Macbook)(even in a separate sleeve)
  • folding-stock carbine like H&K G36C (with magazine in)
  • folding/telescopic-stock sub machine guns like H&K MP5
  • 3 L bladder reservoir (on floor or in laptop compartment)
  • ballistic-armor plate (in laptop or main compartment)
  • nternal loop-fastener panelfor attaching our optional modular holster*
  • internal main-cargo-bay sidewall-pockets for grenades, smoke, etc.
  • internal/external wide webbing for belt-slide-type holsters
  • side flat-pockets for paddle-type holsters and STANAG magazines
  • the organizer’s 3 flat pockets hold any full sized auto-pisto

imageHazard 4 Evac Plan-b Sling Packback £86.99


  • External dimensions: 19.75 x 8.75 x 6.25”
  • the total-customization Evac™ w/ full molle coverage
  • NEW 3-d thermo-moulded back-panel for support w/ flex
  • padded, movable internal divider like those in photo bags
  • small top-zipper to pass long objects like antennas/barrels
  • side elastic-topped-pockets for water bottles, knives, etc.
  • compression-straps also cross to secure large objects
  • relatively large volume will hold bulky items with ease
  • generously padded back with air circulation pad array
  • NEW 3-d air-mesh under strap for ventilation & comfort
  • full hydration bladder compatible (up to 67 Oz./ 2L) NOT INCLUDED
  • one large pocket for access while on chest w/ organizer
  • one smaller stuff-pocket for gloves etc. w/ patch area
  • large grab-handles for carrying and pulling to front/back
  • trap-door pass for hydration hose w/ large bite-valve cover
  • internal mesh zip/elastic pockets for organizing items
  • top-open panel zipper can be accessed while on chest
  • wind-flap zippers on all pockets to keep out the elements
  • 3-d, padded shoulder strap built without any sharp edges
  • large, locking side-push buckle is easily indexed on chest
  • stabilizer strap links to either side/ keeps bag from sliding
  • top/bottom compression-straps, also secure tubular items
  • hydration area loop-fastener for our modular pistol holster
  • all-round molle webbing for attaching holsters/mag pouches
  • large externaltop- pockets fit multiple rifle/pistol magazines
  • side flat-pockets for paddle holsters or rifle magazines

imageHazard 4 Blood Type Lacer 2 Pack £6.50


  • exclusive design/form-factor for multiple mounting options
  • durable, flexible, 3-d injection-moulded graphics always legible
  • snap-hook carabiner for fast clipping to gear or clothing
  • fits most footwear with laces or pull-loops
  • EXTERNAL DIMS_ ~7 x 2.5 x 0.2cm (2.75 x 0.9 x 0.1”)
  • HOLE-TO-HOLE SPACING (mid-slot) 4.5cm
  • MAIN MATERIAL_TPR rubber 3_D injection-moulded
  • COLORS Subdued: Black/Grey, Coyote, O.D. Green & Glow-in-Dark

imageLoaded Battle Polo £29.99

Polos have become ubiquitous in uniformed service. They are comfortable, stretchy, and inexpensive. They have seen no real innovation however from their golf roots. Hazard 4 polos are designed with features specific to their extreme outdoor use.

Featuring 5 different Velcro patches which can be used to attach various different tags, patches to create your very own personalised tactical polo shirt.


  • mic-clips, badge + name-tape patch.
  • arm loop-fastener panels for unit patches etc.
  • this saves money- swap patches as shirts get washed
  • one arm has split organizer pocket for pens, knife, etc.
  • other arm has buttoned pocket for iphone or similar
  • a back hook-fastener for name tags, glint tape, etc.
  • no-roll collar stays integral to each ribbed collar
  • small logo is at hem – it gets tucked in for uniform use

imageHazard 4 Privateer Panel Cap £16.95

An exclusive, totally custom-designed operator’s cap with multiple loopfastener areas inset into the pattern. Also has our exclusive retainer lanyard which can be clipped to one’s collar. It can be removed in seconds.


  • back strap loop fastener for name-tape
  • front area for flags/i.d. when mandated
  • friendly sniper vis top-patch for glint-tape
  • sides can hold our modular light holders
  • hook & loop adjust one size fits all

imageHazard 4 Launch Pad ipad Milspec Sleeve £29.99

  • Mil-Spec Ipad Case
  • Back MOLLE/PALS coverage
  • Elastic Shock-cord closure (removable)
  • High-quality recessed hook & loop closures
  • soft/padded interior
  • Rubber 3-D Logo
  • embroidered logo
  • Steel carbine type triangular gear loop
  • Mil-Inspired retail/gift packaging

Kind regards Ian Hillson, (Managing Director, Tactical Kit)

DeepFire AT4: now out in dummy and airsoft versions

 Deepfire’s AT4 is now out:

imageDeepFire AT4

It’s hard to tell if this AT4 is real or replica. We’ll leave it to you to make the comparison.

Airsoft Version & Dummy Version are now ON SALE!


AT-4: Anti-tank weapon (Airsoft / Dummy Version) [DF-Special Weapon]

Overall length:                 1020mm
Weight:                            6.7kg
Feed system:                    DeepFire unique launch system
Bore diameter:                  84mm
Cartridge:                         bb shower / grenade launcher
Outer tube:                       reinforced smoothbore fiberglass
Sight:                                range indicator iron sights
Muzzle velocity:               fps

DeepFire website: (Deepfire)

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