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CQB Radio revew: S-Thunder Modular Gun Rack

Carp at CQB Radio has been checking out the S-Thunder Modular Gun Rack:

Hey Arn, If I’m not mistaken this is one of the first reviews of this product out there.
It’s the S-Thunder Modular Gun Rack.  This guy is well-constructed and easy to use.
Check out the review on YouTube.
– Carp

(CQB Radio)

Raptors Airsoft Youtube sponsorship program

Raptors Airsoft are looking for YouTube channels to sponsor:

Are you looking for somebody to sponsor your Youtube channel about airsoft? If so, read on.

Raptors Airsoft will sponsor any Youtube channel that has over 500 subscribers.   The benefits you will receive are listed below.

  • Huge discounts on all of our products
  • Free products


  • Send us a link to your Youtube channel about airsoft that has over 500 subscribers
  • Mention your being sponsored by us in your channel description (include our URL and some brands we carry).
  • Do at least one video of a product we sell or an announcement of your sponsorship

The primary benefit of being sponsored by us is the discount you will receive on the variety of products we sell.  You no longer will have to pay retail price for upgrades, accessories, and magazines.

At our own discretion, we may send free products to those who promise to do a product review/announcement.

Sign Up
Just send an email to with the following information:

Youtube Channel
Youtube Subscribers
Phone (optional)

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

(Raptors Airsoft)

1st Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge &more ways to save

Airsoft GI have sent over details of their first Iron Sight Pistol Challenge:


Description: This is the first ever Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge and it’s being held at the Airsoft GI Retail Store in Walnut, CA. This pistol challenge is set up similar to other sporting event tournaments. Thirty two total shooters will battle head to head in a single elimination tournament until there is only one shooter left, the champion! Put your shooting skills, weapon manipulation and nerves to the test and sign up for the Airsoft GI ISPC!


Description: Remember, Airsoft GI is the only store offering you our amazing savings trifecta! You can combine coupon codes, free shipping on orders over $100, and 2% rewards on all purchases to create and unrivaled amount of amazing savings!


Description: We at Airsoft GI try to keep our customers as happy as possible, and in that quest we have dropped some of our prices to make sure we are giving you the best deal possible. Check out some of these prices in comparison to our competitors!

Airsoft GI – Low Light Disruption Simulation Game At Desert Fox Gardena
Desert Fox Fields Gardena location doubles as both a police training facility and an incredible airsoft cqb arena. They are very open to suggestions from airsofters, and because of that, Bob was able to head out and play some pretty interesting low light scenarios. Check it out!

Airsoft GI – The Iron Sight Pistol Challenge 4/28/12 – Cash Prizes to 1st and 2nd Place Shooters
This will be the first ever official Airsoft GI Iron Sight Pistol Challenge. This will be a bracket-style competition in which 32 shooters will be separated into pairs and will go head to head with each other to see who can take down the targets the fastest.

Airsoft GI – Shooting Competition with KWA USP-C, ATP, TM P226, TM Hi Capa 5.1
Airsoft GI will soon be holding the very first iron sight pistol challenge at our retail store location. To give you an idea of how the competition will work, we took eight of our employees and had them go head to head against each other. Check it out and be sure to sign up to compete!

Airsoft GI – WE M9, Luger and 1911 Tactical Single Stack Range Test
WE has really stepped up their game with their gas blowback pistols, and to test them out, we grabbed both a short and long barreled m9, a short and long luger, and an m1911 tactical single stack and performed a range test at 10, 20, and 30 yards. Check out the results!

Airsoft GI – Tokyo Marui Manufacturer Highlight – Hi Capa, 5-7, Detonics
Tokyo Marui is the pioneer of current airsoft technology. Without their integration of the gear box in to the TM FAMAS in 1992 it’s highly unlikely that airsoft would be as big as it is right now.

Airsoft GI – WE AK74UN Gas Blowback Full Metal Close Quarters Combat Airsoft Gun
This gun is extremely fun to shoot! The recoil is so realistic and the addition of the little features mentioned in this video make the gun very usable and much more practical on the battle field. Additionally, the magazine holds A LOT of gas, it needs it to push that large and heavy bolt back and propel the BB.


  • D Boy MK36 / G36 High Capacity Magazine
    This is a lightweight, plastic constructed magazine that is recommended for use with the Echo 1, JG, Tokyo Marui, KWA and Classic Army MK36 series AEGs.
  • J-Tech Hydration Carrier with Bladder (Tan)
    The J-Tech Hydration Carrier is designed to attach to a vest with the use of MOLLE webbing and holds a 2.5 liter hydration bladder.
  • Mechanix Wear M-Pact Gloves 2012 Version
    Mechanix Wear gloves are some of the best designed and most trusted hand wear used by the world’s top racing teams. The experience and exposure gained in the racing world has lead Mechanix Wear to branch out its R&D and develop some of the best hard use tactical gloves in the world.


  • Magpul USA MOE Scout Mount
    The Magpul USA MOE Scout Mount is a great new product from our friends over at Magpul that is sure to improve your gameplay experience. It is designed specifically to be mounted to the Magpul MOE hand guard and to provide a mounting point for your Surefire SCOUT or similar picatinny-mounted flashlight.
  • Laylax PSS96-Zero Trigger System for Maruzen Type96
    The Laylax PSS96-Zero Trigger System for Maruzen Type96 is an absolute must have for the airsoft sniper who demands the utmost accuracy and precision.
  • Modify S100 Tune Up Kit for MK5
    This Modify S100 tune up kit comes with everything you need to improve your gearbox from its stock condition. Modify has been making high quality parts for years that will definitely out perform and out last most stock AEG parts.


(Airsoft GI)

Intelligent Armour stock update

Here is the latest stock news from Intelligent Armour:

Gerber-LMF-II-Infantry-Knife-Coyote-Brown-200Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife, Coyote Brown
Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife in Coyote Brown, fearless 10" survival knife designed by former military man, Jeff Freeman.


  • Overall Length: 26.9 cm
  • Blade Length: 12.3 cm
  • Weight: 312 g

Price £120.00 (including VAT, Excluding shipping)

Blackhawk-Warrior-Wear-Desert-Ops-Boots-400Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots
Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots, great desert combat boots from Blackhawk.

These Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots are ideal for the riggers of Iraq or Afghanistan and are used by the Military and private security sector.

Waterproof, light and durable desert combat boots.

Many sizes in stock from UK6-UK13

Price £126.00 (including VAT, Excluding shipping)

SIG-SAUER-Competition-Range-BagSIG SAUER Competition Range Bag
Designed for the professional, the SIG SAUER Competition Range Bag is a great grab bag manufactured from tough 600 Denier woven polyester with operational use in mind.

SIG SAUER have embroidered in silver the SIG SAUER® logo, as with all SIG SAUER products, this bag has been designed for professionals, by professionals.

Size: 12" High x 21.5" Long x 12" Deep

Price £57.60 (including VAT, Excluding shipping)

(Intelligent Armour)

Shoei MP38 transformation kit

Shoei have sent over some news about their MP38 transformation kit:

We are pleased to provide you with this information.
We will start sale of "MP38 Transformation Kit" soon. (It is by the 1st week or the 2nd week in April) Thank you for your patience for a long time.

Please check our new product.

Our website:

To the person who has already made a reservation:
Before preparing the shipment, please allow us to confirm your purchase intention again.  When you let us know your final confirmation, please make sure to let us have your ship-to address and telephone number to avoid misdelivery. We will inform you of an amount of shipment and a method of payment upon receipt of your information. If you want to cancel your reservation, please also send us a line for our friendly relations in the future.

To the person who had this Kit got interested:
We considered this kit as a part for first time sale, and prepared about 100pcs. Since early outlook is good, this may be sold out immediately. However, there is nothing to worry about. We will continue manufacture of "MP38 Transformation Kit", if an order is received further. Since mass-production organization is already ready, we do not keep you waiting so much.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle Review

Sledge Hammer has been checking out the Snow Wolf M41A pulse rifle:

Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle Review

(Sledge Hammer)

Tiger111HK update

Here is the latest update from Tiger111HK:

Army R47 EBB ; CYMA SVD Dragunov AEG ; DBOY BY036 AEG


a_010Army Full Metal EBB AEG R47 Now At Tiger111HK
-Full Metal & Clear U.S. GOVT Marking Body – Feels Solid & Realistic.
-With a Functional PEQ-15 Battery Box
-Semi&Fully-Auto Mode With  Electric Blow back

28-Mar -2012 Tiger111hk News :

Army R47 EBB photo:


a_011New Arrival ! CYMA SVD Dragunov AEG
For those Airsoft Marksman Rifle Fans , CYMA has release a Real Wood SVD Dragunov AEG.
-Replica of the legendary Russia marksman rifle.
-Steel Made Metal body Receiver .
-Removable Rubber Cheek Piece on stock.

CYMA SVD Dragunov AEG Photo:


a_009D-BOYS BY036 AEG
-Original M4A1 Build
-Carry Handle can be remove to mount on any dot sight

D-BOYS M4A1 AEG Photo:


Thank you for your reading .
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CRW video & stock update

CRW have uploaded some new videos and have some new items in stock:

Hi, CRW has uploaded some new video

Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Mortar Rocket from

Marui HI-CAPA 5.1 Match customs (Stainless) by

1:2 scale model M1873 SAA Colt review by

CRW NEWS 28 March 2012








Koei tactical face shield & Hakkatsu airsoft mortar @Evike

Evike have sent over details of the Koei tactical face shied and the Hakkatsu Hades arrow airsoft mortar they are stocking:


You can find the mask here.

Koei Tactical Infantry Face Shield / Face Mask – Black
The perfect mask to complete your mil-sim look while achieve face protections.
Ergonomic Design with superb air flow.
Low profile design fits most helmet and goggles.
Made out of light weight high impact non-toxic polycarbonate.
Combine with safety goggle to achieve comfortable full face protection.
Able to with-stand up to 650 FPS bb impact at standard distance.
Weight: 90 gram
Manufacture: KOEI. Designed in Japan.
Available in: Black, OD, Tan

You can find the mortar for sale here.

Hakkatsu Hades Arrow Airsoft Mortar by APS Airsoft
The Hades Arrow is an Airsoft Mortar powered by C02 and Water. The projectiles can fly high in the sky and come down landing. In every package you will receive 1 Launcher, 2 Mortar Projectiles, and 1 C02 Charger.
The Hades Arrow is designed for the extreme film makers and enthusiasts. The unit can travel a distance of 200+ feet and will provide an spectacular visual effect for any Airsoft mil-sim events. However, it is recommended to be used under controlled environment just like baseball or golf, the mortar should not be shot into the crowd or into the direction with helmet-less personnel. As the user of this product, you are solely responsible for operating it in a manner that does not endanger yourself and others or result in damage the product or the property of others. It is advisable to always keep a safe distance in all directions around this product, as the margin will help to avoid collisions or injury.
Package includes:
1 x Launcher
2 x Mortar Projectiles
1 x Co2 Charger
User manual and Protection Cover
Manufacture: Hakkatsu
Range: 200+ feet


New 2" width tactical belt from Swat International

SWAT International have sent over details of some new belts they have produced:

Dear Customers, We’re going to introduce you our new products : 2"W Tactical Belt, 3 colors are available : Multicam, A-Tacs & A-Tacs FG licenced pattern. 

All licenced pattern materials are made in the USA & imported from USA, Cordura Nylon 500D/1000D denier.

Here’s the below information for your reference.


Code : SP-FG-2BE
Product : SP-FG-2BE
Color : A-Tacs FG Camo (USA)
Sizes Available : S (66cm – 78cm), M (78cm – 92cm), L (92cm – 110cm)


Code : SP-AT-2BE
Product : SP-AT-2BE
Color : A-Tacs (USA)
Sizes Available : S (66cm – 78cm), M (78cm – 92cm), L (92cm – 110cm)


Code : SP-MC-2BE
Product : SP-MC-2BE
Color : Multicam (Crye Precision LLC, USA)
Sizes Available : S (66cm – 78cm), M (78cm – 92cm), L (92cm – 110cm)


(SWAT International)

Ashbury APO ASW228LM spring sniper rifle @Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries have sent over details of the new Ashbury APO ASW338LM spring sniper rifle they have in stock:

New in at Wolf, the long awaited Ashbury APO ASW338LM Spring Sniper Rifle by VFC/ASG now in stock with all of the accessories.


Also, don’t forget to join us on Facebook!

(Wolf Armouries)

DyTac: water transfer fore grip

DyTac have a selection of newly patterned front grips available, here’s the details:

Dear Sir, We are gladly to introduce our latest release items:

Please kindly feel free to contact us for any further question.


  • DY-WT20-AT  Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Long) A-Tacs
  • DY-WT20-MC  Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Long) Multicam
  • DY-WT20-ACU  Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Long) ACU
  • DY-WT20-WD  Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Long) Digital Woodland
  • DY-WT20-DD  Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Long) Digital Desert


  • DY-WT04-AT   Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Short) A-Tacs
  • DY-WT04-MC   Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Short) Multicam
  • DY-WT04-ACU   Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Short) ACU
  • DY-WT04-WD   Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Short) Digital Woodland
  • DY-WT04-DD   Water Transfer TD Fore Grip (Short) Digital Desert

Also, We are gladly to announce "DyTac" logo is already posted on A-Tacs offiicial web page as a business partner.
We are keep working our best on other camo patterns like Mutlicam and Tiger Stripe Products to get their official announcement in soon to minimize concern of our customers about the authenticate.



Best Regards, Brian Chan, (DyTac)

‘Team Alpha’ weapons platform coming soon

imageSpecialist Tactical Training Solution (S-T-T-S) & Celcius have some exciting news for UK airsofters:

Specialist Tactical Training Solution (S-T-T-S) and Celcius are about to launch something very special  exclusively for the UK market.

imageThis new weapons platform called the ‘Team Alpha’ will be launched in the UK within the next 2 – 3 weeks and will feature exclusive markings and the upgraded S-T-T-S parts as standard but will be at a lower price than the standard MX-2 model. The Team Alpha weapons platform will also benefit from the STTS UK backed warranty as standard for complete  piece of mind.

For more information watch their website or the web pages of their exclusive UK distributors -  JD Airsoft and Badger Tac.

(Specialist Tactical Training Solution (S-T-T-S) & Celcius)

Tactical Kit: Facebook competition, win some sunnies!

imageTactical Kit are running a competition where you can win a set of Under Armour glasses just by linking to their sunglasses post:

Facebook competition to win a FREE pair of Under Armour Enforcer tactical sunglasses worth £84.99


To be in with a chance to win these limited edition Under Armour Enforcer sunglasses simply visit our Facebook page, become a fan and like the link of the UA glasses with a friend. You will then be entered into a prize draw to be announced on the 3rd of April.


(Tactical Kit)

APS AK74 TDI EBB rifle at Get-Reload

Get-Reload have sent over details of the APS AK74 TDI EBB rifle they are stocking:

APS AK74 TDI EBB Rifle (ASK204P) w/ M910A WeaponLight


Production Description

  • Accuracy Pneumatics Shooting ASK Series Airsoft Electric Blow Back Rifle
  • APS AK74 (ASR204P) with Polymer Tactical Defense Institute Style Handguard Rail
  • Element M910A CREE LED Foregrip WeaponLight Flashlight
  • EBB Bolt Design
  • Full Metal Receiver
  • Side Folding Stock
  • Long Barrel
  • 500 Round Hi-Cap Magazine



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