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Modify Sniper-mod24 test video

Modify are making their first complete weapon and have sent over a test video for it:

Modify is known as manufacturer of internal upgrade parts, but now we are going to bring some new to players. We not only sell parts, but also the complete gun now!!!!

Going through a period hard working, we combine the Modify Spirit and professional on manufacture.

SNIPER-MOD24, is highly anticipation from Modify supports and industry.

More features and photos will be published soon, here is the youtube link of Test1.

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Madbull gen.III round rail available now

Madbull’s Gen3 round rail carbon fiber or polymer composite is available now:


Madbull first gave you the PRI GEN III DELTA Handguard. Now it is welcoming the round rail into its family. If you are into small arms history, you must have heard of SPR (Special Purpose Rifle.) The SPR, used by Special Operations Forces of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, is a heavily modified light sniper/designated marksman variation of the AR-15/M16 line of infantry weapons, and is chambered for NATO standard 5.56x45mm ammunition. The first SPR adopted famous PRI Gen I and Gen II carbon-fiber free-float handguard. Now, MadBull is proudly introducing fully licensed PRI handguard rails to Airsoft industry. They come in polymer and carbon fiber and feature all the great things in the original you’d want for your gun.

– Carbon Fiber version is stronger than Polymer version
– Adjustable Picatinny rails
– Classic SPR look and feel
– Fully licensed by PRI
– Classic Free Float Rail

Click Here For More Info and Photo >>


Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: December 28, 2012

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  • Tokyo Marui HK416D (Recoil shock) 東京マルイ
    Tokyo Marui next generation AEG HK416D
  • ◀The Strafing Run – December 28th, 2012
    Chivalry plus random discussion equals another Strafing Run!

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  • AEX Skirmish Report AEX Fast Mag

    We tested and reviewed the AEX Fast Mag in battle! Check out our overall results for this very affordable M4 Hicap Magazine.

  • In The Action Airsoft (HeadCam) – Woodland Skirmish (ECHO 1 XCR-L)
    Footage off of my GoPro Helmet Camera from a skirmish held on Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 on private property; this particular game was an objective based one, requiring out team to plant two S-Thunder airsoft mines at two seperate barrels. Watch the video and be in the action! Thanks for watching!
  • KWA Kriss Vector Unboxing Disaster!
    Best KWA Kriss Vector unboxing video ever.

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  • Airsoft G&P Custom SR15 URX Airsoft AEG Rifle with M1 Sniper Scope
    You can find the rifle here:

    Custom G&P SR15 URX Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ M1 Sniper Scope

    Magazine Capacity: 130 rds
    Length: 900mm
    Weight: 4400g
    Materials: Metal Alloy, Steel, High Impact Polymer
    Inner Barrel Length: 400mm
    Muzzle Velocity: 380-400fps
    Gearbox: Version 2
    Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed
    Battery: 8.4v Small Type Battery (Not included)

    -SR15 URX Front Set (GP787)
    -SR15 URX E3 Metal Body (B Type) (GP702B)
    -M16 Magazine (130rds) (GP094)
    -SPR Grip with Heat Sink End Set (Black) (GP330)
    -Marine Battery Stock (Black) (GP774B)
    -M4 Extension Scope Mount Base A (Sniper Version) (GP661A)
    -M-1 Scope 3.5-10x40mm & Scope Mount
    -RIS Grip (Black) (GP033)
    -RIS Rail Cover (Black) x 2 (GP032B)

  • Airsoft GI – ASGI Custom Heads Up Display (HUD) Lens Insert Prototype
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    The techs here at Airsoft GI have been working day and night on this new project to bring you the first ever heads up display lens insert that can work with any facemask or goggle. This is our first ever test run of it, it seems to work pretty well but still needs some refining:)

  • Airsoft GI – KWA KRISS Aim Sports Tactical Flashlight Installation Instructional Video
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    Marq, our tech savvy marketing assistant goes through the steps required to install the AIM Sports Tactical KRISS Flashlight into the KWA KRISS Vector.

  • L85A2 in Slow Motion
    Recorded in 2009 – Dressed as an Iraqi insurgen role playing the enemy for british military personnel on pre-deployment training for deployed ops. Firing the L85A2 rifle fitted with the Blank Firing Attachment and using blank-only magazines. Recorded at a high frame rate without sound.

    This is a re-edited and adjusted version of a video I uploaded over 3 years ago, the colours and white balance are much improved and far truer to real life.

  • AirSplat – Project Warfighter Event – SC Village Airsoft Park – Dec 16
    For more upcoming events, visit our events page!

    AirSplat attended the Project Warfighter Event on Dec 16th and we had a blast! Airsofters came out to meet with James C. Burns who plays Black Ops SGT. Frank Woods! We also held a raffle for a FREE airsoft gun, gave out BBs, patches, water bottles, and much much more! So take a look and see what you missed out on!

  • German style Stick Grenade avail at Combat City
  • Ash Demonstrating the German Style Grenade
    These and many other items available at Combat City USA’s Indoor and Outdoor Facilities!
  • KWA Kriss Vector GBB SMG + Custom recoil shock kit
    KWA Kriss Vector GBB SMG

    Realistic construction and field stripping
    Fiber reinforced polymer upper and lower receiver
    Aluminum alloy inner frame
    Closed Bolt, simulated KRISS Super V System delayed-blowback
    Adjustable front and rear folding sights
    Folding stock
    Accessory rails
    Semi, 2 round burst, and full auto selective fire
    Adjustable hop-up

    Custom Recoil Shock Kit-
    (Coming soon to

  • Airsoft War In Kuwait!
    This video was filmed by and used under creative commons. Want me to promote your channel? Upload a creative commons licensed video and email me!
    Here we compare the King Arms GHK Conversion and the G&G Armament GHK Conversion GBBR M4’s
  • DBOYS Airsoft GP-25 Grenade Launcher Review/Test

    Today we have the video review of the DBOYS GP25 Airsoft Grenade Launcher for you AK series airsoft AEGs; this is an awesome airsoft item that I picked up seeing as how it was so different. This launcher is made primarily of metal however the sight portion is built very cheaply (it broke in the review!). Everything is very simple, including the mounting process. In the video there is also a test portion so that you may see the performance of the launcher! Buy it here:
    Thanks for watching!
    Here.we discuss some.exciting forthcoming reviews and information. As well as BGA Tactical Systems unheard of 6 Month Warranty
  • Airsoft Save Phace Eye Protection
    You can find all the masks here:

    Save Phace masks provide military grade face protection that is perfect for Airsoft, paintball and other simulation needs. These great masks come with the most amazing military grade anti-fog coating, featuring interchangeable lenses, ergonomic fitting, and high grade foam. Truly one of the best masks to Airsoft in if you are looking for that perfect full face protection.

    Anti Fog Coated lens.
    ANSI Z87.1 Rated.
    Low profile design to aid aiming.
    Interchangeable polycarbonate lens with military grade AF+AS+UV coatings
    Made with high impact Special Formulated Plastic to with stand anything from bb to simulation rounds.
    Open Cell Foam
    Adjustable strap with Sure Grip Technology
    30 day limited manufacturer’s warranty
    Protective high gloss clear coating

ICS M1 Garand coming soon to Evike

Evike have sent over details of the ICS M1 Garand airsoft aEG rifle with real wood stock:

ICS M1 Garand Airsoft AEG Rifle with Real Wood Stock

The M1 Garand originated in 1936 was the first semi-automatic rifle to be generally issued to the US Armed Forces. It replaced the older standard issue bolt-action M1903 and was extensively used throughout World War II, the Korean War, and some of Vietnam. Regarded as "the greatest battle implement ever devised" by General George S Patton, the M1 Garand has a long history and even lengthier service record.

The ICS M1 Garand does some serious justice to its real-steel counterpart. Outfitted with a beautiful real wood stock, full-metal barrel and trigger assembly, and 1:1 replicated look and feel it is definitely an Airsoft gun that will be a great addition to any player’s arsenal, whether it be a collector’s piece or used on a regular basis. The ICS M1 Garand also comes with a sturdy full metal 6mm / 8mm bearing hybrid gearbox, and a battery compartment large enough to house a 9.6v large-type battery making this ideal for extended play, and a long service life.

For more complete details and specs, click here!



Echo1 Ohio Ordanance Works M1918 self loading rifle

Echo1USA have sent over details of their Ohio Ordnance Works M1918 self loading rifle:

News: Echo1 Ohio Ordnance Works M1918 Self Loading Rifle – Available Now


The new M1918 Self Loading Rifle from Echo1 USA is officially licensed by Ohio Ordnance Works.  The M1918 SLR is built with full metal construction and a steel bipod.  Ready to use out of the box, the M1918 SLR comes Lipo ready with a MOSFET, and is built for easy field stripping with a quick detach spring guide.  This rifle comes combat-ready with an included pre-upgraded 8mm gearbox, 2 steel high-capacity magazines, steel gears and piston rack.  Buy one today at your authorized Echo1 retailer, or directly from

Echo1 M191801Echo1 M191802Echo1 M191803Echo1 M191804Echo1 M191805Echo1 M191806


SHS Airsoft upgrades restocked at Raptors Airsoft

Raptors Airsoft have restocked their SHS Airsoft upgrade parts:

Raptors Airsoft is a USA Airsoft distributor of airsoft upgrades and accessories. We recently restocked SHS Airsoft parts and upgrades. Visit our Wholesale Airsoft page to find out more information about our wholesale program and to apply for a dealer account.







We strive for excellence in customer service. All orders ship within one business day (often times the same day) using USPS priority mail. Our website allows for easy ordering. Just login, add items to cart, checkout, and track your orders. We also have knowledgeable customer service reps on hand to help you with order issues, questions about products, or anything else.

Become A Dealer: To become a dealer, simply fill out our wholesale application and we will approve your account within one business day.

(Raptors Airsoft)

PIG armour kit bag review

Chris Kinnerley has been checking out the PIG armour kit bag:

SKD Tactical recently released a handy bit of kit for for anyone wanting to bring a plate carrier, belt line and helmet with them to skirmishes.  Check out the video and written review articles below for info on the Patrol Incident Gear AKB.

(Chris Kinnerley)

Thread adapter for KWA KRISS Vector @Airsoft Outlet NW

Airsoft Outlet NW have the Lees Precision 16mm thread adaptor for the KWA KRISS Vector in stock:

The KWA KRISS Vector is one of the most anticipated airsoft guns of 2012. When we finally got the KRISS Vector in stock, it wasn’t long before it was flying off the shelves.

imageHowever, as anyone who’s paid attention to the KRISS Vector knows, it looks best with a suppressor. The Vector airsoft gun uses 16mm threads, so you’ll need an adapter to mount -14mm airsoft mock suppressors.

Fortunately, the 16mm threads on the KRISS Vector match the threads on the KWA Mk23. This means that theLees Precision 16mm to -14mm Thread Adapter will fit the KWA Vector airsoft gun. The -14mm threads will allow for compatibility with most common airsoft mock silencers.

If you’re looking to completely trick out your KWA KRISS Vector airsoft gun, pick up one of the 16 to -14mm thread adapters, and drop on a replica silencer. Keep in mind the real KRISS Vector is chambered in .45 ACP, so for authenticity, grab a suppressor marked for .45, like the MadBull SWR H.E.M.S or Gemtech Blackside.


(Airsoft Outlet NW)

Full range of gas in stock at Airsoft Armoury

Airsoft Armoury have a full range of gas in stock:

Hi all, Just a quick update to let you know about our full range of gas we have in stock.


ET-2200 Red Gas back in stock at £14.99 for a 2200ml tin.


ASG Ultra Green Gas in at £9.99


The full range of Abbey gas products inc silicone, 144a, Brut, and Ultra in from £10.99 and Ultra Mini at £5.99 and more.


Madbull CO2 and Propane Adaptors, Airsoft Innovations Propane Adaptors and Gas Cans and VFC Hand Grenade Gas Chargers.

Kind regards, Airsoft Armoury

New products from Flash Force Industries

Flash Force Industries have sent over details of their new woodland Gen3 combat set:

New products @ Flash Force Industries
FFI Woodland Gen3 Combat Set ( G3 Gen 3 ) ( FF.IND )

米海兵特殊部隊 MARSOC の使用.

Cosplay Use コスプレの使用.

FFI Gen3 Combat used matte elastic fabric, and it is thicker.


Where to Buy:

Contact us
Wholesale, OEM, ODM order is welcome, Please contact us for detail.

Flash Force Industries
Overseas sales please contact:

(Flash Force Industries)

Airsoft GI After Christmas sale

Airsoft GI are having a post Christmas sale:

Pantac, NC Star, and Cyma are all currently marked down by 10%, you can add the airsoft2013 coupon to that and get another 20% off for some awesome savings. Welcome to the Airsoft GI After Christmas Sale! It ends at the end of the year so don’t wait!


Currently we still have a numerous amount of wholesale products at wholesale prices. Check out our wholesale section for high quality guns, gear, and accessories at blowout prices!


Stay tuned on our website for our last Mystery Box of the year. It will be featuring the Echo 1 Minigun!!!


(Airsoft GI)

New free Airsoftmag issue 25 is out

imageIssue 25 of AirsoftMagazin is available to read for free online now:

German Airsoftmag kicked off the 2nd part of the German Army on the Balkans issue

The guys from the German Airsoftmagazin presented their next mag earlier than expected. In the now free readable issue on their homepage, they presented the 2nd part of the reenactment and history report about the German Army on IFOR, SFOR, KFOR and EUFOR mission in former Yugoslavia.


As always you will find many pictures about the equipment of this period, the history behind (if you can understand German) and also many tests and pictures about different Airsoft guns. This time they tested the brand new VFC HK416C GBB and the German GunWorks MP5SD DEVGRU AOR1. They also wrote about other guns like the G&P Mk23, G&P SR25 Magpul, KJW Tactical Carbine or tested the original EOTech EXPS3 NV.

Have fun with the free online issue on


Tiger111HK newsletter 26th December 2012

Here is the latest newsletter from Tiger111HK:


saved_resource(1)UMAREX H&K Licensed Metal HK417 Assaulter Rifle AEG (Black)
Removable metal made H&K style front and rear iron sight.
Metal Body Frame with clear “H&K” logo, marking and serial number.
Constructed of VFC Ver 2.2 Custom Gear box (Ver 2 gearbox parts compatible)
More Detail


saved_resource(5)VFC HK417 AEG 100 rds Mid-Cap Magazine (BK, Translucent)
Option Magazine for UMAREX / VFC HK417 AEG Series.
Plastic made magazine shell in translucent.
Suitable for 6mm BB plastic pellet only.
Suitable for UMAREX / VFC HK417 AEG Series
More Detail


VFC Plastic HK417 AEG 550 rds hi-cap Magazine (BK, Translucent)
Option Magazine for UMAREX / VFC HK417 AEG Series.
Plastic made magazine shell in translucent.
Suitable for 6mm BB plastic pellet only.
Suitable for UMAREX / VFC HK417 AEG Series.
More Detail


Tiger111hk Events

Tiger111hk have a lot of event to hold until New Year. Don’t miss the chance.
1. Special Price of CAA RONI Pistol Carbine Conversion kit
– CAA Genuine License Product
– Today to 7th Jan 2013
2. All Element 10%off Special Sale
– Now to 11th Jan 2013
3. King Arms AEG Magazine Crazy Sales
– Today to HKT 31 DEC 2012 Special price for everybody !

Thank you for your reading.
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Evike: the new BAR & Matt’s latest videos

Here is the latest from Evike:

New! Echo 1 Ohio Ordnance Works M1918 SLR


The Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was a family of United States automatic rifles and light machine guns used by the United States and numerous other countries during the 20th century. The primary variant of the BAR series was the M1918, chambered for the .30-06 Springfield rifle cartridge and designed by John Browning in 1917 for the U.S. Expeditionary Corps in Europe as a replacement for the French-made Chauchat and M1909 Benet-Mercie machine guns.


This airsoft version features a full metal body with imitation wood stock and hand guard. It also features a carrying handle, adjustable front and rear sights, and a battery compartment in the stock. It also sports a fully functional swiveling bipod and trademarks licensed by Ohio Ordnance.

Click here if you want to see the complete specs of the BAR.


Survived the recent Apocalypse? Now what? Get ready for what’s nest with Matt. In this video, Matt offers a look into his personal bug out bag aka, BOB for a zombie apocalypse.

What’s in yours?



G&G Fans page in French & pink, bio BB

G&G have launched their Facebook page in French:

G&G Facebook fans page in French! Don’t forget to like it!
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Have a colorful Airsoft time!
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